Zhouzhi, hometown of Chinese Kiwifruit, welcomes its harvest
en.xa.gov.cn/     Updated: 2019-03-11

Zhouzhi, a county located in the west of Xi'an city, is famous for its unique agricultural characteristics. The special agricultural industries such as kiwifruit, seedlings, flowers, pollution-free vegetables, livestock and poultry breeding flourish. The county has formed a new industrial development pattern with characteristics of "pillar industry in town, leading industry in village and long-term industry in household".


Zhouzhi, the hometown of Chinese kiwifruit, has become the largest kiwifruit production base in the world. It is also the largest plant distribution center in northwest China and the main vegetable supply base in Xi'an.

The total area of the modern agricultural park in Zhouzhi is over 50,000 mu(33.33ha). The value of its total output of agriculture, forestry and fishery products reaches 5.915 billion yuan. Zhouzhi has been appraised as a "strong county of modern agriculture" by the Shaanxi provincial government.