Xi'an tourists take part in Shangsi Festival by Furong Lake
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In ancient China, there were rituals held at the waterfront to eliminate calamities and evils in spring and autumn. Shangsi Festival is a Chinese traditional festival held on March 3 of the lunar calendar and April 7 of the solar calendar. Shangsi Festival is also known as Daughter's Day and Spring Bath Day. In the Tang Dynasty, Shangsi Festival was one of the three major festivals throughout the year, a time when people traveled, feasted along the river and prayed forblessings.

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Several ladies dressed in ancient clothes sprinkled water on tourists with water soaked in peach blossoms on the day of Shangsi Festival in Furong Garden. It implies removing sickness, purifying the body and praying for blessings. The purpose of this activity is to carry forward the colorful traditional culture and customs of the Han nationality. With the establishment of China Clothing Day, Chinese traditional costumes and culture has become a hot issue. The scenic spot of Furong Garden has prepared a large number of exquisite gowns for tourists in the square to don and be photographed in.