Shangguan Jiqing Met with UNESCO Experts

In the evening of July 24, Shangguan Jiqing, mayor of Xi’an met an expert team from UNESCO.

After Expressing his welcome to the experts who came to Zhongnan Mountain World Geopark in Qinling, the mayor said with the characteristics of complex construction and multiple relics, Zhongnan Mountain has become a natural lab for scientific research and a museum for tour and sightseeing. Xi’an has paid great attention to the protection of geologic relics of Zhongnan Mountain and would try its best to make it a new bright spot where human and nature live harmoniously. He also expressed his wish that the experts can provide more valuable advice during the evaluation to give guidance and support for the construction and development of the park. Experts from UNESCO all responded that they will try their best in the evaluation and provide support for the building of the park and promote the long-term and healthy development of the park.

Lv jian, member of Standing Committee and executive vice mayor, and Jiao Weifa, Secretary-General of the municipal government also attended the meeting.

[Source:Xi'an Daily]