The 11th China Art Festival Opens Today, Xi'an as the main venue


The 11th China Art Festival Opens from today in our province to October 31.This session of the art festival is held by 12 cities of Shaanxi Province with Xi'an as the main venue.The opening ceremony is held tonight in Yan'an, and the Qin Opera Homeland is the major opening program.The Festival takes as its purpose "A grand gathering for art and a festival for the people", and sticks to the principles of quality programs, being beneficial to people, being thrift and sustainable, it gives full play to its national artistic levels and national features, and strives to become a festival to the satisfaction of the people.

The major art prizes include Wenhua Prize and Qunxing Prize,of which 10 out of the 57 programs entering the final prize evaluation will be conferred with the 15th Grand Wenhua Prize, and 10 artists excelled both morally and artistically will be conferred with the title of Wenhua Performance Prize; and 20 out of the 84 selected works will excel for the 17th Qunxing final prize evaluation to be held in Xi'an.For artistic shows, National Excellent Art Works Show and those shows for handwriting and carving works as well as photographic show will be on display today, with a total of over 550 pieces of Chinese paintings, oil paintings, printmaking, sculpture and watercolor paintings (gouache), nearly 300 pieces of calligraphy and carving works and almost 300 pieces of photographic works.Performing Products Expo also opened here today, outstanding national performing art works and high-tech performing technologies were displayed  by way of results display, drama performance, project promotion and display of performance devices.For performances at the festival, in addition to Wenhua Prize and Qunxing Prize, there will also be excellent program displays and performances from some other provinces and municipalities as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Regions, special performances for the 11th National Excellent Dancing Program Display and Performance, and 22 pieces of Qunxing Prize winning performances will be organized for public benefit. 

The 11th Festival is organized with outstanding features. For the first time, the displays of the festival begin to cover works of calligraphy, carving and photographic pieces, the 11th National Excellent Dancing Program Display and Performance is included, which further enrich the artistic varieties of the festival; more efforts are made for promoting outstanding works, build exchange and promotion platforms for outstanding art works; reform artistic prize evaluation and raise the quality of the winning works. In the meantime, the 11th Festival holds to the principles of culturally beneficial to and serving the people. To benefit the people, all the tickets of programs to be evaluated or performed are sold at a low price with the floor price of RMB 20, and 65% of the total tickets are under RMB 100.

It is said that the closing ceremony of the 11th Art Festival will be held in Xi'an on October 31, at which such activities as the conferring of Wenhua Prizes, the performance of excellent winning works and the handing over of China Art Festival Banner. 

[Source:Xi'an Daily]