International Institutions of Italy, Turkey and Other Countries Moving into Xi’an Consulate District


On July 23, the 2017 Foreign Diplomats’ Chan-Ba Tour was held with ten international institutions of Belarus, Italy, Turkey and other countries moving into Xi’an consulate district, which include Office to the League of Enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, Headquarter (Italy) of Chinese Zone of the International Cultural and Art Research Institution of Silk Road, Office to the Cooperation League of Designers in the World (China), Headquarter of Commercial Representative Office of Turkey in China, Representative Office of Sino-US Entrepreneurs Association in Northwest China, Representative Office of Sino-Canada Enterprise Promotion Institute in Northwest China, Representative Office of Canada General Chamber of Shaanxi Commerce in Xi’an, Representative Office of CZBC Youth Association in Xi’an Representative Office of Sino-Canada Educational, Scientific and Cultural Association in China, and Representative Office of Chinese Czech Chamber of Commerce in China.

Officially approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xi’an consulate district was built in August 2013 in Chanba Ecological District where 6 countries visa (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary and Spain) can be applied for and its scope includes 5 provinces in the north-west with the annual business volume reaching 100, 000 people. Cambodia consulate in Xi’an has also moved into this district.

With the Silk Road, ASEAN, BRICS and SCO covering the whole continents of Europe and Asia as its main diplomacy, Xi’an consulate district is designed to focus on construction of new diplomatic window, forerunner zone of the origin of Xi’an  “Silk Road Economic Belt” and international metropolis, accumulating area for consulates, business institutions and international organizations, loaded region for foreign affairs, international business and trades and cultural exchange, and supporting zone for business office, international conference and foreigners. In the next 5 years, Chanba Ecological District will introduce more than 50 international institutions and 10 consulates, and will build the core zone for international cultural exchange in Xi’an and a new centre of eastern Xi’an.

[Source:Hua Shang Daily]