The Signing Ceremony of the First World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention Held in Xi’an

The signing ceremony of the First World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention was held on August 19 at Daming Palace National Heritage Park. Secretary of the municipal Party committee Wang Yongkang and mayor Shangguan Jiqing were present and they received Ma Yun of Alibaba and other distinguished guests.

Before the signing ceremony, there was a meeting. Wang and Shangguan first extended their welcome. Wang Yongkang said that Xi’an is ushering a golden period of development with the opportunities provided by “the Belt and Road” initiative and other big moves. Economic development goals have been so deeply rooted that all efforts are devoted to build a livable city and business inductive environment, the result of which is that Xi’an has become a hot land for domestic and foreign investment. The historically famous “Xi’an entrepreneurs”, one of the ten business groups in China, has led trade in salt, cloth, and tea etc. in western China for a history as long as 500 years. The holding of the first World Entrepreneurs’ Convention is to welcome more celebrities and entrepreneurs to come back to Xi;an, invest here and join in the building of the city. Alibaba’s Rookie Northwest Base and other projects have developed well and set a good example for Zhejiang entrepreneurs’ investment in Xi’an. It is hoped that more fields for cooperation can be explored and more investment can be brought to Xi’an.

Ma Yun showed his gratitude for the invitation from the municipal Party committee and the government. He then said that Xi’an, as the head of the northwest region, is an indispensable territory in the development layout of Alibaba. He was excited to see the great changes in the outlook and business environment in Xi’an, so his next plan is to expand investment in Xi’an and start a number of co-operations, such as the national intelligent backbone network project, ant financial services, Ali Cloud Platform etc.

The municipal government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba Group, a cooperation framework agreement for mobile wisdom city construction with Zhejiang Ant Financial Services, and a cooperation memorandum for building “wisdom school” with Xi’an Jiaotong University, Alibaba Group and Hangzhou Dt Dream. After that, Wang Yongkang issued a certificate to Yu Qiuyu the cultural scholar and appoint him as a cultural consultant of Xi’an municipal people’s government.

Wang Shuguo, president of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Lu Kai and Li Yuan of the municipal city government, Shen Guojun, board director of Intime Group, Guo Guangchang, board director of Shanghai Fosun Group, Jin Jianhang, president of Alibaba Group, and Chen Xiaodong, president of Intime Group also attended the ceremony.