Elegant Art Repertoires into the Campus-Ukrainian Shadow Play Performed in Colleges of Xi’an


Ukrainian artists performing Shadow Show

The first Shaanxi Silk Road International College Student Art Festival was opened in Xi’an this month. On the evening of September 16, the event of “Elegant art repertoires into the campus”, which is an important part of the art festival, was inaugurated in the Lintong Campus of Xi'an Polytechnic University, where a splendid Shadow Play was performed that night by Fireflies, the Ukrainian troupe, which presented a feast of state-of-the-art and diverse performance to the students from colleges of Xi’an.
Without any dazzling stage setting, affecting stories were performed merely through a curtain, several beams of light and constantly changing shadows. Featuring “Shadow Hollywood”, the performance relies on the light to cast the shadow of the Ukrainian artists’ bodies on the curtain, presenting silhouettes of various stories from Hollywood movies, from which the audience may relive the enduring charms of Hollywood classics.
After the prologue of The Oscar, 8 classical movies, including Amélie, 007, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Porter, Titanic, Star Wars, were replayed by the ever changing dynamic shadows. Alice falling into the tree hole when pursing a rabbit, Jack and Rose’s soulful hug on the Titanic, Harry Porter swinging a magic wand---all these familiar movie scenes were presented in the form of shadows, resembling black-and-white movies in a modern and retro way. 
In particular, mixed with other forms of art such as ballet, acrobatics, and modern dance, the movie plots were represented by the performers’ silhouettes projected on the central screen and their dancing in front of it.
Art is borderless. With their Shadow Play, the Ukrainian artists have opened a gate of cultural creativity to the students in Xi’an. It was not just a cultural display, but also an opportunity for the audience to know the better way to inherit culture from multiple perspectives.
The Fireflies Troupe, which is the first shadow dance troupe in Ukraine, has won the champion in 2011 Ukrainian Talent Show for their innovative shadow dancing, and was invited to the cross-year gala produced by Hunan TV in 2013.
Woolard, the director and team leader of the troupe, told the reporter during the interview that this was their first performance in Xi’an,and he loved this city and already made acquaintances with many people. “We exchange our views and discussed art and performance. We hope that we can have more Chinese elements in our show after this trip to Xi’an,” said Woolard.

[Source:Xi'an Evening News]