Malaysia Consul-General Chen Lilong Took Office and Paid a Visit to Xi’an FAO (OCAO)


On December 20,  Chen Lilong, Malaysia Consul-General  in Xi’an, took office and paid a visit to Xi’an Municipal FAO (OCAO) In December 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved the establishment of Malaysia Consulate General in Xi’an. Recently, as the firs Malaysia Consul-General  in Xi’an, Chen Lilong formally took office.

During the meeting,  Deputy Director-General Qiang Sheng of the Municipal FAO (OCAO) reviewed the friendly exchanges between Xi’an and Malaysia, and made a brief introduction to the construction of the ChanBa Consulate Zone.  Consul-General  Chen Lilong expressed his appreciation for the help of Xi’an Municipal FAO (OCAO) when he started his career in Xi’an, informed of the preparations for the opening of Malaysia Consulate-General in Xi’an, and said that, with the assistance of Xi’an Municipal FAO (OCAO), he would actively expand exchanges and cooperation between Xi’an and Malaysia.

[Source:Xi'an Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office ]