Shaanxi Day opens at Beijing Intl Horticultural Exhibition
    Updated: 2019-08-23

The Shaanxi Day has been opened at the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition on Aug 22. It will last until Aug 24, showcasing the overall achievements of Northwest China’s Shaanxi province.

The event is expected to take on a series of activities, including economic exchange conferences, promotion fairs, production exhibitions and art performances, to present the regional features and green development of Shaanxi for visitors from all over the world. 

The Shaanxi Day at Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition is held from Aug 22 to 24. [Photo/]

In recent years, Shaanxi province has pulled out all stops to improve its ecological development and protection. Through the Shaanxi Day, the province plans to demonstrate a green and prosperous Shaanxi, said Wei Zengjun, vice-governor of Shaanxi during his opening speech of the event. 

The demonstration area consists of a park and an exhibition hall. The park features a Silk Road landscape belt, as well as three scenic areas of ancient Chang’an, green Silk Road and mountain and water attractions. 

Comprised of four exhibition pavilions, the hall is mainly displaying bonsais, potted flowers, ornamental stones and wood carving. It’s worth noting that visitors can learn the Qinling panda culture during the event, along with panda-related dancing and dramas. 

Excellent performances are given during the opening ceremony of the Shaanxi Day event on Aug 22. [Photo/]

“Because I had my higher education in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi, I have a deep feeling toward the province. The beautiful scenery, exquisite paper-cuts and traditional activities here are really attractive,” said a visitor from Beijing.

The Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition opened on April 29 and will last to Oct 7, with four indoor pavilions of China pavilion, international pavilion, plant pavilion and experience pavilion, as well as 100-plus exhibition gardens.


Shaanxi Day attracts a large number of visitors. [Photo/]