Merchants Gather in Tang West Market
Xi’an Daily     Updated: 2018-12-28


The opening ceremony

On December 10, 2018, the red carpet laying on the Jinshi Plaza of Tang West Market in Xi’an welcomed more than 330 guests to participate in 2018 Collection of Commercial and Tourism Activities themed on“World Tang Chinatowns in Chang’an”. Directed by the guide, they enjoyed exhibitions there in batches.

The event, with the purpose of promoting Tang culture, exhibiting commercial fruits and demonstrating the charms of development, displayed the endeavors Xi’an has been making in catching-up and surpassing major economies by integrating history with modern advancement and bridging the East to the West.

The exhibitions were divided into Xi’an commercial development, Xi’an commercial intangible cultural heritage experience and Xi’an new commercial experience. With 30 panels set up in the exhibition area, the major contents to show were the history of the Silk Road, the reality and planning for greater Xi’an commercial development, typical Xi’an local enterprises, major incoming investment projects and entrepreneurship block display.

The guests also visited Tang West Market Museum. Located right on the original site of the West Market from the Tang Dynasty (618-907), it is the first Class A private on-the-site museum in China featuring the culture of the world famous Silk Road, Tang commercial cultural and Xi’an culture & history. The collection of the Museum has now expanded to a total of some 20,000 objects.

Thousand years along, merchants of Europe and Asia went to Chang’an via the Silk Road for mutual benefits. To date, friends of China towns and city representatives across the world re-gathered in Xi’an with friendship and enthusiasm, which will surely enhance both the reputation and influence of this ancient city.