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Profile of Xi'an

Xi'an, which was called Chang'an in ancient times, is the capital city of China's Shaanxi province and the largest designated central city in Northwest China. Located in the middle of the Guanzhong Plain, Xi'an is one of the three international metropolises and the 9th Regional Central City of China designated by China's central government.Remarkably, it has been named China Happiest City seven years in a row.

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  • Prehistory

  • Neolithic era

  • 1046 BC-770 BC

  • 383 BC-206 BC

  • 206BC-8AD

  • 581-618

  • 618-904

  • 907-1367

  • 1369

  • 1949-today


The Lantian Man was discovered in 1963 in Lantian county, Xi'an city, Shaanxi province and dates back to approximately 1 million years ago.