Municipal FAO (OCAO) Holds Symposium for Consulate General of Cambodia,Bank of China and ChanBa Ecological District


On December 20, 2016, at the invitation of the Municipal FAO (OCAO), Bank of China Shaanxi branch, ChanBa Ecological District and  Cambodia's Consulate General in Xi’an held a work discussion in the meeting room of Xi’an Municipal FAO (OCAO). 

At the beginning of the discussion, for the puzzles put forward by Consul -General Hoy Pichravuth of the Consulate General of Cambodia in Xi’an concerning financing and foreign capital, Deputy Director Zhang Hong of  the Office of Business Development Committee of Bank of China Shaanxi Branch, and senior manager Gong Meiqin of the Trade and Financing Department, provided detailed yet professional replies, and put forward many constructive views and suggestions,which would facilitate the operation of the Consulate-General. At the meeting, the two parties also carried out in-depth business exchanges concerning the development of the  Consulate General.

At the end of the meeting, the Cambodian Consulate-General in XI ' an also talked specifically with  ChanBa Ecological District concerning the former to settle in Xi’an Chanba Consulate Zone.  Both parties first reviewed the results of previous talks, and then carried out detailed consultations on the substantive issues, and finally reached a preliminary agreement.

Cambodian Consulate-General in Xi’an epressed its appreciation to Xi’an Municipal FAO (OCAO) and ChanBa Ecological District for their active assistance, and formally sent an official letter of appreciation to the Bank of China Shaanxi branch for their support for its work . 

[Source:Xi'an Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office ]