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Report on the Work of Xi’an Municipal Government 2019
General Office of Xi’an Municipal Government     Updated: 2019-02-20

Report on the Work of Xi’an Municipal Government

Delivered at the Fourth Session of the Sixteenth Xi’an Municipal People’s Congress, February 15, 2019

By Li Mingyuan, Acting Mayor of Xi’an



Fellow deputies:

On behalf of Xi’an Municipal People’s Government, I now present to you the report on the work of the government for your deliberation, and for comments and suggestions from the members of the Xi’an Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and all nonvoting delegates.

1. Review of the work of the government in 2018

The past year is the year Xi’an strived ahead, worked hard and made progress in spite of many difficulties. Over the year, under the leadership of Communist Party of China (CPC) Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Government and CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee, we have held high the great banner of Xi Jinping Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, comprehensively followed the spirit of the important instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work of Shaanxi and Xi’an, and made strides on the “Catching-up and Surpassing”, the requirement of “Five Steadies” and “Five News” and the strategy of “Stride of Three Steps”, and fulfilled the goals set at the Third Session of the 16thMunicipal People’s Congress, focusing on the programs of “year of catching up and surpassing, year of raising business environment, year of strengthening work style”. As a result, the development of Great Xi’an has been advanced steadily and the building of the national central city has made the wonderful initial achievements.

The economy has been steadily and healthily developed to remarkably enhance the comprehensive strength of the city, with GDP exceeding RMB 800 billion yuan, and reaching 834.986 billion yuan, up by 8.2%, a growth rate that ranked No. 1 among the sub-provincial cities in China, the ratio rising to 34.2% in the provincial total, a record high in 14 years. The general public budget revenue achieved 68.47 billion yuan, growing by 10.8%, 550,000 market entitieswere added to make the total number up to 1.48 million, both the growth rate and activeness of market entities ranked No. 1 among sub-provincial cities in China. 736 enterprises of “5 Up” were added, a record high in 5 years. The total import and export value exceeded 300 billion yuan and reached 330.387 billion yuan, growing by 29.6%, ranking No. 1 among the sub-provincial cities in China.Xi’an was named “World Emerging City of Development Potential in 2018”by the United Nation Urban Development Report, and selected to be the 40 cities of the most successful economic development in China over the 40 years of reform and opening up of the Country.

Agricultural modern has been advanced steadily with highlights presented in featured agriculture. The “Four Major Projects” that help the agriculture to raise the quality and efficiency were deeply implemented, the building of field and garden complex was launched, 496 specialized cooperatives for farmers were added, 2 provincial level modern agricultural industry parks were established, the number of modern agricultural parks reached 426 and that of the leading enterprises at or above municipal level was 171. The national strategy of rural revitalization was actively implemented, the three-year-long rectification of living environment of rural areas was launched, important events such as the first Chinese Farmer Harvest Festival, Great Xi’an Farmer Festival, Convention of Chinese Cherry Merchants, World Beverage Convention, etc were held with success, 26.50 million visitors were received by leisure agriculture businesses over the year, the production of grain achieved the 15th consecutive bumper harvest.

The cultural construction has been steadily strengthened, with cultural influence markedly increased. The strategy of “Culture+” was carried out vigorously, 130 cultural enterprises were added, making the number of total up to 486, realizing a business income of 50 billion yuan, growing by more than 23%. 8 museums including the Museum of Xi’an Jiaotong University Westward Relocation were added, making the number of total up to 134. 840 brick-and-mortar bookstores were newly built, making the number of total up to 1,927 and the city honored “Chinese Capital of Bookstores”. Cultural brand programs such as “Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional” and “1,400 Years of Capital of Tang Dynasty” were conducted meticulously, important events such as the 3rd Sino-French Cultural Forum, the Closing Ceremony of “2018 China-Europe Year of Tourism”, 2018 Xi’an International Marathon Race Competition, the 17th Xi’an International Music Festival, were held successfully. The City Wall-Forest of Steles Historical and Cultural Scenic Area was promoted to be 5A-level national tourism scenic area. The World Culture Tourism Convention was settled permanently in Xi’an. Xi’an was elected “East Asian Capital of Culture”.

The work of social security and livelihood improvement has been steadily conducted, resulting in more tangible sense of gain of the public. The “10 major practical items” were done properly with efforts, the disposable income per capita for urban and rural residents reached 38,729 yuan and 13,286 yuan, growing by 8.1% and 9.0% respectively. 24.39 million square meters of old and dilapidated residential quarters were rehabilitated, 12 urban villages completed, the resettlement in 5 shanty town projects were arranged, the leftover problems of 125,000 households on property certificate were solved. 101,100 places for primary and secondary students were added. 7,601 old-age beds were added, free physical examination service covered 605,000 people over the age of 65. The telephone hotline number 12345 of citizen service worked effectively, the four-level administrative service system of the city was improved. The “1+N social relief and aid system” was commended by the State Council in official circular. Xi’an was honored the title of “City of Special Contribution to All-round Moderately Prosperous Society of China”.

The work of strengthening Party self-discipline has been carried out steadily, focusing on building the governing team restrained with iron disciplines. The principle of “Four Consciousness” was firmly established, the rule of “Two Safeguards” was practiced conscientiously, “review” was made on the effect of the work done following the important instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the pernicious influence of corrupt officials such as Wei Minzhou was eliminated resolutely, the case of corrupt official FengXinzhu was “reviewed for improvement of work style of the government”, the discipline notion and rule awareness of Party members and officials was strengthened increasingly.The media platform of oversight such as “Questioning Officials on TV”, “Daily Focus”, “Hotline of Party and Government Work Style” was brought to full play, the problem of government officials featuring “incapacity, laziness, looseness, slowness and perfunctoriness” was rectified with efforts. The work to normalize and regularize the practice of “Two Studies, One Action” was further advanced, the special education on “stressing politics, taking responsibility, changing work style” was carried out actively, the self-building of the government was raised increasingly, with the power of execution and fighting capacity of the government further enhanced.

Over the past year, remaining true to our original aspiration and keepingour mission firmly in mind, we have worked very hard, and carried out the work in the following eight aspects:

 (1) The high-quality development of economy has been advanced. The campaign “Five Threes” of industry was implemented, with industrial added value of the designated scale and industrial investment growing by 9.4% and 28.7% respectively, added value of the emerging strategic industry growing by 13.5%. 9 plans were prepared for the hard and core science and technology industry, the Global Hard & Core Technology and “Belt and Road” Innovation Cooperation Conference 2018 was held, “hard and core technology” as an original concept of Xi’an was incorporated into the national discourse system of China. The ratio of modern service industry accounted for 40% of the total of GDP. 16 listed enterprises were added, an added value of 87.491 billion yuanin financial sector was generated. Total retail sale of consumer goods grew by 9.6%, total investment in fixed assets grew by 8.4%, of which private investment increased by 20.3%. Tax revenue accounted for 81.3% of the total general public budget, non-public ownership accounted for 53.4% of the total, the energy consumption for GDP per 10,000 yuan dropped by 5.99%. Major business and investment promotion activities such as Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and Homecoming of One Million Alumni were held, with 760 projects signed at a total planned investment value of 2.45 trillion yuan, 852 major projects commencing to work collectively in three times at a total planned investment value of 1.07 trillion yuan, and 677 municipal-level key projects achieved paid investment value of 406.8 billion yuan. 247 million tourists were received in the whole year, growing by 36.7%, generating a total tourist income of 255.48 billion yuan, growing by 56.4%, making Xi’an the No. 1 of the top 10 hot destination cities of tourism in China.

 (2) The work of high-quality urban planning and construction has been coordinated. The “Ten-character Guideline” for high-quality of urban development was deeply carried out, with the geographical arrangement of “Multiple Axes, Multiple Centers, Multiple Communities” gradually in shape and the strategic space plan for Great Xi’an 2050 improved. The opinion of government was made on implementing support to the Xixian New Area and the Integration of Fuping and Yanliang, with the building of Xixian National New District expedited to make substantial breakthrough in the building of Great Xi’an. Actions were taken to steadily advance the improvement of infrastructure, with 496 projects of urban infrastructure carried out and completed urban construction investment of 77.63 billion yuan in the year. The Metro Line 4 was in operation, the Xiyan Expressway was open to traffic, 30 dead alleys were connected, 20 routes of public transport and new energy public buses were added, 73 projects of underground pipeline corridors was speeded up, significantly increasing the comprehensive carrying capacity of the city. The pilot work of double repair of the city was conducted systematically, with the campaign of “Four Revisions and Two Dismantlings” for improving urban and rural environment carried out, 18.91 million square meters of illegal structures dismantled, 2.9 million square meters rectified, the post advertisement signs on both sides of the belt freeway “zero clearing”. The “New Retail” businesses such as Fresh Hemaconducted their deployments in the city, large-scale commercial complexes such as SKP, Joy City, Imix Park opened for business, 15 high-quality hotels such as Wanzhong International and W Hotel were added, a number of well-known brands of bookstores such as Yanjiyou, Zhongshuge opened their branches, greatly raising the quality image of the city.

 (3) The innovation reform was deepened comprehensively. The city smoothly passed the systemic evaluation for the national comprehensive innovation reform pilot, with 14 excellent cases chosen as the 100 best of the country, 6 items of experience promoted in the country. The reform in key areas was deepened, with the city-level institution reform completed as scheduled, the work for separation and handover of the state-owned enterprises “Three Supplies and One Industry” standing at the top of the province, the reform of collective ownership in rural areas ranking atop in the country. The annual investment in research and development amounted to 41 billion yuan, accounting for 4.91% of the GDP, the total number of patent applications reached 71,200, the value of trading of technological achievements stood at 102.833 billion yuan, the national center for protecting intellectual property rights was approved. 404 gazelle companies and small giant enterprises were cultivated, the company Yeahmobi became the first unicorn enterprise of the city. The work for creating demonstration area for national military and civil integration innovation was conducted actively, with 430 enterprises of “civil in military” ownership established, and a total revenue of more than 250 billion yuan generated for military and civil integration enterprises. 596 activities such as “Xi’an Trip of Entrepreneurship” was carried out, with 1,156 carriers and 32.81 million square meters of office space for innovation and entrepreneurship built and offered to 41,800 incubation teams or enterprises, making the city in the first echelon for “mass innovation and entrepreneurship” in the country.

 (4) The high level of opening up to the outside world has been increased. Taking advantage of celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in China and the 5th anniversary of the launching of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the city came up with the upgraded version of opening up policy, intending for creating the comprehensive reform and opening up pilot zone of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.The work of developing “Three Economy” was conducted vigorously, the national level airport economic demonstration zone and cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone were approved, 7 new passenger air routes were added, making the total number up to 64, the passenger capacity of airport raised to No. 7 in the country, the capacity of cargo exceeded 310,000 tons, at a No.1 growth rate among the top 10 airports in China, Xi’an Xianyang International Airport was approved to the fifth freedom. Xi’an Port railway port area wasin service, with 1,235 trips of China-Europe Express “Chang’an” operated, achieving No. 1 in the country in terms of actual number, full load rate and volume of freight. Reform pilot works were completed in the 127 items in the area of Xi’an and the 69 items in the area of Xixian New Area under the Xi’an Free Trade Pilot Zone, with 167 cases of innovation created and 5 cases including the “new model of integration of space and bill in railway transport” to be copied and promoted in the country by the national authorities. 8 sisterly cities and friendly exchange cities were added, the No.2 International Business Court was seated in Xi’an. Major international events such as the Silk Road International Film Festival, Global Programmer Day were held with success, 215 Fortune 500 enterprises and 293 China Top 500 enterprises made investments or established branches in Xi’an. The total amount of paid domestic investment reached 311.449 billion yuan, the figure for paid foreign investment was US$6.354 billion. Xi’an has gained good reputation in the opening up and saved the great driving power for catching up and surpassing.

 (5) The work of building ecological civilization has been advanced. The philosophy of “Two Mountains” was practiced; the work of building the national demonstration area of ecological civilization was initiated. The work of greening the “Five Roads” and “Beautiful Xi’an Green Home” was deeply implemented, with 62 green square built, 6.47 million square meters of green space added in the urban area, 35,600 mu (2373.3 hectares) of land covered with forest, 15 parks open to the public free of admission, the city passed the review of application for national garden city status. The “greenhouse” was renovated vigorously, with 682 places rectified, 3,514.88 mu (234.3 hectares) of farmland reinstated. The work was conducted steadfastly for rectifying the problems detected in the “reviewing” of the national environmental authorities, with efforts made on major environmental problems such as improving the black and odorous water body and expediting the solving of environmental problems at JiangcungouVillage. The ecological reinstatement projects of “Water Treatment by Five Methods” and “Eight Rivers Surrounding Chang’an” and the “Ten Major Projects” of treating bad water progressed steadily.

 (6) The work of “Fighting Three Critical Battles” has been conducted properly. The work of poverty relief was advanced steadfastly, with “8 batches” policies implemented precisely, new measures of allied Party committees in rural villages, poverty relief supermarket to be promoted in the whole province, the target of relieving poverty was fulfilled for “eliminating the title of poverty stricken county for Zhouzhi County, eliminating the title of poverty stricken village for 142 villages, relieving poverty for 41,211 people in 14,534 households that established files”, with occurrence rate of poverty dropped to 0.23% from 1.28%. The work for preventing pollution was carried out effectively, the three-year action plan of a new round of “Mist Treatment with Iron Hand to Defend the Blue Sky” was formulated, focusing on the six major campaigns of “cutting coal consumption, controlling of vehicle traffic, reducing dust, source treatment, increasing greening”,16,281 enterprises of “poor management, heavy pollution and small size” were put to treatment and rectification over the year, with 1.5641 million tons of coal consumption, the amount of PM10, PM2.5 dropped 6.2% and 13.7% respectively. The work of classifying household garbage was carried out comprehensively, with projects of non-hazardous treatment of household garbage in Gaoling and Lantian promoted. The baseline of preventing occurrence of major systematic risk was kept, with illegal fundraising, financial fraud under strict strike, and the number and transaction volume of online credit institutions within the requirement of “double reduction”.

 (7) The environment of urban development has been optimized. The spirit of important talks given by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the development of private businesses and of No. 25 document of the central government was implemented conscientiously, the “30 measures” for advancing the high-quality development of private sectors of Xi’an was formulated, the 2nd World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention and the Convention of Opening Up and Development of Private Sectors were held, the Xi’an Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce was established, the Xi’an Entrepreneur Festival was held, where excellent businesses, private business executives and startup stars were ceremoniously honored.The reform of “deregulation, management and service” was further advanced, the “Three Major Revolution” deepened, the “Three New Deals” upgraded continuously, raising the ranking of business environment up to top 10 in the country. Comprehensive plan for optimizing business environment was promulgated, the Xi’an government service network was put into service, the service of “maximum one run” and “online processing” reached a rate of 90% and 96% respectively, cutting the time for application of business registration from 14.1 days to 2.7 days. 800,000 people became new permanent residents of Xi’an over the year, 386,000 people of various talents were received. The Xi’an Regulation on Controlling Cigarette Smoking was issued. 2,098 public toilets were newly built or rehabilitated.167,000 household toilets in rural areas were upgraded, 385 toilets of public funded units were open to the public. The campaign of “Car Making Way for Men” was further carried out, and the city was chosen to be the top 10 city of positive energy in China.

 (8) The happiness index of citizens has been raised. The city budget made an investment of 92.15 billion yuan in the people’s livelihood, growing by 9.7%. 143,900 people were added in the new employment force, 722,000 people of rural labor force transferred, the urban registeredunemployment rate of stood at 3.26%. 66 city-level, and 193 district-level education joint ventures of “famed schools +” were established, benefiting 325,000 students. All the high schools of the city were up to the provincial standardization. 13 closer medical ventures were newly established, 1.54 million people of key groups signed up with family doctors, the important projects of municipal people’s hospital and international medical center were expedited.50,045 apartments of affordable housing were built, nearly 600,000 employees improved housing conditions by utilizing housing provident fund. The rural cooperative medical insurance was implemented on the basis of fixed reimbursement for types of diseases. The qualification rates of food and drugs sampling inspections were all above 97%. The epidemic of African swine fever was effectively prevented and controlled. The fight against organized crimes was deepened, the campaign of “Safe Ding”was actively carried out, the number of receiving and reporting of criminal cases, “double robbery” dropped by 14.2% and 53.6% respectively. The city was chosen the “City of the Highest Happiness in China” for seven consecutive years.

Over the past year, strictly following the spirit of the important instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping on protection of Qinling Mountains, under the leadership of the provincial Party committee and government, focusing on “thorough identification, thorough investigation, thorough rectification, thorough disposal”, we have comprehensively regulated illegal construction of villas along the northern side of Qinling Mountains, with work of revoking projects according to law done, illegal structures dismantled, capital and land recovered, disturbed land reinstated. 1,185 illegal villas were dismantled, 9 villas confiscated, 4,557 mu(303.8 hectares) of State-owned land recovered, 3,257 mu (217.1 hectares) of collective land returned, 1.62 million square meters of illegal buildings dismantled, 2,646 mu (176.4 hectares) of land reinstated with greening. The goal of clear investigation politically, treatment thoroughly, regularized permanently was fulfilled, achieving the positive political, disciplinary and social effect.

Over the past year, actively inviting the legal and work supervision of the Municipal People’s Congress and the standing committee thereof, as well as the supervision of Xi’an Municipal Committee of CPPCC, the municipal government concluded 374 suggestions of deputies of People’s Congress and 753 proposals of CPPCC members, at aresponse rate of 100%. We offered strong supports to the national defense and the military building, with the work of double support and joint building carried out actively. New progress was made on works on national security, civil air defense, ethnic and religious affairs, prevention and reduction of disasters, women and children affairs, counseling, statistics, archives, overseas Chinese affairs, meteorology, local chronicles, disabled people affairs, etc.

Fellow deputies, the achievements of the past year was the result of the wise decisions of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, the result of the strong leadership of the Party provincial committee and ShaanxiProvincial Government, the result of the supervision of the Municipal People’s Congress and the CPPCC Municipal Committee, and the result of the joint struggle and united efforts of the people of the city. Hereby on behalf of the municipal government, I would like to extend the heartfelt gratitude to all the people of the city, to all deputies, all members, all democratic parties, all people’s organizations, all national or provincial units of in Xi’an, all entrepreneurs, innovators, and all the people who show their concern about the development of Xi’an! I would also like to extend the high respect to the officers and soldiers of People’s Liberation Army, officers and soldiers of armed police force, and overseas Chinese, and friends at home and abroad!

We are fully aware that there are quite a number of problems facing the development of Xi’an: the GDP is not large enough, the internal structure of primary, secondary and tertiary industries is not excellent, the number and the size of “brand” industries, leading industries are small; the utilization of advantages of education and technology, military industry resources is not complete, the level of manufacturing and creation of Xi’an original products is low, the economic strength does not correspond with the creativity capacity; the preferential policies for businesses are not yet put in place completely, the sense of gain of businesses is not clear, the development of private sector is relatively behind the time; more works will be done for the prevention and treatment of pollution, there is heavy pressure for winning the critical battle of defending the blue sky and for the constant and effective protection of Qinling Mountains, as well as the reinforced building of ecological civilization; weaknesses are large in number in the field of people’s livelihood, there is shortage of supply and imbalanced distribution of high quality resources of education and medical service, causing the difficulties of the local people in going to good schools and having good medical service; the foundation for work safety is weak, the security assurance and meticulous management of urban operation needs to be raised; the problem of formalism and bureaucracy still exists in government, the self-building of the government needs to be strengthened. We will take more targeted, more powerful measures to find out practical solutions to the problems.

2. General requirements and major goals of work in 2019

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the key year of building the overall moderately prosperous society , the important year of expediting the building the national central city of Xi’an, and the critical year in which the work of catching up and surpassing and the development of high-quality will be speeded up. The overall requirement of the municipal government this year is as follows: guided by the Xi Jinping New Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we will fully implement the spirit of the 2nd, 3rd plenary of the 19th CPC National Congress, continue to promote progress while maintaining stability, adhere to the new concept of development, adhere to high-quality development, adhere to focusing on the supply side reform, adhere to deepening market reform, increase high quality opening up, stick closely to “catching up and surpassing” and “Five Steadies”, fully implement the “Five News” strategic task, cultivate vigorously the “Three Economic Models”, expedite the building of national central city and the international metropolis, make efforts to build the modernized economic system, continuously fight the three critical battles, make efforts to stimulate the vitality of micro entities, coordinate the work of stable growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, benefiting livelihood, preventing risks, further stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign capitals, investments, expectation, maintain the health development of economy and the stability of social situation as a whole, increase the sense of gain, sense of happiness, sense of safety of the people, welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with remarkable achievements.

With various factors considered comprehensively, the major expected goals for the economic and social development of the city are defined as: the GDP grows by around 7.8%, the general public budget revenue increases by 6%; the fixed asset investment grows by 7%; the total retail value of consumer goods grows by 9%; the added value of industries of designated scale grows by 8.3%; the disposable income for permanent residents in urban and rural areas grow by 7% and 8% respectively; the urban registered unemployment rate is restrained within 4%; the increase of consumer price index is restrained within around 3%, the energy consumption for per 10,000 yuan GDP drops by 2.8%, the targets assigned by the provincial authorities for reducing discharge of major pollutants will be fulfilled.

With a view to doing well the work this year, we must seize the opportunities in the following five aspects:

--We must seize the opportunities for expediting the building the national central city. The preferential policy and measures granted by the national government on the building of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, speeding up the regional coordinated development and supporting western region development will be fully utilized, the work of “three centers, two highlands, and one hub” will be done on high standard, the “Belt and Road Initiative” pilot zone for comprehensive reform and opening up will be advanced at high level, the Great Xi’an metropolis circle will be built, the capacity in leading, influencing and driving of the city will be raised to highlight the cord role in city clusters of the Central Shaanxi Plain.

--We must seize the opportunities for change of drivers. The “Eight-characterGuideline” on supply side reform will be deepened, the achievements of the “Three Elimination, One Reduction and One Supplement” will be reinforced, the advanced production factors will be gathered, the industrial upgrade and transformation will be speeded up, the level of industrial chains will be raised, the economic recycle will be connected, the three structures of space, size and industry will be coordinated, creating the modern industrial system with Xi’an characteristics.

--We must seize the opportunities of increasing investments in infrastructure. More supports will be sought from the provincial authorities, the building of major projects in transport, logistics, energy, municipal engineering, ecology and environmental protection, agriculture and rural areas will be expedited, the rehabilitation of facilities of water, electricity, gas, heating and shanty towns and the building of sponge city and underground pipeline corridors will be carried out, fighting a critical battle to solve the weakness in infrastructure.

--We must seize the opportunities of enhancing development of private sectors. New measures will be taken to optimize business environment, strengthening business and investment promotion, supporting private enterprises, stimulating micro market entities, to boost the breakthrough and development of private sectors and have the door opened wider to the outside world and the path of reform traveled faster.

--We must seize the opportunities of strengthening social security and livelihood. The development of services in education, childcare, old-age, medicine, culture, tourism will be expedited. Effective supply of high quality will be increased, the supporting service will be coordinated for household registration of human resources, more measures will be taken for providing more and better service to the public, increasing the sense of gain, sense of happiness and sense of safety of the public.

3. Works and tasks of priority in 2019

Centered on the work arrangement of “focusing on nine highs” set by the 8th session of the 13th CPC Municipal Committee, the campaign of “year of catching up and surpassing”, “year of raising business environment”, “year of strengthening work style” will be carried out steadfastly, with stresses laid on the following 10 aspects:

 (1) Making efforts to win the “Three Critical Battles”

The work of fighting the critical battle against pollution will be done. The victory of defending the blue sky will be secured vigorously, tough measures will be taken to treat the problem of mist, systematic progress will be made on cutting coal consumption, controlling of vehicle traffic, reducing dust, source treatment, increasing greening, the work of alternative energy, treatment of diesel vehicle pollution and promotion of new energy vehicles will be speeded up, the treatment of enterprises of “poor management, heavy pollution and small size” and dust pollution is strengthened by categories, the joint prevention and control of heavy pollution weather will be conducted, the air quality of the city will be ranked before the bottom 20 of the 169 cities in the country. The work of rectification of problems detected in the review of the national environmental authorities will be done resolutely, enterprises will be helped to formulate solution plan to avoid the sweeping approach. The fight for green water will be won, the regulation of river and lake chiefs is implemented strictly, the “Water Treatment by Five Methods” will be deepened, the three-year action on treating black and odorous water body will be launched, the reinstatement of water head areas and water body ecology, 4 sewage disposal plants will be built, the expansion of the capacity of 10 sewage disposal plants will be completed, 4,000 mu (266.7 hectares) of wetland will be reinstated. The victory battle of clean land will be secured. The Law on Preventing Soil Pollution will be implemented fully, the management and control, reinstatement of farm land is conducted properly, the reduction and categorization of household garbage will be advanced, the solution of household garbage terminals system will be implemented, 5 projects of non-hazardous treatment of household garbage will be completed. The ecology of Jiangcungouwaste landfillwill be reinstated, the relocation of 4 villages including Tangjiazhai as a whole will be conducted, to solve the ecological environment problem of Jiangcungou.

The victory of critical battle of targeted poverty relief will be secured comprehensively. The three-year action of poverty alleviationwill be carried out deeply, focusing on preventing returning to poverty , carrying out the “five enhancement projects” that intended for increasing income, improving living environment, enhancing social civilization, enhancing public service level, enhancing mechanism and social system, the “ten critical battles” on industrial povertyalleviation, employment and entrepreneurship, environment treatment, etc, measures will be taken to guarantee one industry for increasing income of poverty stricken households of conditions, one person to be employed for each household with working ability. Works will be done to vacating the old residences for relocated residents and reclamation of housing sites. The poverty relief work will be done by raising the intelligence and ambition and stimulating endogenous power of the poverty stricken people. Policy for poverty alleviationwill cover the people who eliminate poverty to effectively reinforce the achievement of poverty alleviation.

The battle for forestalling and defusing major risks will be fought properly. The negative list system, the lifelong debt accountability system, the reversed investigation of debt problems for government debts will be implemented, the dynamic supervision of full aperture will cover all debts, to ensure the reduction of government debts in the city. The pre-warning platform for local financial risks will be established, the massive economic crimes such as illegal fund raising will be cracked down on severely. Meanwhile, the risks of key areas such as real estates, social stability, work safety, prevention and reduction of disasters will be researched and judged, to hold the bottom line and actively defuse problems arising.

 (2) Making efforts to build the competitive modern industrial system

The high-quality of manufacturing will be advanced. Targeted at the building of national demonstration zone of high-quality development of manufacturing industry, efforts will be made on one hand on the transformation and enhancement of traditional industries, and on the strategic emerging industries on the other hand, efforts will also be intensified on high-end industries, high-end links, high-end brands, to created industries of trillion yuan, clusters of 100 billion yuan and enterprises of 10 billion yuan. Works will be carried out to create the capital of world hard and core technologies, capital of new energy autos, focusing on hard technology industries of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, information technology, intelligent manufacturing, aerospace engineering, photoelectricity chips, new materials, and new energy.Major projects of electrical equipment, integrated circuit will be implemented, with efforts focused on breaking through the core technology and expediting the building of national highland of innovation featuring military and civil integration. Major projects and key enterprises such as Huawei, ZTE, BYD, AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry, Shaanxi Auto, Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies, will be given supports to create the brands of “Made in Xi’an” and “Created in Xi’an”, expand the “club of enterprises of 10 billion yuan”, and increase over 100 enterprises of designated scale within the year.

The quality of development of modern service industry will be raised. The national pilot of comprehensive reform on service industry will be deepened, efforts will be made on cultivating the producer service industries such as modern logistics, technology service, financial service, industrial design, cultural creativity, information service, e-commerce, and on promoting the upgrade of consumer service industry toward convenience, refinement and high-quality. The plan of building Xi’an into an international consumer center will be formulated and implemented, pilot of supply chain systems will be carried out, to achieve the global buying, selling and sharing in Xi’an. The three-year action plan of commercial circle will be advanced steadfastly, the building of 6 urban commercial centers such as Chanba, Xixian will be speeded up, the key commercial circles at the Bell Tower and South Gate will be upgraded. Food economy, moonlight economy will be encouraged, branded coffee shops, chain convenience stores, fashionable restaurants will be given supports, 5 featured blocks of streets will be created, the pilot of national high-end pedestrian street at “Tang All Day Mall-Modern China Town” will be carried out properly. The building of national demonstration city of e-commerce will be speeded up, the integrated development of online and offline services of physical retail shops will be promoted, to achieve the annual transaction value of 430 billion yuan.

The development of private sectors will be carried out unswervingly. The city’s Opinions on Advancing High-quality Development of Private Sectors will be fully implemented, the “hidden barriers” to the development of private sectors will be cleared resolutely; a demonstration city of new type of private sectors will be created. The system of publicizing the catalog of enterprise-related administrative operating charges and governmental fund will be implemented, to ensure “zero charges” beyond the list. Preferential policy of land use by private enterprises will be implemented, electrical connection for small and micro enterprises will be made at “zero cost”. The incentive and subsidy mechanism for reducing financing cost of micro, small and medium sized enterprises will be improved, the plan for “adding oxygen” to the finance of small and medium sized enterprises will be implemented, to solve the problems of worried and reluctant borrowing of bank loans by private enterprises. The close and clean relationship between government and business will be established, the mechanism of private businessmen engaged in business-related policy making will be improved, rights protection and complaint center of private enterprises will be established. The role of bridge and bond of Xi’an Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce will be fully played, the World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention and Xi’an Entrepreneur Festival will be held, to make the community of Xi’an entrepreneur confident, strong and proud!

The capability of financial service for real economy will be strengthened. The intensity of financial innovation will be increased and the allocation of financial resources will be optimized, focusing on the ten major industries such as science and technology, culture, green industry, military and civil integration. The leading role of government fund will be played, the startup investment, private equity investment, industrial investment will be encouraged and supported, the development of private banks and community banks will be supported, the building of Silk Road international financial center will be expedited. The opportunity of “Science and Technology Innovation Board” will be seized to deeply advance the “Longmen Action Plan”, by which more high-quality enterprises, the technology companies in particular, will be able to be listed in share market. Within the year, 2 companies will be listed in normal share market, 10 enterprises will be listed on NEEQ and Youth Entrepreneurship Board.

 (3) Making efforts to increase effective investments

The work of business and investment promotion will be vigorously advanced. The quality and benefit of the investments introduced will be given more consideration, various platforms for business and investment promotion will be fully utilized, the role of “outpost” and “bridge” by various nonlocal resident offices of the municipal government will be played fully, the marketing of city brand will be strengthened, targeted and specialized business and investment promotion work will be actively done, focusing on attracting stronger business players and cultivation of new and excellent players. Differentiated business promotion will be implemented, database of projects of investments will be established, resource factors such as land, standard workshop, office building, of the city will be clarified, guideline for industrial land use will be made, to conduct targeted project promotion and transfer and to avoid homogenous competition. Over 18 projects of 10 billion yuan each will be signed in the whole year, amount of paid domestic investments will be more than 330 billion yuan, that of foreign investments more than US$ 7 billion.

The implementation of projects will be conducted properly. The strategy of development based on projects will be actively implemented, the system of contracted service by city leadership to major projects will be deepened, factors allocation of planning, land, capital will be optimized, the problems of land requisition, demolishing, relocation of pipeline network will be addressed vigorously. The performance evaluation of project construction will be strengthened, the five major systems of “circulation of criticism, inspection, assessment, admonishment meeting, incentive” will be implemented, the rate of registration of work commencement, rate of paid capital, rate of work completion will be increasingly raised. The master plan of featured towns will be deeply implemented to create a number of featured towns with distinctive characteristics and strong innovation capability. Collective work commencement and demonstration observation of major projects will be continuously carried out, the construction of 738 city level key projects will be promoted as a whole to achieve the paid investment value of over 350 billion yuan.

The investment structure will be continuously optimized. Works will be done to speed up the gathering of various capitals toward advanced manufacturing, new and high technology industry, trading and logistics, and culture and tourism, based on the planning of the industrial development of Great Xi’an. The industrial project construction will be promoted steadfastly, focusing on 9 individual projects of more than 5 billion yuan each such as Phase 2 of Samsung, Industrialization of Geely New Energy Auto, to achieve a rise of over 15% in industrial investment. The potential of private investments will be fully tapped, with more private capitals led to the infrastructure, social undertaking and featured advantageous industries and private capitals and social capitals encouraged to be engaged in PPP projects, to achieve a rise of over 10% in private investment.

 (4) Making efforts to create the business environment of “Three Conversions and Five Topmosts”

The “Internet + administrative service” will be boosted into depth. The transformation of government digitization will be promoted based on the reform of “Matter Processing at a Single Window, without the need for a second visit”, the target of “one website, one door, one time” will be focused on, data integration and sharing will be advanced, functions of public service network will be continuously improved. The construction of Xi’an Citizen Center will be launched, the general portal of “e-government cloud” and “one website for all”, the “sweeping acceptance” will be promoted, the “single window of integrated services” will be improved, “processing online, processing by hand, processing at once, processing for one time, processing at hand” will be achieved, more than 500 items of matters of high frequency will be processed by “one website for all” within the year.

The vitality of various market entities will be motivated. Special actions will be taken to investigate the implementation of business-related policies and to raise the degree of satisfaction with business environment, focusing on opening business, processing planning permit, obtainingcredit loans by market players, the supervision pattern of “double random and one publicity” will be fully implemented, the law enforcement of environmental protection, fire control, taxation, market supervision will be optimized, the compliance cost of enterprises will be reduced significantly, to win the title of national benchmark city of business environment. The plan of graded cultivation of new economy enterprises will be implemented to cultivate more innovative leading enterprises of core competitiveness and to expand the new economic industrial clusters, with 260 small giant enterprises and 600,000 market players of various types to be newly established

The upgraded version of “mass entrepreneur and innovation” will be created. The “Three Major Reforms” will be deepened, the “Double Million” project will be carried out, to gather and attract more talents with better environment, policy and measures, with more than 400,000 various talents becoming permanent residents of the city within the year.The “Xi’an Trip of Entrepreneurship” will be deeply implemented, various carrier platforms of mass entrepreneur and innovation will be upgraded, and policies and measures will be further optimized to boost the transformation from quantity to quality of incubators and maker space. Works will be done to obtain the status of the national pilot of industrial and education integration, new breakthrough will be achieved in the “five major forms of startup economy”, the construction of national demonstration city of entrepreneur and innovation base of small and micro enterprises and national demonstration base of “mass entrepreneur and innovation” will be coordinated, activities such as Global Hard & Core Technology and “Belt and Road” Innovation Cooperation Conference, Xi’an International Entrepreneurship Convention and International Competition, the 3rd Global Programmer Festival, will be held on high standard to highlight the city brand of “Entrepreneurship of Xi’an”.

 (5) Making efforts to promote the integrated development of culture and tourism

The cultural influence of Xi’an will be continuously enhanced. The new model of “Internet + Culture + Foreign Trade” will be developed vigorously, focusing on series of activities such as Silk Road International Arts Festival, the 8th Xi’an Drama Festival and Capital of East Asian Cultures, “City of Tang Poems”, with a number of cultural and artistic works with international influence launched. The construction of public cultural service system will be promoted, with a number of cultural auditoriums in rural areas built to carry out extensively public cultural activities. Cultural operation enterprises and industrial projects will be introduced, the building of culture exchange bases will be carriedout, cultural exchange programs such as the Sino-Korean “Spring of Pomegranate Flower” will be conducted, works will be done to bid for the Silk Road Satellite TV, supports will be given to the construction for higher quality and strength of national digital publication base, Silk Road international trading platform of culture and art works and Chinese media.The project of cultural revitalization will be implemented comprehensively. Database of excellent traditional culture resources of Xi’an will be made, the visiting cards of Terra Cotta Warriors, Greater and Lesser Wild Goose Pagodas, Xi’an City Wall will be fully utilized, to enrich “Language of Xi’an” and to tell well “Xi’an Story”. The protection and development and utilization of historical and cultural heritage sites will be strengthened, with construction of featured block of streets such as Sanxue Street, Qixian Village, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang East Market promoted. Economy of UNESCO intangible heritagewill be developed, counties and districts of conditions will be given supports to create “home to Chinese folk arts”.

The work of building Xi’an into the first class tourist destination will be carried out. The building of ecological circle of big tourism will be speeded up, focusing on the role of world capital of tourism fashion, the concept of all regional tourism and the new business model of “business, healthcare, study, leisure, emotion, wonder”. The international action plan of tourism will be implemented, the policy of “transit visa exemption +fifth freedom” will be utilized properly, to make Xi’an the must of tourist destination for global tourists. The modern tourism service system will be built, high-quality hotel construction will be expedited, the three year action plan of boutique home stay will be implemented, key projects such as Fengdong Overseas Chinese City tourism complex will be promoted, the bidding for 5A class scenic spots of Zhuqueand Taiping National Forest Parks, Daming Palace Heritage Park, Cuihuaand NanwutaiMountainswill be conducted properly. The brand activities such as “Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional” will be held to receive 300 million visitors from home and abroadand to generate total tourist revenue of more than 300 billion yuan.

The building of city of books, music and museums will be deepened. The major cultural enhancement project of “Book Fragrance of Xi’an” and the cultural development project of “Enjoy Reading in Xi’an” will be implemented, the new business model of bookstores that feature “bookstore + coffee + tea + cultural creativity + retail +Internet” will be promoted, to make fragrance of books the unique taste of the ancient city of Xi’an. A number of large and medium scale performing halls and venues, themed music blocks of street, music featured towns and community “music corner” will be built, brand activities such as Xi’an International Music Festival, “Belt and Road” International Music Expo will be held, the program of “homecoming of Xi’an musicians” and special business promotion will be implemented to make music the fashionable rhythm of the ancient city. Supports will be given to the rehabilitation and upgrading of the three major provincial museums based in Xi’an, the project of Xi’an Museum rehabilitation and expansion will be expedited, private museums will be encouraged to develop various types of digital museums, smart museums, to highlight the brand of common spirit home of landmark Chinese nationality.

Works will be done to create the city of convention and exhibition, competition and cultural creativity. The building of convention and exhibition economy will be developed vigorously, the building of “three centers” will be expedited, works will be done to bid for hosting national major home diplomat activities and major international conference, brand activities such as Eurasia Economic Forum, Silk Road Expo will be held, more than 260 sessions of convention and exhibition above designated scale will be hosted within the year. “Sports+” model will be promoted, works will be done to bid for national and international high class sports competition, excellent competitions such as 2019 Xi’an International Marathon Race Competition will be hosted, the preparatory work of the 14th National Game will be conducted. Cultural creativity industry will be promoted to push forward the integrated development of convention and exhibition, competition, industry and parks, a number of creativity featured blocks of street and maker space, parks of cultural creativity and featured towns will be built, a number of international cultural enterprises and brands will be cultivated.

 (6) Making efforts to spearhead the all-round innovative reform and high class opening up to the outside world

The two demonstration projects of “National” innovative reform will be coordinated. The building of all-round innovative reform experiment and national self innovation demonstration zone in Xi’an Hi-Tech Economic Zone will be deeply promoted, the work of pilot of operation and strengthening national intellectual property rights will be conducted properly, the demonstration zone of national military and civil integration will be created. The strategy of “colleges+” will be implemented vigorously, the innovative mechanism of integration of industry, education and research will be improved, the rate of local commercialization and industrialization of technological achievements will be raised.Effective mechanism for attracting top scientists and innovative teams from home and abroad will be explored, works will be done for bidding for national key laboratory plan, more scientific facilities, more infrastructure of major technology, more innovation platforms of frontier technology and business will be attracted to settle in Xi’an. The building of national comprehensive science center, national technology transfer northwest center will be expedited, projects such as CAS Xi’an Science Park, China Western Science and Technology Innovation Harbor, NWPU Flying Town will be promoted, Silk Road Science and Technology Innovation Center, national innovation highland, will be created. The innovation of military and civil integration will be continuously promoted to speed up the integrated development of technology and economy of military and local government, striving to achieve total revenue of over 270 billion yuan for the sector of military and civil integration and the number of “civil in military” enterprises raised up to 450.

Works will be done to create the pilot zone of “Belt and Road” comprehensive reform and opening up. The new deal of “53 articles” of Shaanxi Free Trade Pilot Zone will be implemented, works will be done to bid for creating new section of free trade area, for the status of inland free trade port, to create the upgraded version of free trade pilot zone. Supports will be given to Xixian New Area to build Traditional Chinese Medicine healthcare industry clustering area, the building of Xi’an comprehensive bonded area and Xi’an Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area will be expedited, works will be done for promoting pilot city of parallel import of autos and export point of secondhand autos. The building of national cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone will be promoted steadfastly, to create the industrial clusters of cross-border e-commerce. The model of “Two Parks Two Localities” partnership will be deepened, the building of international parks such as Eurasian Economic Integrated Parks, Sino-Russian Silk Road Innovation Park, and parks between China and Europe, Germany, France respectively. Local major enterprises such as Shaanxi Blower Group, China XD Group, Shaanxi Auto Group, Shaanxi Aiju Grain and Oil Industry Group, will be given supports to conduct cross-country merge and acquisition, outbound investment, construction of industrial parks in foreign countries and international industrial cooperation, to ensure the total value of import and export up to over 350 billion yuan. The model of international cultural and people-to-people exchanges will be innovated, the building of consular blocks will be expedited, the work for matching friendly sisterly cities along the “Belt and Road” will be conducted properly. A number of internationalized communities with high quality service will be built to provide more convenience to foreigners who work and live in Xi’an.

Works will be done to create the model of development of “Three Economic Models”. Official opinions on expediting development of “Three Economic Models” will be issued, focusing on cultivating the international industrial system with comparative advantages and the open economic system. The building of phase 3 of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, rebuilding and expansion of Xi’an Railway Station will be speeded up, the capacity of total factor circulation will be raised continuously, works will be done to transform the hub advantage to development advantage.The building of platforms of air service, railway ports, import and export commodity exhibition and trading, international cooperation of cross-border e-commerce, acceptance of processing trade transfer will be expedited, focusing on building the five centers of transport and trading logistics, international production capacity cooperation, science and technology and education, international culture and tourism, Silk Road finance. Works will be done to speed up the building of Xi’an newly built railway logistics base, Chang’an air service operation base, the modern service trade enterprises cluster area in Xixian New Area, supports will be given to airport bonded area to bid for comprehensive bonded area. The high-quality development of China-Europe Express “Chang’an” will be promoted in terms of high frequency service, with more than 1,800 trips of scheduled trains to be operated within the year.

Reform in key areas will be deepened. The ownership reform on unified management and supervision of business State-owned assets under the jurisdiction of Xi’an will be speeded up, to establish a number of companies run by State-owned capitals and to regularize the governing structure of legal person of State-owned enterprises. Works will be done to explanation and persuasion of prices of natural gas service, with connection between upstream and downstream prices established and seasonal price difference implemented. The reform on State-owned forest farms will be carried out to ensure the acceptance by national authorities. The reform of government institutions will be completed to speed up the transformation of government function, innovate the allocation of public resources, and raise the efficiency and benefit of resource allocation.

 (7) Making efforts to create the demonstration zone of national ecological civilization construction

Works will be carried out to protect the ecological environment of Qinling Mountains resolutely. The spirit of instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping on ecological protection of Qinling Mountains will be strictly followed, to reinforce and increase the achievements of special rectification and treatment, to effectively and perseveringly protect the ecological environment of Qinling Mountains with the most distinctive political stand, the most conscientious political responsibility and the most determined practical action. Works will be speeded up to revise the regulations, planning, approaches on ecological protection of Qinling Mountains, to improve the special planning on biodiversity protection, tourism development and village and town construction in that area. Fund on Qinling Mountains ecological protectionwill be established, the system of negative list and responsibility list on Qinling Mountains ecological protection will be implemented. The all-round supervision system of “digital Qinling Mountains” will be created, to improve the tertiary grid management at the level of districts or counties, towns or streets, and villages (communities) and the regular special law enforcement inspection. The building of Qinling Mountains national park and ecological reinstatement will be speeded up, with campaign of “Love My Qinling Mountains” to be carried out for practically protecting the national safety shield of ecology.

The green development will be promoted unswervingly. The idea of “Green mountains are gold mountains” will be kept in mind, the economic and social development will be led by ecological civilization construction to make green environment the most high-quality assets. Green production modes will be created, the catalogue of industries, workmanship and trades that are prohibited and limited for development will be specified, the three year action plan for green cyclic development will be formulated, relocation and closure of heavy pollution enterprises in the urban built-up areas will be expedited, pilot points of cyclic transformation will be carried out in some industrial parks such as Xi’an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone and Xi’an Economic & Technological Development Zone, to promote the green transformation of industrial structure. The upgrade of green energy consumption will be promoted, the major infrastructure construction of clean and efficient utilization of fire coal and urban gas supply pipeline network will be strengthened, the action of “double control” on total consumption and intensity of water resources will be implemented to bid for the national city of water efficiency. The building of flower city and green roads will be expedited, the greening work of both sides of “five roads” and the surrounding areas ofthe“1+38” hotels will be enhanced, not less than 6 million square meters of green space will be added to the city within the year. Green lifestyles will be promoted, activities of consumption efficiency government agencies and green households, communities, schools will be carried out to set the trend of green lifestyles.

The ecological safety assurance system will be improved. The Planning of Great Xi’an Ecological Green Space System will be revised, the determination and definition of ecological protection redline will be advanced, the base line of quality of environment will be determined scientifically, the utilization of resources will be shared online, the list of access of ecological environment will be formulated. The most stringent law enforcement on environment protection will be implemented, the unified supervision and law enforcement system will be established, “Xi’an Ecology Day” will be set, mechanism will be established to cover ecological compensation standard system and steady growth of ecological compensation capital.

 (8) Making efforts to strengthen the urban function and quality

The urban function block will be improved and optimized. Works will be done in the manner of “targeted placement”, which focus on building new city and expanding function on the surface, on increasing network, smoothening transport on the line, on conducting management, raising quality on the point, to upgrade the urban capacity. The “Ten-character Guideline” will be followed to expedite the preparation of space planning of unified and all-round land use, and to strengthen the urban design and “urban double repair”.Incremental land use will be utilized properly, development of inventory land use will be stressed, to promote the collective utilization of land and to avoid the illegal utilization of land. The development of multiple axes, multiple centers, and multiple communities of Great Xi’an will be coordinated, the building of demonstration zones of Xi’an Software Town, Chang’anUniversity Town, Fengxi Silk Road Innovation City, east new city will be expedited, stresses will be given on cultivating the growth poles of Silk Road International Finance Center core district, central cultural commercial district, west axis central commercial district,to promote the adjustment spatial structure, industrial distribution and the high-end factor and resource gathering. The building of new model smart city will be expedited, the plan of “city brain” will be implemented, to promote the smart governance, to develop smart economy and to share smart life.

Infrastructure construction will be advanced vigorously. The action of “three years of critical battles” in public service facilities will be promoted steadfastly, to build a comprehensive network of public service facilities. The plan of “5 one thousand km” will be launched, to comprehensively speed up the pace of construction of road, pipeline, greening, municipal engineering facilities. The campaign of “3 one thousand” will be carried out in public transport, to speed up the building of “city of public transport”. The building of metro lines No. 5, 6 and 9 will be expedited, the planning of phase 3 of rail transport will be launched, the trial operation of phase 2 of metro line No. 1 will be ensured. The strategy of “Transport+” will be implemented, the models of TOD and XOD will be promoted, the development of superstructure. The project of expansion of national and provincial artery highway will be coordinated, the construction of Xi’an outer ring road southern section, east third ring road to Lintong and Xian-Huyi freeway will be launched, the Xian-Yanliang freeway project will be expedited. The demonstration and industrial cooperation of 5G application will be promoted, the site planning and construction of base stations will be expedited, to create a “Wireless Xi’an”.

The level of precise urban management will be raised continuously. The “cleanliness” will be stressed, with categorization of household garbage facilities further improved, “cigarette butt revolution” and “toilet revolution” deeply advanced, 1,225 public toilets built or rehabilitated, and 200,000 toilets of rural households upgraded. The “greening” will be stressed, with 65 green land squares and pocket parks built, 40 old and outdated green space squares rebuilt and upgraded, 3 theme parks commenced to be built, a number of greening scenic demonstration urban roads built, 30,000 mu (2,000 hectares) of forest planted. The “beautifying” will be stressed, with “Four Revisions and Two Dismantlings” advanced continuously, the “three-year action of zero clearing” of urban villages, dead alleys , illegal outdoor advertisements implemented, the work of “three enhancement” on open campus, open parks, open streets conducted. The “lighting” will be stressed, with overall design of “three rings, two rivers, three horizontals, six verticals” to be designed, lighting of key section of streets and buildings enhanced. The “orderliness” will be stressed, with platform of comprehensive urban management service to be built, management of urban terminals of roads, streets, communities to be strengthened, the themed campaign of “car making way for men” to be carried out, and the city image as a whole to be raised.

Regional coordinated development will be promoted. Platform for regular exchanges and communication mechanism among city clusters of the Central Shaanxi Plain will be established, which will coordinate major projects in terms of infrastructure, ecological protection, industrial cooperation, technological innovation, and public service. The process of Xi’an-Xianyang, Fuping-Yanliang integration and Xi’an-Tongchuan, Xi’an-Weinan integrated development, the building of national innovation city of development mode in Xixian New Area will be promoted, the building of Fuyan industrial park of cooperation will be given supports, the regional development community will be created to drive the integration and interactive development of city clusters of the Central Shaanxi Plain and even of western and central China.

Beautiful and livable rural villages will be created vigorously. The building of “five beauty” will be advanced focusing on “five revitalization”. The intensity of rectifying living environment in rural areas will be increased, the project of “demonstration of 100 villages, rectification of 1,000 villages’ will be implemented, the “new three major revolutions” covering waste, wasted water, toilet will be carried out in rural areas. The full coverage of planning formulation on administrative villages will be advanced, the infrastructure and public service facility of 400 villages will be completed, 50 sample villages of “five beauty” will be created, 300 beautiful and livable model villages in all will be built. Excellent folk customs will be carried forward, theme activities of farmer harvest will be held, to create a good atmosphere in the society that cares about the question of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

The building of modern agriculture production and business system will be speeded up. Leading enterprises of agriculture, new type of operating entities and professional farmers will be actively cultivated, the “four enhancement projects” will be consistently held, the dimension of development of modern agriculture of “one district, three belts,seven sections” will be improved. The certification of “three quality and one standard” will be advanced, the supply of good quality green farm produces will be increased, to achieve a business revenue of 65 billion yuan on processing of farm produces. The e-commerce entities in rural areas will be cultivated and expanded, with 5 model towns of e-commerce, 25 model villages of e-commerce, more than 400 rural e-commerce businesses created. The integrated development of three levels of industries in rural areas will be promoted, supports will be given to Lintong to bid for building the national forerunner area for three levels of industries in rural areas and to Zhouzhi to create demonstration zone of famous brand of kiwi fruits, the building of national rural industrial integrated development in Lantian County will be carried out. The rectification of “greenhouse” will be deeply implemented, to contain the transformation of farmland into non-farming use. The prevention and control of epidemic of African swine feverwill be conducted.

The new model of urban and rural integrated development will be explored. The reform of“three rights separation”, “three changes” and finance with regard to contracted land in rural areas will be speeded up, the reform of housing site will be steadily advanced, the pilot task of completing the reform of collective ownership system will be completed on high standard, exploration will be made on marketing of business land in rural areas. The plan of “five rural areas” will be launched, whereby officials will establish ties with rural areas, capable persons return home in rural areas, urbanites visits rural villages, capitals move to rural areas, enterprises thrive rural areas. The incentive policy and method for developing collective economy in rural areas will be issued to promote the increase of income of farmers. Works will be carried out with focus on the combination of advantages of green ecology of rural areas and driving advantage of development zones. The industrial parks will be built by partnership to seek common development.

 (10) Making efforts to satisfy the new expectation of the people for better life

Employment will be stabilized with no stone left unturned. The stabilization of employment will be put on important place, strategy of employment first and more proactive employment policy will be implemented, the full and high-quality employment will be coordinated for key groups such as college graduates, retired servicemen, people with job difficulty, migrant labor force from rural areas. The three-year action plan will be implemented to solve the problem of delayed pay and ensure the salary and rights of migrant workers. Lifelong vocational training will be offered to labor force, the scale of job training will be expanded, 140,000 people will be added in urban employment and 48,000 persons will receive job training within the year.

The development of education undertakings will be given priority. Quality of public schools will be raised, the total education resources will be expanded continuously, over 40 city level joint venturesof“famed school +” education will be established.The deployment planning of new round of elementary and secondary schools and kindergartens will be issued, the investigation and rectification of supporting education facilities for urban residential communities will be comprehensively carried out, the policies on increasing the public education investment and supporting education development in counties and districts will be implemented, 34 primary and secondary schools, 54 kindergartens will be built, 62 primary and secondary schools, 21 kindergartens will be expanded, to ensure newly added 80,000 places of primary and secondary students, over 20,000 places for kindergarten children.Special education, online education and vocational education will be developed vigorously, supports will be given to colleges based in Xi’an for bidding for Double First Class building, education run by non-governmental sectors will be supported and regulated. The “Double Ten Program” that cover introduction of ten new prestigious schools and ten international schools will be implemented, to make Xi’an the “Belt and Road” education center. The “Belt and Road” scholarship will be established, the Silk Road college alliance will be enlarged, to make Xi’an the city of international students.

The building of healthy Xi’an will be promoted. The 8 types of “Health Cells” including health household, health community, health village will be established, the work will be done for preparing the reviewing by national authorities on bidding for national hygiene city, the health literacy of urban and rural residents will be raised comprehensively. The comprehensive medical reform will be conducted, work will be done for the national pilot of collective procurement of medicines, the mechanism of division and cooperation by joint ventures of close medical service and double direction transfer treatment will be improved, application scenarios of smart medicine will be expanded, unified system of registration reservation and payment platform within the city will be provided. Improvement on medical service will be carried out continuously, work will be done to enhance the use of vaccine and vaccination, the building of Red Cross international hospital, international children hospital will be expedited, supply of high quality medical resources will be increased continuously. Policy of integrating medical service and healthcare will be improved, old-age industry will be developed vigorously, with over 6,400 old-age beds added within the year. International medical institutions will be introduced actively, existing hospitals will be encouraged to open international section, work will be done to bid for the settlement of regional medical center, making Xi’an the “Belt and Road” international medical center.

The multiple social security system will be improved. The role of housing shall be determined for “living in” rather than for “speculation”, as defined by the central government. The municipal government will shoulder the entity responsibility for stabilized the real estate market, and implement the principle of “Two 20%” in the land reserve supply plan of this year, with a view to stabilizing the price of land, the price of housing, and the expectation of the market. 40,000 affordable apartments will be built, 2 million square meters of old and outdated residential quarters will be comprehensively rehabilitated. The unemployment insurance of “aiding enterprises and job positions” will be continuously conducted, system of employment injury insurance, unemployment insurance will be improved, the “1+N” new style of social relief and aid system will be optimized, to increase the coverage and capability of social relief and aid at grassroots level. The “public service circle of 15 minutes” will be created to make the life of the people easier and more comfortable.

The building of “Safe Xi’an” will be carried out on higher standard. Special rectification will be conducted in key industries and sectors, actions will be taken to regulate the safety in building construction, road transport, hazardous chemicals, to prevent serious and major accidents. The building of emergency management system will be reinforced, the system for disaster prevention and reduction will be improved, to pragmatically secure the operation safety and the safety of life and property of the people. The risks in food and drugs will be placed stringent supervision and control, to ensure the food and drugs safety of the people. Works will be done to advance the governance and service innovation of urban and rural communities, to practically investigate and settle contradictions and disputes. The campaign “Safe Ding” will be carried out continuously, with special campaign against organized crimes to be promoted, focusing on the crack down on theft, robbery, telecommunication and online fraud, to make Xi’an the city of most sense of safety in China.

Meanwhile, the building of national defense mobilization, civil air defense, and reserve force will be strengthened, works will be done to deal with retired servicemen and to care about families of servicemen, practical works will be done in the fields of ethnic affairs, religious affairs, foreign affairs, meteorology, earthquake affairs, statistics, archive, local chronicle, etc, supports will be given to undertakings of trade unions, Communist Youth League, Women’s Federation, association of science and technology, Disabled Persons’ Federation, charity, etc.

4. Building a government of the new era that satisfies the people comprehensively

Politics will be highly and distinctively stressed. Works will be done to consciously put the action and work of government and officials against the requirements set by the CPC Central Committee and to raise the political awareness and position. Government and officials shall be consistent in ideology, politics and action with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, following the principles of “Four Consciousness”, “Four Matters of Confidence” and “Two Safeguards”. Political construction will always be placed on the top of agenda, political disciplines and rules will be strictly followed, special education will be carried out on “remaining true to original aspiration and keeping firmly in mind the mission”, and “stressing politics, taking responsibility and changing work style”, decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee shall be carried out to the letter. Party leadership shall be implemented in all aspects of the work of government, decisions and arrangements of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee shall be carried out resolutely, request and report system shall be strictly implemented, to ensure the decisions of higher authorities to be carried out without barriers and with power.

Responsibility and practical action will be stressed. Practical work and action will be carried out to achieve tangible outcomes, the “three mechanisms” will be implemented, to create a strong atmosphere where officials are willing to work, able to work and do real work. Works shall be done oriented to solve problems, the government shall serve as the “leader of construction team”, practice the “implementation at the front-line”, to create a chain of entity responsibility whereby all levels of officials are connected and take corresponding responsibility.Mission and responsibility shall always be kept in mind, commitment and promises shall be honored, officials shall work for the well-being of the people with heart and soul. Officials shall be evaluated on real work done and achievements made, the “30 articles” of incentive and preferential measures of State Council shall be implemented, to offer further incentive and preferential supports to the districts, counties, development zones that do practical work and make actual accomplishment, to make officials honored and benefited who are willing to work, able to work and fulfill the goal.

Work styles shall be strengthened. The spirit of the 8 regulations of the CPC Central Committee and the implementing rules of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Xi’an Municipal Committee shall be implemented conscientiously, practical work styles will be promoted and formalism, bureaucracy shall be rectified collectively, the problems of “incapacity, laziness, looseness, slowness and perfunctoriness” of officials shall be solved. Low-key and practical work styles shall be adhered to, matters shall be handled immediately without delay, officials shall always think and work with the people, to explain the political quality and mission responsibility of “Serve the People” with untiringly struggle for the well-being of the people.

Images of clean and honest government shall be established. The building of clean government and the fight against corruption shall be further advanced, disciplines and regulations shall always be placed to the priority, the high pressure on punishing corruption shall be maintained. The tragic lesson of illegal buildings on the northern side of Qinling Mountains shall be deeply learned, the entity responsibility and “One Post of Double Responsibility” and the “Six Iron Regulations” of Xi’an government officials shall be implemented and followed strictly, to prevent the bad practice and corruption around the people. Constitution and laws shall be strictly observed, law-based administration of government shall be conducted, building a law-based government. Governments shall be placed under the supervision of People’s Congress, CPPCC and Supervisory Committee, as well as that of the public and media. The auditing supervision shall be strengthened, to have the power operated in the sun and to achieve clean and honest officials, government and politics.

Fellow deputies! New era calls for new look, Great Xi’an calls for great achievements. We should rally closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, under the leadership of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, and Shaanxi Provincial Government, we should keep in mind the mission and struggle to fulfill the great dream, we should comprehensively speed up the building of Xi’an into a national central city and an international metropolis, write a new chapter of high-quality development of Xi’an in catching up and surpassing and of the high-quality of happy life of the people, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of founding of New China with our excellent performance!