Kotor City of Montenegro


Kotor City of Montenegro is an ancient city with over 1,200 year history of profound culture. Kotor is a coastal city as well as a famous tourist destination in the country. At the utmost reach of the Kotor Bay is the capital city of Kotor Province, which is 65 kilometers away from capital Podgorica. Kotor has a convenient transportation system, and with a population of 68,000, the city covers an area of 332 square kilometers.

The unique Kotor is the deepest sea harbor in Southern Europe and boasts spectacular scenery enclosed by city walls. It was first built in the 7th century as a coastal city for trade and shipping. It was once the home of the Elias who later were ruled successively by the Greeks, the Romans, Byzantium and Venice. In the city there are well-preserved buildings from the Middle Ages in the Mediterranian Region, of which the most famous is the ancient wall (which is 4.5 kilometers long, 15 meters wide and 20 meters high) continuously built up from the 9th century to the 18th century. Kotor was listed as “world natural cultural heritage” in 1979 by UNESCO.

The economy of Kotor depends heavily on tourism. As the best preserved ancient city of the Middle Ages along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Kotor is abundant in scenic spots and historical sites. The dangling limestone precipice beside the Kotor Bay is the most splendid Mediterranean scenery created by nature. In recent years, the tourist number is increasing rapidly. For the tourists, what attracts them most is not only the natural scenery of the Kotor Bay but also the long history and profound culture of Kotor.  

In addition, marine fishery and aquaculture are the economic industry only next to tourism. Industry is mainly focused on food processing in addition to shipbuilding and machinery. In the city we can find the Marine Institute and Maritime Museum. The Navigation College of Montenegro University, the Tourism and Restaurant Management College and Marine Organism Research Institute are also located in the city.

Kotor is in the Mediterranian climate zone, which is dry and hot in summer, with its highest temperature of 38℃ in August, and it is mild and rainy in winter with the lowest temperature of-8.5℃ in January. The annual average temperature is 15.8℃.

Kotor is connected to the Adriatic Sea Expressway, along which you can enjoy the spectacular scenes of the Kotor Bay. Tivat Airport is 5 kilometers from Kotor with regular airlines to Belgrade, Moscow and Paris.

Kotor established sister-city relationship with Xi’an on May 6th, 2013.

[Source:Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xi’an City]