Urban, rural progress to be more integrated
China Daily     Updated: 2019-05-22

The Xi'an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone plans to invest 17.8 billion yuan ($2.59 billion) to complete 710 projects by 2020, according to a report released at a news conference in late April.

In November 2018, the zone formulated a three-year (2018-20) action plan for speeding up integrated urban and rural development, focusing on 10 key aspects such as roads, education, healthcare, shopping and the environment.

Gu Haiwen, deputy director of the zone's administrative committee, said at the news conference that the report was formulated to help implement the three-year plan.

The document provides a detailed work plan for the zone's urban and rural integration on the 10 aspects, Gu said.

According to the report, the zone will complete a strategic plan for rural revival by 2020, as well as other plans for town and subdistrict development, village construction, characteristic towns and building a beautiful countryside. To fund the plans, it will invest 17 million yuan and implement 52 projects.

In improving road capacity, the zone plans to invest about 3.15 billion yuan and launch 149 projects, mainly speeding up construction and refurbishment of roads connecting villages and towns.

Another 18 projects will be launched for promoting integration of urban and rural public transportation, with an investment of 145 million yuan.

The zone also wants to promote the equalization of urban and rural education and plans to invest more than 1.67 billion yuan for 134 projects.

It will improve low-performing schools and stabilize the flow of quality teachers.

For the integration of urban and rural healthcare, the zone will give priority to the refurbishment of heath centers in towns, subdistricts and communities and also rural nursing institutions for the elderly. It will promote inclusive healthcare projects to benefit more local people.

Another approximately 4.91 billion yuan will be invested in improving traditional business sites, building several convenient shopping centers. E-commerce service platforms based in towns and subdistricts will be built, along with e-commerce delivery stations and village express service facilities.

Forty-six projects will be launched for the renewal of cultural service centers and squares in towns, subdistricts and villages and also for the construction of rural libraries and cinemas. Cultural resources will be actively explored and used while historic sites will be protected, according to the report.

The zone plans to invest more than 1.83 billion yuan and start 173 projects for constructing garbage classification, collection and transportation facilities, the renewal of public toilets and providing safe drinking water in rural areas.

The zone has finished the formulation of several documents, such as an overall plan for urban and rural development and a plan for the zone's urban and village construction. It has promoted work on roads, public transportation, healthcare, shopping, culture and the environment, so far, the report said.

This year there will be comprehensive promotion and implementation of the three-year plan. Next year will focus on optimization and improvement, and the zone will focus on the weak areas in integrated urban and rural development.