Xi'an Metro provides better services for passengers
    Updated: 2019-08-21

Xi'an Metro Line 4 has been offering a "different temperatures on the same train" special service since Aug 19. Passengers can choose carriages with a suitable temperature for them to take.


Xi'an Metro launches a service allowing passengers to pick a metro train's carriage by its temperature. [Photo/xa.gov.cn]

On the same metro train, the strong cold zones and the weak cold zones are like the partitioned air conditioner in a car.

The No 1 to No 3 carriages of the train are strong cold zones, with the average temperature being about 24 C, while the No 4 to No 6 carriages are weak cold zones, with the average temperature being about 27  C.

Passengers can select the carriage that suits their needs according to the indications posted on the display above the platform, as well as the carriage connection.

The service has been highly praised by passengers. "I feel very good. It's really humanistic to separate the metro train into two temperatures," said a passenger.

The temperature setting is based on the air-conditioning temperature feedback of passengers in recent years.

At present, Xi'an is the fifth place in the country to implement this service in a metro train, following Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Changsha.

In the future, Xi'an Metro will accelerate the testing of other lines to gradually implement this service.