Vice Mayor Li Yuan Met with Fernando Lueger Chis, Uruguay Ambassador to China

In the morning of May 22nd, vice mayor Li Yuan met with Uruguay ambassador Fernando Lueger Chis’s delegation, which had come to participate in the seminar on “Investing in Latin America” and the China-Latin America Summit, in Sairui Sheraton Hotel.


Vice mayor Li first welcomed the visiting delegation and then briefly introduced to them the basic situation of Xi’an in history, culture, economy etc. He said that the communication and cooperation between Xi’an and Latin American countries had continued for many years, which had witnessed numerous visits between the two parties. Ever since 2014, Xi’an had organized experts to participate in the past two China-Latin America Entrepreneurs’ Summit, and planned to go to the 11th summit held in Uruguay in the coming November. Xi’an is also positively applying to hold the next summit. It is hoped that Xi’an city and Uruguay can keep the close relationship through the Uruguay Embassy, and explore ways of exchange and cooperation in economy, trade, tourism, culture, physical education etc.

Ambassador Fernando Lueger Chis first expressed appreciation for the warm reception. He said that Uruguay, with its stable political, economical, and social environment, has a sound basis for developments in agriculture, logistics, sea ports etc. As a result, there are extensive space and potential for Xi’an and Uruguay to exchange and cooperate in tourism and agriculture. It is hoped that the two parties shall realize more practical cooperation and join in the construction of “the Belt and Road”.


Present at the meeting also included persons in charge of related fields.

[Source:Xi'an Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office]