Cordoba City of Argentina


Located at the eastern foot of the Cordoba Mountain and beside the Puri Mero River, Cordoba City is the capital of the Cordoba Province. With an elevation of 425 meters above sea level, the city has an average winter temperature of 8℃ and an average summer temperature of 25℃. With a population of about 1.78 million, the city covers an area of 562 square kilometers.

Cordoba is a famous historical and cultural city of Argentina and was first constructed in 1573 as the post for mules and horses in the long-distance transportation from Buenos Aires to Lima, Peru. In the center of the old city is San Martin Square, which was listed by the UNESCO as world heritage in 2000. In the 19th century, due to the construction of the railway and the large hydropower station on the Puri Mero River, the city developed rapidly and has become the second largest city in Argentina. The city is an industrial center as well as an important transportation hub. The airport in the city is the third largest international airport in the country.

The main industries in Cordoba include aircraft manufacturing, textile, automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery, glass, leather, shoes, chemical engineering and food processing with automobile manufacturing as one of its pillars. Automobile companies like Fiat, Renault, GM, Chrysler and Volkswagen have set up whole car manufacturing or assembly plants in Cordoba and the output of metal and auto parts ranks No. 2 in Argentina. In the surrounding areas are fertile irrigation fields, therefore, the soybean and corn yields are the first in the country and the agricultural and animal husbandry processing industries are fairly advanced. Service industry takes up 60% of the GDP of Cordoba, and there are altogether over 300 banks and insurance companies in the municipality.  

Cordoba is the national cultural center, and the traditional “Free Thought Center” and “scholar city” in the country. The oldest university in Argentina, Cordoba University (established in 1613), was located in Cordoba.

Football, basketball and rugby are the most popular sports in Cordoba. On December 19, 2006, Cordoba established sister-city relationship with Xi’an.


[Source:Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xi’an City]