Quebec City of Canada


Quebec City is not only the capital city of Quebec Province, but it is also the shipping and highway transportation hub, the educational, business and cultural centers as well as a tourist attraction. Currently there are over half a million population in its 8 districts covering an area of 13064 square kilometers, and is the second largest city only next to Montreal in Quebec Province. It is the 9th biggest city in Canada and over 95% of the inhabitants speak French.

The pillar industries of Quebec City include sophisticated software, plastic products, metal, electronics, medicine and communication equipment, ect… Major scientific research bases are Laval University, Quebec Industrial Research Center, National Institute of Optics and Research Findings Certification Bureau. The city is now developing rapidly in such industries as biomedicine, information technologies (including communication, computer, internet, multi-media, geological information technology, measuring control instruments, optics and lasers, automation and robots), bio-food, power equipment and environmental technologies. Quebec is advanced in medical technologies and it is taking a leading role in treating deafness by cochlear implants and in dealing with large burn areas by artificial skin grafting and in brain tumor inspection. In addition, it also has the patents of invention in treating forest insects by biological measures, in developing quality wheat and snowmakers.      

As a world famous tourist destination, Quebec receives 6.4 million visitors every year. In 1985, the old city of Quebec was designated by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage center. The major scenery spots, historical sites and recreation resorts include: the City Wall, Palace Site, the Fortress of Quebec, the parliament building, Park of Artilleries, Royal Square and Maizieres Garden. The main local festivals are Winter Carnival, Quebec Summer Festival, New France Festival and Quebec Culture and Art Festival, etc.    

Quebec City is also extensively involved in various world organizations including: World Cultural Heritage City (with its headquarters in Quebec), UNESCO and the International Federation of French City Mayors. In addition, Quebec is also a member of the International Organization to Improve Local Government created by Bertelsmann Foundation of Germany.  

Quebec established sister-city relationship with Xi’an on May 11, 2001.

[Source:Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xi’an City]