New bus stops debut along Chang'an Avenue in Xi'an     Updated: 2020-07-09

A total of 14 newly built bus stops recently appeared on both sides of the road along Chang'an Avenue in Xi'an, capital city of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, according to local officials.

Located in Chang'an district, the avenue is the most beautiful road from Xi'an to the Qinling Mountains.

Officials said the new bus stops are located on both sides of the picturesque Chang'an Avenue, with fields and villages in the background.


One of the new bus stops along Chang'an Avenue in Xi'an. [Photo/]

Each bus stop is built of metal and wood and is designed in a symmetrical pattern, with smooth lines and elegant colors.

Wooden benches have been provided for people to wait for the buses and the roof of the stations are be shaded and protected from the rain.

There are also solar panels on the top to provide energy for the electronic information boards at the bus stops.

In addition, ports for electronic products have been installed to cater for future access to smart public transportation and parking systems. Facilities and equipment such as sensors, surveillance cameras and police law enforcement recorders are to be installed to provide support for community police and intelligent command centers.

At present, the main construction of the bus stations has basically been completed and the improvement of station signs is now underway.

By the end of this month, when all the bus stops have been installed, they will officially be handed over to the Chang’an district transportation bureau for use.