Edinburgh City of the UK


Located in the north of Great Britain, neighboring the Fox Bay of the North Sea to the east, adjoining the highland of Scotland to the west, Edinburgh city is a renowned cultural city in the UK. It is the capital city of Scotland as well as an administrative, cultural and financial center and is the 7th biggest city in the country. The population of the city is 470,000, and the city covers an area of 264 square kilometers. The city is in the maritime temperate broad-leaved forest climate zone, with the highest average temperature of 12.1 ℃ and the lowest of 5.2 ℃

The history of Edinburgh can at least be traced back to the time of the Roman Empire when the vanguards of the Roman troops once arrived and camped here. In 1329, Edinburgh became a city. It served as the royal residence of the UK from the 7th century to the years before WWII, nowadays Queen Elizabeth and the royal family still prefer going to Edinburgh on vacation.

Edinburgh has complete facilities in modern science and technology as well as a strong industrial base. In addition to brewing, printing, paper-making and other traditional industries, its modern emerging industries including electronics and light industries are developing rapidly, the local electronics company mainly produces electronic computers for business, health and communication purposes, and has a whole set of system from design to manufacture. Scotland National Bank and most of the major banks of the UK have their headquarters and offices in Edinburgh. Moreover, there are also universities, scientific research institutions and technological development facilities in the city.

Edinburgh City is a renowned international tourist destination. As a famous historical and cultural city, it is abundant in scenic spots and historical sites, which include the ancient castle built around 600 AD, the Parliament House, Holyrood Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, St. Andrew Square, Prince Street, the Election Hall and Scotland Museum. Most appealing to the tourists are the annual Edinburgh art festival, movie festival and drama festival, especially the 3-week long art festival in August of each year, during which performance troupes and artists from all over the world come for splendid shows, various displays and celebrations. In addition, the perfect tourist service facilities are another important factor why the city is so popular to tourists.

Regular weekly flights to the US, France and Germany are available in Edinburgh International Airport, and there are also more than 90 flights to other major cities of the UK. Good highway transportation and shipping routes are also available.

Edinburgh city is also a cultural and educational center. There are dozens of museums, art galleries and libraries in addition to its 9 universities and colleges, of which Edinburgh University has a history of over 4 centuries. It is the biggest university in Scotland, and the 4th most famous university ranking only next to Oxford, Cambridge and London University, and it is in a fairly advantageous position in the teaching and science researches in medicine, animal husbandry among other subjects.

In Edinburgh City, the local organ of authority is the city council, which is mainly responsible for local finance, economic development, culture, education, tourism, real estate and municipal management affairs.

On April 16, 1985, Edinburgh established sister-city relationship with Xi’an.


[Source:Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xi’an City]