Experiencing the Maker Faire with a Combination of Chinese and Western Elements





The robot combat competition and pilotless aircraft racing game started numerous applauses and cheers; there were also brilliant highlights such as the body camera that took a photo within ten minutes after a touch, the new-media art show jointly presented by three academies of fine arts, a mentos cola fountain, the inspiring Nerdy Derby … An international maker’s event - Maker Faire Xi’an 2017 - the first Xi’an international Maker’s Carnival drew to a perfect ending on July 16th in Qujiang Convention and Exhibition Center.

The carnival, themed as “Maker as a lifestyle”, included in it also local makers’ projects of typical Chinese traditional cultural characteristics, such as dynamic kites of intangible heritage made by folk art masters, models of the bell tower and the drum tower made of sorghum stalk, etc. Xi’an, as the starting point of the ancient silk road, promised great creative potential. The event came out of a perfect clash between traditional culture and creative technologies, which could be claimed as an important makers’ event that combined Chinese and western elements.

It is reported that the event was sponsored by Xi’an Municipal People’s Government, supported by the Propaganda Department of CPC Xi’an and Xi’an Science and Technology Bureau, and hosted by the management committee of Xi’an Qujiang New District. Over 200 internationally-acclaimed makers, including Dale Dougherty the originator of Maker faire, were invited to the event where they displayed their creative concepts and products.

[Source:Shaanxi Daily]