Li Jinzao and Hu Heping Attend 2017 Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo


Cambodian style performance at the Silk Road Tourism Expo

2017 Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo was inaugurated in the morning of August 4th. Li Jinzao, director of National Tourism Administration, Hu Heping, governor of Shaanxi province as well as guests at home and abroad attended the opening ceremony. The Expo was hosted by Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission, and with its theme of “Silk Road Cooperation and Mutual Development”, is to accentuate the image of Xi’an as “an international first-class cultural tourism center” which provides a professional platform of exhibition, cooperation, exchange and service for tourists at home and abroad. The exhibition area, which covers 40,000 square meters, is divided to four parts of Shaanxi and related consumption items display, international and out-of-Shaanxi display, spa tourism display, and self driving tour and RV camping display.

There are three focuses in the Expo. The first is global view and international market, which means both “import” and “export”, gathering over 500 buyers and sellers from 32 countries and regions, 31 provinces and cities. The second is to display better products, better service, better touristic concepts and best achievements by pooling together the newest trends and products in tourism and precisely market them. The third is to promote sharing and mutual development of resources, information and market in order to push forward the prosperous development of Silk Road tourism and world tourism.

2017 Xi’an Silk Road International Expo has exhibitions of touristic products and routes of countries and regions along the silk road, important domestic tourist spots, locally featured and nationalistic culture, supporting touristic functional products etc. 137 touristic businessmen from Italy, Switzerland, Portland etc. participated in the expo, accounting for 27% of all the participants; there are also 103 buying businessmen, a 40% increase compared with the figure of the last year. As the guest of honor for the expo, Cambodia not only arranged a characteristic booth, staged exotic performance, but also organized “the Cambodian Night”, providing an important platform for China-Cambodia exchanges. The expo itself serves as a platform for businessmen at home and abroad to sign touristic contracts, negotiate touristic cooperation and promote touristic products. It greatly boosted the expansion of Shaanxi touristic market and extended touristic routes and products into fields such as education, science, technology, agriculture, equipment manufacturing etc. It is estimated that the expo received over 5,000 professionals and 70,000 citizens.

“Humanistic Shaanxi” Promotion Conference Started

The 3rd all-for-one touristic promotion conference and the “Humanistic Shaanxi” information session were launched in the afternoon of August 3. Li Jinzao, director of National Tourism Administration, delivered a speech, and Hu Heping, governor of Shaanxi province, made a speech of welcome. The two then unveiled the nameplate for Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission together.

In his speech, Hu said that Shaanxi has entered a period of rapid touristic development and the National Tourism Administration’s choice of Xi’an as the location for the 3rd all-for-one touristic promotion meeting shows national support for Shaanxi touristic development. Shaanxi is rich in touristic resources with its long history, glorious ideological culture, natural sceneries and most importantly, the Silk Road originates here and extended to tens of thousands of miles. Shaanxi shall, by taking the chance of being the all-for-one touristic demonstration province, systematically develop “four touristic highlands” of the touristic corridor at the start of the silk road, Qinling cultural & ecological touristic resort circle, Yellow River touristic belt, and red tourism. It also endeavors to build Shaanxi into an internationally first-class cultural tourism center by building a number of national level ecological tourism areas, scenic spots etc. and encourage an integrated development of tourism with that of agriculture, industry and tertiary services.

Shaanxi accelerates the building of a strong touristic province

Shaanxi Tourism Development Conference and All-for-one Touristic Demonstration Province Launch Meeting were held in the afternoon of August 4.

Shaanxi is the important birthplace of the Chinese nation and the Chinese civilization, and there are numerous spiritual and natural signposts of its history and culture. The location of Shaanxi is also the geographical center of China and its traffic, with an expressway mileage over 5,000 kilometers, extends to every direction. Shaanxi province is at a critical stage in touristic development, which added with the all-in-one strategy, shall have wide space for further restructuring and upgrading.

In recent years, tourism in Shaanxi province has generated a growth rate that exceeds the provincial average. However, ever since it entered the 13th five-year plan, tourism in Shaanxi has met opportunities as well as problems such as the slow transformation and upgrading of traditional products, inadequate cultivation of new industries, the lagging construction of public facilities, low-quality touristic services and low economic return. In a word, the level of tourism development can not match with the rich touristic resources in Shaanxi. To solve these problems, Shaanxi shall for a long period comprehensively implement the construction of the all-for-one tourism demonstration province by integrating resources and by building an internationally first-class cultural touristic center. Shaanxi provincial Party committee and government have issued a series of regulations and will continue to support the touristic development. 

[Source:People’s Daily Overseas Edition]