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Report on the Work of Xi’an Municipal Government 2018
General Office of Xi'an Municipal People’s Government     Updated: 2018-02-07

Report on the Work of Xi’an Municipal Government

Delivered at the Third Session of the Sixteenth Xi’an Municipal People’s Congress, February 3, 2018

by Shangguan Jiqing, Mayor of Xi’an


Fellow deputies:

On behalf of Xi’an Municipal People’s Government, I now present to you the report on the work of the government for your deliberation, and for comments and suggestions from the members of the Xi’an Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and all nonvoting delegates.

1. Review of the work of the government in 2017

The past year 2017 is a year of tremendous importance for Great Xi’an in catching-up and surpassing the advanced economies. It has witnessed that under the strong leadership of Communist Party of China (CPC) Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Government and CPC Xi’an Municipal Government, we conscientiously studied and carried out Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and comprehensively promoted “Nine Critical Operations”[3], and in accordance with the positioning of “Catching-up and Surpassing” and the requirement of “Five Steadies”, adhering to “Five News”[1] strategic tasks and the ambitious goal of “Focusing on 369 to Revitalize Great Xi’an”[2], fulfilled the various goals defined by the 1st Session of the 16th People’s Congress, achieving a wonderful opening for the building of Great Xi’an.

-- Steadily promoting sustaining sound growth of economy, with various indexes reaching new high of recent years. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has achieved 746.985 billion yuan, an increase of 7.7% over the same period of 2016 (or a growth of 8.5% based on the original standard), the total economic volume ranking 9 of the 15 sub-provincial cities in China, achieving a historic transcendence. 847 projects were introduced into the city with agreements signed, with a total investment volume reaching a record high 2,350 billion yuan, making the city a “Most Favored Chinese City for International Investments of 2017” voted by Chinese renowned media outlet huanqiu.com. Fixed asset investment volume increased by 12.9%, 10.9% higher than same period last year, and the total retail sales of consumer goods registered 432.95 billion yuan, up by 10.5%. The total value of import and export amounted to 254.54 billion yuan, up by 39.1%, ranking 2nd of the 15 sub-provincial cities across the country. General public budget revenue registered 65.45 billion yuan, growing up 9.7%, of which tax grew by 20.4%, ranking top of all sub-provincial cities of China. The total number of market players reached 1.016 million, making the city the 7th sub-provincial cities of China owning more than 1 million market players. “5 Up” [4] enterprises were added 685 in number, hitting new high in recent five years. The progress of science and technology made a contribution to local economic growth at a rate of 60%.

-- Steadily promoting agricultural modernization drive, with development of featured agriculture highlighted. The layout “One Zone, Three Belts and Seven Sections” [5] of modern urban agriculture kept improving, in which the industrial bases of trees and flowers seedlings covered an area of 734,000 mu (49,533 hectare); the species of pomegranate of Lintong was accredited by national geographical indication protection; the growing system of almonds in Lantian was selected to China important agricultural heritage. Percent of pass for inspection of agricultural produces steadied at over 97%. 20 modern agricultural parks and 27 industrial leading enterprises of agriculture were newly added. Leisure agriculture received 23.50 million visitors/times, realizing comprehensive revenue of 2.41 billion yuan. The experience of all-for-one tourism of Lantian was publicized across the country. Fucha Town of Jinghe New City was granted as the demonstration base for makers of China rural tourism. The total food production of the city fulfilled a marvelous “14 bumper harvests in a row”.

-- Steadily intensifying efforts in cultural building, with soft cultural power significantly reinforced. With Regulations of Protection of Immovable Cultural Relics officially implemented, the local endeavors of making legislation of cultural relic protection were ahead of other areas nationwide. 5 new museums such as Xi’an Urban Memory Museum were built, making the total number of museums up to 126. Relic of Weiyang Palace in Chang’an of Han Dynasty was listed in the archaeological relic parks of China. 64 new culture-related enterprises above the designated scale were established, with a growth of 25.2% in total business income of cultural sector. Drama Anesthetist was awarded the Best Works Award, TV and movie works such as The Qin Empire 3, White Deer Plain, Nothing Gold Can Stay were broadcast nationwide with good viewing rate. The general standard of social morality of the city was enhanced by a series of campaigns such as “Westward Relocation Spirit”, “No Landing of Cigarette Ends” and “Car Makes Way for Man”, and helped the city to have been honored “National Civilized City” continuously. A number of important activities were held in Xi’an, such as “Xi’an Day” of the 2nd Sino-French Cultural Forum, the 16th Xi’an International Music Festival, 2017 Xi’an Summit of Electronic Games Industry, the 2nd National Taoism Cultural and Artistic Week, greatly reinforcing the cultural influence of Xi’an.

--Steadily ensuring the wellbeing of the people and improving their lives, with more sense of gain and sense of happiness of the public. Efforts were made to solve the “Nine Difficulties” [6] and to promote 129 items of work and “Ten Ones” projects concerning people’s livelihood. Disposable income per capita in urban and rural areas reached 38,536 and 16,522 yuan, up by 8.2% and 8.8%, respectively. Targeted poverty alleviation was fought toughly, with an impoverished population of 54,000 covered by the targeted poverty alleviation efforts. 19 urban villages (shanty towns) were reconstructed, with 26,300 people returned and settled; old residential quarters with 2.69 million square meters of floor were rehabilitated to have provided better housing conditions to 180,000 people. Great pains were taken to facilitate registration of real estate, a long-term “trouble” to residents, with 55,000 cases of registration processed and completed. 1,668 public toilets were built or rebuilt to earn the city the title of “National Excellent City of Public Toilet Revolution”. The regulation of “flexible school-leaving” was implemented to have benefited over 100,000 families with low-grade primary schoolchildren. Free physical checkup with additional items was offered to seniors above age of 65 years to have benefited 620,000 people. 25 markets of farm produce were upgraded and orders in 111 ones regulated and rectified. “Every bite of food” was secured with comprehensive efforts to have gained the city the title of “National Model City of Food Safety”. The city was also honored the title of “City of Highest Happiness in China”.

-- Steadily strengthening Party self-discipline, with breakthrough made in work style building. The spirit of regulations of CPC Central Committee was conscientiously carried out as well as requirements of “Three Stricts and Three Honests”; the learning and education of “Two Studies and One Action” was regularized and institutionalized; “Three Mechanisms” were appropriately applied to create the favorable atmosphere for people being enterprising and ambitious. The working mechanism by which comparison of performance of individuals and collectives were made in a monthly, quarterly or constant manner, and a number of effective media platforms were established to strengthen monitoring and preventing inactive and mediocre performance of government officials, such as “Questioning Officials on TV”, “Daily Focus”, “Hotline of Party and Government Working Styles”, with “work whole-heartedly” and “being a good waiter to the public” having become the consensus and conscientious action of all government officials of the city. The performance of the city government officials achieved the best score over the past 8 years in the survey of satisfaction of the public organized by the provincial authorities.

Over the past year, aligning our goals with the requirements defined by the provincial authorities, actively following new development philosophy, adhering to the people-centered guidelines for development, we have worked hard to honor our commitment, with works done and accomplishments made in the following nine aspects:

(1) Sparing no efforts to break new ground for the building of Great Xi’an. The step of integration of Xi’an and Xianyang was expedited, with framework agreements of bilateral strategic cooperation concluded with Xianyang, the bilateral overall docking mechanism improved continuously, and the strategy “Eight Integrations” [8] advanced deeply. A series of policies in favor of Xixian New District were issued , with integration of 6 items of planning achieved covering environmental protection, land resource, transportation, etc, and work for granting equal rights to Xianyang residents in household registration, social security service and car plate number carried out as planned. The geographical layout of “multiple axles, multiple centers, multiple communities” and the development guideline of “Crossing in North, Control in South, Advancing in West, Developing in East, Priority in Center” were defined for the development of Great Xi’an on a high standing point. The comprehensive transport plan of Great Xi’an was finalized, Xi’an to Chengdu passenger train service put into operation, construction work commenced on 4 intercity railways from Xi’an to Hancheng and elsewhere [9] and 4 key highways including outer ring road (southern section) [10]. Efforts for integration of Fuping and Yanliang were sped up, with planning of industrial parks completed, and the major highway connecting Fuping and Yanliang opened to traffic. The Planning of Development of City Clusters in the Central Shaanxi Plain that is critical to the development of Xi’an and yearned for by the local people was approved the State Council, which defines the positioning of Xi’an to be built into a national central city and put a pair of wings to the running Great Xi’an in its pursuit of ambitions.

(2) Striving to create new edge for transformation development. Focused on the reform of supply side, efforts were made in improving weak links, adjusting structures, promoting transformation and increasing benefits, with ratio of three tiers of industries adjusted to 3.8:34.7:61.5, and service trade contributing to economic growth as much as 70.4%. Economy of non-public sectors accounted for 53% of the total. Private investment reached 312 billion yuan, growing by 11.1%, or 17.2 percentage points higher over the same period last year. The rate of urbanization was up to 73.4%. Energy consumption for GDP per 10,000 yuan dropped by 4.6%.

Advertising and executing strategy of growing by manufacturing industry. A series of incentive policies were issued, six major industrial clusters worth 100 billion yuan output value [11] grew rapidly, and the auto industry developed into a size of 100 billion yuan output value. 2 manufacturing enterprises, i.e., Fast Group, Longi Lerri Photovoltaic Group, that owns assets worth 10 billion yuan, brought the number of such firms in the city up to 11. The total value of advanced manufacturers of scales reached 316.77 billion yuan, increasing by 20.6%. The total investment for technological innovation reached 23.88 billion yuan, growing by 43.2%. The application for creating a demonstration city of the national strategy “Made in China 2025” passed the assessment of national authorities. The application for establishing national comprehensive demonstration zone of general aviation was approved by national authorities.

Modern service industry became the major driver of economic growth. The construction of Silk Road International Financial Center was expedited, with 26 more enterprises listed on National Equities Exchanges and Quotations, and deposit balance of financial institutions exceeding 2 trillion yuan. A number of major modern logistics projects were settled in Xi’an, such as JD.com, Hainan Airlines, Transfar, registering an added value of logistics sector of 72.8 billion yuan, growing by 14.7%. 199 sessions of events of scales were held such as 2017 Xi’an China International General Aviation Convention, realizing a comprehensive revenue of 11.54 billion yuan for exhibition and convention sector, hitting a record high. 8 scenic spots at and above Grade 3A were added, with a total of 180 million visitors received for tourism sector, a growth of 20.5%, and the total revenue of tourism was 163.33 billion yuan, a rise of 34.6%. Emerging service industries covering science and technology, sports, healthcare and electronic games grew rapidly.

Featured economy development platforms were actively created. The construction of first batch of 35 featured towns was launched, and 12 others such as Baliu Funds put into operation. New economic models such as digital economy, sharing economy and experiencing economy thrived.

(3) Efforts were made to attract investment and talent for gathering more driving force. Work of business promotion and investment attraction was made “No.1 Project”, giving equal priority to “five capitals” [12], with municipal investment promotion committee established along with 24 specialized investment promotion agencies to undertake the specific tasks guided by incentive policies specially made to offer overall high quality services to enterprises. Efforts were also focused on city marketing, with the networking role of Chinese diplomatic bodies in foreign countries, China Council for Promotion of International Trade, chambers of commerce, alumni associations being fully played, 3,000 sessions of targeted business promotion events conducted in foreign countries, 210 batches of businesspersons from home and abroad received, as well as other important festivals such as the First World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention, Global Hard and Core Technology Innovation Convention, Global Programmers Festival, Summit of Silk Road Business Leaders, playing “Xi’an Movement” in the world stage. A large number of major projects were signed and settled in Xi’an, including Samsung Phase II, Geely, Skywell, China Resources, Overseas Chinese Towns, Alibaba, Tencent and Amazon, 44 of which are Fortune 500 companies, and 40 new projects worth 10 billion yuan each were added. Over the year, the paid investment from inside and the incoming overseas capital (investment) in place reached 218.6 billion yuan and US$ 5.31 billion, rising by 34.1% and 17.8% respectively. “Three New Deals” were implemented in respect of household registration, talent, and innovation enterprises, which helped attract new residents of 257,000 people, with net increase of population at the top of major cities of China. 442 maker spaces were established such as New and Hi-Tech Coffee Block, Economic Development Startup Street, Qujiang Maker Street, covering a floor space of 13.89 million square meters, where 11,529 incubating enterprises were settled employing a workforce of 229,000 people. The first “national level” industrial park of human resources service located in western part of China was established in Xi’an. Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xidian University were approved for their application of status of national demonstration base of “Innovation and Startup”. The increasing attraction of Xi’an has gathered a tremendous “billow-like” power for acceleration of the development of Great Xi’an.

(4) Innovation reform was carried out comprehensively to add vitality. 24 points of experience concerning innovation reform were summed up and reported to national authorities, the highest number of 8 pilot zones in the country. New progress was made in the building of New and Hi-Tech Innovation Zone, the featured platform of the northwest center of national technology transfer was completed and put into operation. The reform of coordinated resources of science and technology was deepened, with transaction volume of technical contracts reaching 80.9 billion yuan, ranking No. 1 of all sub-provincial cities of China, awarded with titles of “Pilot City of National Operation of Intellectual Property Rights” and “National Founding City of Developing on Intellectual Property Rights”. 7 items of incentive policies were issued in support of military and civilian industrial integration, with 400 enterprises involved and a business income achieved exceeding 200 billion yuan. The reform of “deregulation, management and service” kept deepening, which produced steady and positive outcomes in regulating markets, with 283,000 market players of various types newly registered, doubling the figure of last year. The reform of diversified equity of State-owned enterprises was carried out, with 13 major projects of asset reorganization executed. Following the policy of the central government that “houses are for living in but not for speculation”, the city government issued policies of adjustment and control to control the price hike of real estates for preventing risks and stabilizing anticipation, with the period of destocking of commercial housing shortened to 10 months. Measures such as sorting out charges concerning business, reducing and exempting of governmental funds, offering tax favors were taken to help enterprises to reduce costs of 9.59 billion yuan. The entrepreneur expectation index and business climate index kept climbing. In the statistic survey of the province, the rate of satisfaction of business climate in Xi’an given by business people reached 98.3%.

(5) Opening up was expedited in dual directions. The connection of the city was more deeply integrated into the “Belt and Road Initiative”, with closer ties built with countries and regions along the Silk Road. Phase 2 of Xi’an Comprehensive Bonded Zone passed the acceptance by the national authority, Xi’an Aviation Base Comprehensive Zone was officially approved, and 3 ports were newly added including port for import of whole vehicle. The first international cargo train of China linking Northern Europe (Kouvola of Finland—Xi’an) was opened, with train “Chang’an” in operation for 480 trips, carrying cargo of 659,000 tons. 14 international air routes of passengers and 3 routes of cargo were added to the existing facilitation, with the total airport passenger throughput of 41.87 million persons/times, ranking the eighth in China. The cross-border e-commerce public service platform was operated online. The building of Xi’an Free Trade Pilot Zone was expedited, 19 items of formalities in business registration realized joint processing and full electronic coverage, and 8,898 new business firms were opened, of which 102 were foreign capital enterprises. Shaanxi Free Trade Zone Service Center of China Council for Promotion of International Trade, Silk Road Arbitration Center and Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce were settled in Xi’an. The first Silk Road television channel of China was opened in Xi’an. Events such as 2017 Euro-Asia Economic Forum, Roundtable Conference of Silk Road Economic Belt Cities were held successfully. The number of international sister cities reached 31 and 21 diplomatic agencies settled in Xi’an. The efforts of “Going Global” were intensified, with a number of key enterprises based in Xi’an such as ShaanGu Power, Shaanxi Auto Group, China XD Group, Xi’an Aiju Grain and Oil Industry Group, Longi, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group increasing their international presence. An opening Xi’an is embracing the world with brand new posture.

(6) Beautifying environment with efforts focused on “four treatments and one addition” [13]. The “1+1+9” action plan was proactively carried out to curb smog pollution, to eliminate the “heartfelt pain” of the public with effective measures, lasting perseverance and the iron like responsibility of government officials. The plan of “coal changed to clean energy” was implemented comprehensively, with 994 coal-powered boilers and 929 small sized coal-burning facilities dismantled, cutting supply of 2.334 million tons of bulk coal. 1,531 “loose, messy, polluting” enterprises were regulated and rectified and 45 units of key pollution sources had the real time data of control accessible to the public. All construction sites in the city were under the control of identification with “red, yellow, green” signs, and “two types of enterprises” [15] located within the 3rd ring road were all relocated. 14,800 heavy polluting vehicles with yellow labels were eliminated, and motor vehicles in winter were made under the regular traffic control. With reduction of emission of sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide, smoke of 12,000, 7,000 and 14,000 tons respectively, the air quality was significantly better. The ecological restoration projects of “water treatment by five methods” [16] and “eight waters surrounding Chang’an” were advanced in a coordinated manner; “system of river chief” and “system of lake chief” were implemented as the first of such practice in the province; the construction of 9 rivers (lakes) of ecological demonstration [17] such as Bahe River, Weihe River were underway; Qixi Park of Kunming Lake, Phase 1 of Meibei Lake were open to public; Laohe-Weihe Wetland, Tianqiao No. 1 Lake were in the phase of water storage, ponds in Tangjiazhai was completed; 4 sewage treatment plants were built or expanded in capacity; 50 model villages of sewage treatment were established; 3,088 mu (206 hectares) of ecological water space and 6,017 mu (401 hectares) of wetland were newly added to the existing resource; the application of being the pilot point of national cities of water ecological civilization was approved by national authorities; all of these efforts and achievements presented a nice picture of ecology of Xi’an to the world. The protection regulations and management methods of Qinling Mountains were strictly observed; the practice of “integration of multiple regulations” was executed; the administrative system of “four level grid” was established, with “four disorders” [18] effectively controlled. The National Botanical Garden of Qinling Mountain was completed and opened to public. Efforts were made in carrying out revolution of cigarette ends, revolution of public toilets and campaign of large scale rectification of urban and rural environment, with “system of road chief” and “system of public toilet chief” fully launched; the campaign of “four revisions and two dismantlings” [19] were spearheaded, with 12.48 million m2 of illegal building disposed or dismantled, 18,000 advertising signs removed, 40 demonstration streets and 1,369 buildings of good lighting at night completed. The clean, tidy, and beautiful urban environment has gained the “public praises” from residents and visitors of the city. The campaign of “Beautiful Xi’an - Green Homestead” was deeply advanced, with efforts focused on roadside greening of the “five streets” [20]; the construction of Xi’an urban ecological park and urban central park was launched; 3 themed parks such as Qujiang Culture and Sports Park, 62 green space squares, 86 greening model streets were completed, providing 5.71 million more square meters of urban green space and a forestry space of 42,700 mu (2,847 hectares). On the “happiness account” of all the residents of Xi’an, a big sum of “green income” has been added, which is very tangible.

(7) The urban function and quality were increasingly strengthened. The project “strengthening foundation and expanding capacity” was actively advanced, with investment made in urban infrastructure reaching 67.73 billion yuan. 26 road projects such as Fengcheng eight-section overpass were completed and opened to traffic, 13,000 parking berths of motor vehicles were built, with 8,523 completed. The 5 lines of metro were sped up in construction work, with Line No. 4 completed with rail works. The daily total volume of passengers of metro system was 1.658 million persons/times, ranking top 3 in the country. Preparation of phase 3 of metro planning was completed. The work of waterworks in southwest suburb commenced, and the work of Wanzi Waterworks fully completed. 17 transformer substation of 110KV were built or rebuilt, with capacity increased by 1.094 KVA. 12.74 million m2 more of floor area were covered by centralized heating supply and 250,000 households were supplied with the consumption service of natural gas. Construction of sponge city in Xiaozhai area was fully launched. Work was commenced on 38.4 km long underground corridor for artery and branch pipelines, and 86 km long underground corridor for cables, with the section of Kunming Road being chosen the demonstration work of the country. Smart phone applications were widely applied in taking metro rides, bus rides, handling certificates, making payments, providing more convenience to local people.

(8) Benefits to the people were increased. The total fiscal expense with regard to the people’s livelihood amounted to 83.72 billion yuan, accounting for 80.1% of the general public budget expense. The campaign “Nine Ones” of promoting employment and entrepreneurship [21] was carried out, with urban workforce increased by 154,600 persons, rural workforce transferred employment by 788,900 persons, and urban unemployment rate controlled at 3.3%, a level lower than average.

Efforts were made on targeted poverty alleviation, with the policy system of “four beams and eight pillars” gradually established. 497 working teams, 24,000 government officials, and all walks of life all offer their assistance to impoverished people either in the rural areas or through various other channels. 19 projects of relocation, 1,031 projects of poverty reduction by industrial works were executed; 2,671 positions for charity work were provided; dilapidated buildings of 4,460 households were rebuilt; various measures of poverty alleviation concerning health, education, finance and bottom line security were taken; counties, villages of severe poverty conditions were accessible by electricity, tap water, and land transport; innovative practices in poverty alleviation efforts such as map of people conditions, reform of “Three Changes” [22], campaign of “Ten Deliveries” [23] became the highlights of the province. Over the year, with efforts from all sides, tangible accomplishments have been made to make impoverished people physically feel the new changes of the life.

Efforts were made to increase high quality education resources, with reform of administrative system of school district further advanced, and 40 joint ventures of education based on “famed school +” established. 36 public-funded primary and secondary schools, and kindergartens were being built; 199 schools of compulsory education were “overhauled”, with enrolment quota increased by 38,000 students. Renovation of latrine pits of rural schools was completed, 50 primary and secondary schools were equipped with central ventilation system, Liangjiatan international school was built. The honors of “Most Beautiful Teachers” and “Most Beautiful Teenagers” were voted and granted. 201,300 children relocating with migrant workers were entitled to equal education opportunity with their peers in Xi’an. The privately-run education sector was further developed.

The reform of public-funded hospitals was fully launched, with 37 medical joint ventures established, 100 rural and township health centers and 2,971 clinics rebuilt or upgraded, the standardization building of rural medical care institutions meeting the entire requirements set by higher authorities. The surplus of medicine in public-funded hospitals was abolished to lighten the financial burden of patients up to 366 million yuan. The practice of classified diagnosis and treatment was deeply advanced, with 1,955 family doctor teams established. The participation rate of new rural cooperative medical system was 99%, with 11.93 million persons/times of covered patients compensated at a total amount of 2.35 billion yuan. The incentive policy of running hospitals by private funds was implemented, with 237 privately-run medical institutions approved by authorities. The general problem of seeing doctors at high expense by the public was eased.

Efforts were made to raise the social security level, with the monthly minimum subsistence allowance for urban and rural residents raised to 640 yuan and 400 yuan per capital respectively, and old-age pension for retirees of enterprises achieving “13 consecutive rises”. Coverage of old-age pension insurance and medical insurance for urban and rural residents reached 99.7% and 97.1% respectively. 6,940 apartments of security housing were completed, 19,100 apartments of public rental housing offered to newly graduated college students, with an accumulated 118,000 apartments of public rental housing allocated. 13.4 billion yuan more was added to public housing fund, helping 536,000 households improve living conditions. 112 more home-based community service centers old-age cares, 216 more rural happy old-age care centers were built, with 6,544 beds for old-age care increased. The “1+N”new style social relief and aid system [24] kept improving to offer good coverage for impoverished people.

Efforts were made in developing public cultural undertakings, with campaigns of “City of Music”, “City of Books” fully launched, 1,559 sessions of people-benefit drama performance and 35,000 sessions of charity movie playing in rural areas presented. Shaanxi Grand Theater was completed and put into use; projects of pilot rural cultural auditoriums were launched. Major cultural and sports events were held, such as the first Xi’an International Marathon Competition, the 3rd China Xi’an International Fine Arts Festival for Children, China National Youths Champions Cup of Football, the 16th Xi’an Municipal Games. With various and colorful cultural life and the increasingly stronger atmosphere of practicing core values of socialism, a large number of good people of Samaritan spirits came to the fore, such as Li Guowu, Huang Zhongwen, Wu Yifan, etc.

Efforts were made to promote the campaign of safe Xi’an. 5 provincial level demonstration districts (counties) of food safety, 43 demonstration streets of catering service were created and the rate of pass for medicines sample surveyed stood above 95%. The occurrence of criminal cases reported to police dropped 12.7% than the same period last year. The satisfying rate of public security raised 8.6 percentage points over last year. The occurring rate of emergency dropped 11.6%. No major accidents of safety occurred. The satisfying rate of public security reached 93.5%.

(9) Efforts were intensified to change working styles of the government. The municipal government has kept “Four Consciousness” in mind, deeply studied the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, and faithfully implemented Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics of a New Era. Actively inviting the legal and work supervision of Xi’an Municipal People’s Congress and the standing committee thereof as well as the democratic supervision of Xi’an Municipal Committee of CPPCC, the municipal government concluded 1,155 items of suggestions and proposals, at a response rate of 100%. The executive meeting of the municipal government has made law learning the fixed content on agenda, and the municipal government and the departments thereof are all covered by legal advisor service. The practice of collective decision making on “Three Importance and One Major” items [25] was implemented. 82 advisors were employed for consultation on matters concerning economy, science and technology, culture and finance; an international advisory board was established; cooperation with colleges, social think tanks were strengthened to continuously provide intellectual support to scientific decision making. The campaign of “Administrative Efficiency Revolution” was intensified; 13,675 items of permits were published, intended to be processed with “maximum one errand”; 70 items of administrative authority was delegated; 12 administrative intermediary services were regulated and rectified; the “streamlining” of the municipal government has stimulated the tremendous market vitality. The “12345” citizen hotline of general service platform was built and put into use; administrative service institutions at all levels processed 13.34 million items of matters for enterprises and the public; the processing of messages left by netizens on national portal website people.com.cn was ranked at top position of the country for 7 years in a row. The municipal government exercised clean and honest performance in administration, eliminating the bad influence left by corrupt officials such as Wei Minzhou, and advancing the campaign of clean and honest CPC party building and the fight against corruption.

The past year also witnessed the new progress made by the municipal government as a whole in the fields of ethnic affairs, religious affairs, counseling, Double Support, civil air defense, statistics, archive, overseas Chinese affairs, local chronicles, meteorological affairs, prevention of earthquakes and disaster alleviation, women and children affairs, affairs concerning the disabled , etc.

Fellow deputies! The past year of 2017 was a year of great significance and importance in the development of Xi’an. Over the year, remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind, we have focused efforts on “Five Steadies” and guided with concerted thoughts and conscientious action; seized opportunities to implement the strategic task of “Five News” with critical points taken and targets defined, which will advance the development of Great Xi’an in a clearer and more powerful manner; we have paid attention to the weak links and taken innovative measures to solve problems in the development, achieving more tangible effects with the more scientific method of “Building Strong and Creating Best”; we have been fearless of dangers and difficulties and shouldered the responsibility to create an iron army of Xi’an, making the atmosphere for pioneering stronger with higher morale. The past year has witnessed the hard work done and pains taken by officials at all levels of the municipal government, all of whom deserved a big like from me!

Inspired especially by the ambitious blueprint of “Focusing on 369 to Revitalize Great Xi’an”, the government and the people of Xi’an have gathered the widest consensus and the tremendous forces for catching-up and surpassing, and with sleeves rolled up to work very hard with high efficiency to have completed a large number of practical and important works which are conducive and beneficial to the development of the city in laying foundation and raising people’s livelihood, and which have produced the unprecedented positive outcomes. The “leading” role of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province, the strategic status of Xi’an in China, and the influence and attraction of Xi’an in the world have been remarkably raised. In that year, Xi’an did a good job! We will give our like to all the people of Xi’an!

Our achievements are not easy to come by so they deserve our cherishing. Hereby, on behalf of the municipal government, I would like to extend the highest respect to all cadres and masses, deputies, members, personages of democratic parties, mass organizations, and from all walks of life! I would also like to extend the heartfelt gratitude to all units of central and provincial governments that give supports to Xi’an, all enterprises, servicemen of People’s Liberation Army, armed police and police officers, as well as overseas Chinese, and international friends!

While summing up the accomplishments made, we are fully aware that: the city faces the salient problems of uneven and inadequate development, insufficient utilization of resources available and comparative advantages, arduous task of improving weak links; low level of marketization, inappropriate configuration of factors, lack of driving force for quality enhancement and change of drivers for development; heavy responsibility of ecological environment protection and pollution treatment and smog reduction, great gap between services in education, medical care, transport, old-age and the growing needs for better life of the people; further enhancement of governing and administrative competence and capability of the government. To cope with these problems, we will carry out works to improve the “Ten Weak Links” [26].

2. General requirements and major goals of work in 2018

The year 2018 is the first year of implementing the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress, marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in China, and is very critical for securing the decisive victory of building moderately prosperous society and implementing the 13th Five-Year Plan. Recently, the State Council gave the official reply to the Planning of Development of City Cluster in the Central Shaanxi Plain, which defined the positioning of Xi’an to be built into a national central city in China, and further determined the strategic goal of Xi’an to be made an international metropolis with historic and cultural features and for cooperation between Europe and Asia, clarifying the direction and path and consolidating the confidence of the people and government of the city for going forward. We must take hold of this rare historic opportunity to carry out the activity of “year of catching up and surpassing”, by which we will work hard and in a practical manner, and strive to make new progress in the great cause of developing Great Xi’an by making the best use of time in our work.

The general requirements of work of the municipal government in 2018 are: guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, the requirements of the Central Government, CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Xi’an Municipal Committee, adhering to new development philosophy, the people-centered thought for development, the general principle of making growth while maintaining stability, following the high quality development requirements, focused on reform on supply side, griping the strategic goals of “catching up and surpassing” and “Five Steadies”, following the strategic tasks of “Five News” and “Focusing on 369 to Revitalize Great Xi’an”, works will be done by seizing strategic opportunities, focusing on reform and innovation, fully tapping potentials, improving underdeveloped areas, coordinating works concerning stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, benefiting people’s livelihood, and controlling risks, securing the victory of Preventing and eliminating major risks, conducting targeted poverty alleviation, preventing and controlling pollution, to promote the sustaining healthy social and economic development of the city and to make progress in advancing the building of Great Xi’an, national central city and international metropolis of Euro-Asian cooperation and exchanges.

With various factors considered comprehensively, the major expected goals of the city are defined as: an increase of approximate 8% in GDP; an increase of approximate 7.5% in industrial added value of scales; an increase of approximate 7% in fixed assets investment; an increase of approximate 9% in total retail sales of consumer goods; an increase of 8% or more in general public budget revenue; an increase of approximate 7% and 8% in disposable income per capita for urban and rural residents respectively; a registered unemployment rate of less than 4%; a rise of approximate 3% in consumer price index; a reduction of 3% in energy consumption per 10,000 yuan GDP; and fulfillment of targets assigned by the provincial authorities on the reduction of total amount of discharge of major pollutants. The above indicators not only implement the general requirements of the central government and the provincial authorities, but also conform to the real conditions of our city; not only take into account of speed and quality, but also give consideration to demand and feasibility; not only reflect the requirement for catching up and surpassing, but also embody the responsibility of Xi’an in acting as the “leader” of Shaanxi Province. All these targets will not be accomplished without troubles and call for our steady and innovative work to gain the best outcome with the maximum efforts.

In order to do the work of the government properly, we must focus our efforts on the following aspects:

--We must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. Following the requirements of grasping priorities, carrying out thorough studies and promoting development, we must exert ourselves to apply the theories we have learned and grasped to the real work. The requirements of the central authorities of “Four Conciousnesses” and “Four Matters of Confidence” shall be kept in mind and reinforced to raise the level of political stance. Our thoughts and actions must be integrated with the scientific judgment and various decision and arrangement of the CPC Central Committee, and the requirements of “Eight Specifics” and “Fourteen Adherences” [27] must be incorporated into all aspects and the whole process of the overall deployment of “Five in One” and the strategic deployment of “Four Comprehensives” that our city is to promote in a coordinated manner, which will guide us in our work for catching up and surpassing and expediting the modernization and internationalization drive of the city.

--We must adhere to the equal progress of high quality development and increasing GDP. Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the goal of rapidly joining the “club of GDP of 1 trillion yuan”, works must be done to increase the size of GDP and raise the quality of development, with the economic growth with high-end industries based on high quality development coordinated, the “three drivers” of investment, consumption and export and the “three forces” of reform, science and technology, and culture fully made use of. The building of a modern economic system with local characteristics will be expedited, which is focused on the reform of supply side, innovation of quality and efficiency in economic development, enhancing total factor productivity, inspiring vitality of all types of market players, striving to creating “3+1” major industries with 1 trillion yuan capacity [28], with a view to continuously strengthening the innovation capacity, competence and influence of economy of our city.

--We must adhere to the coordination of efforts made for making progress while maintaining stability and catching up and surpassing. Making progress while maintaining stability is the keynote of our work, whereas catching up and surpassing is the direction of progress. The relations of “stability” and “progress” shall be practically coordinated, to ensure the sustaining steady and better development of fundamentals of economic development and to prevent major fluctuation from happening, while breakthroughs and progress shall be made in key areas and advantageous fields. The pace of “catching up” and “surpassing” shall be practically coordinated, to not only consolidate confidence for catching up with full force, but also follow inherent laws in context; to not only narrow the gap by checking against the requirements, but also have the courage to surpass based on existing advantages; to not only “improve the underdeveloped areas” for increasing “total score”, but also “bring out the strength” for “bonus points”. On the premise of ensuring progress with stability, we must define the direction, path and balance for going forward, with a view to achieving the best outcome of high quality and high benefits in our efforts of catching up and surpassing.

--We must adhere to integration of work so that the building of Great Xi’an, the national central city, and the international metropolis of Euro-Asian cooperation and exchanges are coordinated. The present time and a long period of time in future will be a golden time that all opportunities for building Great Xi’an, the national central city and the international metropolis of Euro-Asian cooperation and exchanges will spring up. The three tasks will have their individual characteristics, respective requirements, mutual connection and combined influence, all of which shall be given scientific consideration and placed to effective operation. The work of integration of Xi’an and Xianyang, integration of Fuping and Yanliang shall be carried out based on the guiding laws of urban development and the requirements of “Five Coordinations” [29] with proper progress, integration of development, and intensity of work placed under precise control, with a view to expediting the building of city circle of Great Xi’an. The work of “three centers, two highlands and one hub” shall be done properly to keep improving the function of national central city. “Five capitals and one hub” will be built to fully speed up the process of internationalization, and the strategy of “Stride of Three Steps” for Great Xi’an in a new era [31] will be actively implemented.

--We must adhere to mutual coordination of work for highlighting priority, improving underdeveloped areas and strengthening weak links. The overall consideration and scientific methods must be strengthened so that “a piano can be played with all the ten fingers”. Work must be carried out with coordinated promotion as well as priority highlighted, with advantages accumulated as well as weak links replenished, with strength reinforced and weakness enhanced. Efforts will be focused on developing hub economy, portal economy and movement economy based on the geographical and transport advantage; breakthroughs will be made in developing industries concerning innovation of science and technology, cultures and tourism by releasing more potentials in sectors of science and technology, education, culture. The entry point and focal point of our work shall be accurately located, with “hitting with strikes one after another”, to advance the high quality development of economy of the city, with progress made as a whole by breakthroughs in priority areas and coordination made with strength reinforced and weakness eliminated.

3. Works and tasks of priority in 2018

(1) To promote high quality development with efforts focused on building a modernized economic system with Xi’an characteristic.

The reform of supply side will be continuously deepened. The action plan of “1+6” [32] set by the municipal government will be implemented and the national strategy of “cutting overcapacity, reducing excess inventory, deleveraging, lowering costs, and strengthening areas of weakness” will be further deepened. With non-benefit supply cut off, some zombie state-owned enterprises will be placed under the list management. A housing system based on multiple supplying sources, multiple channel security and giving equal status to purchasing and leasing will be established, to keep the destocking of commercial residential buildings regularly within reasonable scope. The control and management of governmental debts will be strengthened to prevent occurrence of systematic financial risks. The action plan for reducing costs of business will be implemented, targeting cutting more than 9 billion yuan for enterprises by the year end. The action plan of “10+N”[33] which aims to strengthen weakened areas in the City will be promoted for execution, to keep reinforcing the development in a coordinated, balanced and sustaining manner. The reform of land resources supply side will be deepened, with pilot master plan for a new round of land resource utilization to be made which aims to promote the mode of urban development based on transformed utilization of land resource.

The industrial development will be promoted to achieve “Double High-end”. Centering on the building the city into an economic center in western China, we will keep raising the scale, level, quality and benefit of industrial development, which will include “widespread forest” as well as “towering trees”.

--Strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing will be vigorously promoted, with “highly competitive” industries cultivated. Based on key enterprises such as Huawei, ZTE, Alibaba, Tencent, Samsung, Micron, Applied Materials, development of industries of integrated circuit, intelligent terminal, big data and cloud computing, Internet of Things, 5th generation of mobile communication technology will be expedited to build a global base of new information technology with productivity worth 100 billion yuan. Based on pillar enterprises such as Shaanxi Auto Group, BYD, Fast Group, Geely, Skywell, the development of expanding manufacturing of whole vehicle and auto parts will be expedited, focusing on design of whole vehicle, research and development of three electrics (electric driver, electric battery, electric control), system integration, lightweight design and other core technology, to build an important place of manufacturing 1 million new energy autos in China. Based on the existing bases of aviation and aerospace engineering and enterprises and research institutes such as AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry, AVIC First Aviation Technology Research Institute, AVIC Test Flight Institute, Xi’an Branch of Aerospace Engineering No.5 and No. 6 Institutes, focusing on research, development and production of ARJ21, MA700 regional jetliners, spare parts of C919 large passenger airliner, unmanned aerial vehicle, Beidou navigation system and industrial robots, to build a highland of aviation and aerospace engineering with international influence. The building of national demonstration area of “Made in China 2025” will be promoted, and the work for advancing deep integration of “Two Conversions”[34] and project of “Three Changes and Three Names”[35] will be implemented. 100 projects of technological renovation at city level will be executed to promote the upgrading and transformation of industries of conventional advantages.

--The development of service industry toward high-end sector will be expedited. Productive service will be promoted to develop toward specialization and high end of value chain, based on creative design, research and development, inspection and test, business consultation and the building of service system of legislation, accounting, information and data. Aiming at building fashion consumption center, business circles will be promoted for upgrading in Xiaozhai, Hi-tech Industries Development Zone, Qujiang and Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone, a number of shopping complexes such as IKEA shopping center and 5 more city-level featured business streets will be built to promote the transfer of daily service toward customized and high quality, based on the ongoing construction of international commercial centers such as Bell Tower, Xixian and Chanba. The building of national demonstration city of e-commerce will be sped up, the “E-commerce Doubling Program” will be actively implemented, and the trade volume of e-commerce will reach 360 billion yuan based on the promoted development of integration of online and offline service and transformation of retail of physical shops. More than 200 exhibitions and conventions of scale will be held to achieve a comprehensive income of 13 billion yuan.

--Financial service level will be raised comprehensively. Centering on building the Silk Road international financial center, 3 demonstration zones of finance for science and technology, culture, integration of civil and military services, and 3 function zones of finance for energy, logistics and green industries, will be built; new forms of financial services such as Internet finance, consumption finance, financing and leasing, commercial insurance and wealth management, and funds of startup investment, private equity investment, industrial investment will be encouraged; more high level talents of financial institutions from home and abroad will be attracted to gather and settle in Xi’an. “Longmen Action Plan” will be executed, by which 30 more companies will be listed in stock exchanges at home and abroad to realize a financing amount of 30 billion yuan. The ratio of financial sector in GDP will be stable at more than 10%.

Efforts are to be made on building featured towns that will serve as “calling card of Xi’an”. 50 or so featured towns will be built, reflecting local characteristics of Xi’an and forming the “Xi’an Model”, by implementing and following the policies issued by the provincial and national governments on building featured towns and the Guiding Principle of Building, with priority given to “special and strong” industries, “combined and collective” functions, “small and beautiful” forms, “new and flexible” mechanisms, and “integration of production, life and ecology” stressed, focusing on hard technology, culture, tourism, integration of civil and military industries.

The “Expansion Program of New Model of Economy and Business” will be implemented. The deepening of integration of Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, augmented reality with real economy will be promoted. New business models such as mass entrepreneurship, crowd sourcing, crowd assistance, and crowd funding will be developed, focusing on artificial intelligence, additional material manufacturing, big data, and new business models of digital, sharing, intelligent and green economy, with new growth points cultivated in middle and high-end consumption, modern supply chain, human capital service, etc.

Real economy will be revitalized with force. With “Upgrading Program for Market Players” and “Cultivating Program for Small Technology Giant Enterprises” to be implemented, enterprise groups and leading enterprises with business volume over 10 billion yuan will be cultivated, as well as a number of small and medium-sized enterprises with “specialized, high quality, unique and new” products, and small and micro-sized enterprises will be assisted in their flexible development, with more than 500 enterprises to be listed in stock exchanges or “Five Ups”, 260 enterprises to be identified as small technology giants, and 200,000 market players to be added in the year. The strategy of strengthening the city with high quality will be implemented and the “standardization +”and “quality enhancement” programs will be advanced, along with “craftsmanship spirit” promoted, to guide enterprises to increase variety of products, enhance quality and create new brand.

The “Program for Doubling Private Sector” will be implemented. With the city government’s Opinions on Promoting Development of Private Sector to be implemented, difficulties for financing will be solved, exchange platform of information will be built, and the “close” and “clean” relations of business and governments will be established, with a view to further enhancing the confidence of private sector and increasing private investment by 6%. Excellent entrepreneurship and spirit of Xi’an entrepreneur in new era will be extensively promoted, and the social atmosphere of “meritorious businessmen and glorious taxpayers” will be created, with a view to creating a double demonstration city of taking care of businessmen and innovation and pioneering spirit of businessmen.

(2) To deepen the implementation of strategy of innovation-driven development, focusing on cultivating and increasing new momentum for development.

The global capital of hard technology will be built with full force. The “Ten Measures” for developing hard technology industries of the city will be implemented, and the 100 billion yuan fund for guiding industries will be established by coordination. Combining the demand for development of the “Eighth Route Army” of hard technology [36], efforts will be made to obtain the “2030 Major Projects” for technology innovation, by which to attract more renowned technology organizations and enterprises to settle in Xi’an. The building of Xi’an Science City of Chinese Academy of Sciences will be promoted, and a number of hard technology and black technology projects such as Kuang-chi, Hanergy, DJI will be launched. 11 towns of hard technology at international level will be given support in their building such as West China Innovation Harbor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Soaring Town of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Innovation Valley of Civil and Military Industries of Xidian University, Startup Town of ZTE. Efforts will be made to convening the 2018 Global Conference of Hard Technology Innovation and to continuously increase the influence of hard technology brands of Great Xi’an in the world.

The building of “two zones” will be expedited. Efforts will be made to complete the two major reform tasks of coordinating resources of science and technology, and deepening integration of civil and military industries; to simultaneously copy and promote the successful experience of reform and deepen and raise the innovative achievements. The role of technology market will be expanded, the reform experience of “one institute, one agency, one college” [37] will be shared and promoted, the total value of transaction of technology contracts of the city will reach 85 billion yuan, with more than 30% to be commercialized locally, and investment of research and development amounting to more than 5% of GDP. The building of strong city and pilot city of national intellectual property rights will be steadily promoted, and the operation platform of integration of civil and military industries of national intellectual property rights and China (Xi’an) Protection Center of High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry will be given support in their building. The reform of military industry of mixed ownership and transformation of research institutes under military enterprises will be promoted, with efforts focused on the building of “two parks and three bases” [38] and “national pilot city of standardization of integration of civil and military industries”. The total income in the year for industries of civil and military integration will amount to 250 billion yuan or more, with more than 430 enterprises taking part in military industries. The initiative of “self-innovation and self-trade” of Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone will be given support to create a “double demonstration” sample zone for leading innovative development and supporting opening up and cooperation.

The “Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship” strategy will be promoted. The layout of growth “5522” [39] will be improved, and the building of various vehicle of mass innovation will be expedited. Colleges and research institutions such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xidian University, Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics under Chinese Academy of Sciences will be given support to tap resources and potentials to build high level, specialized vehicles for making innovation, a number of startup companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, ZBJ.com, Suanier will be given help and aid for expansion, with the number of maker space reaching 450 covering a total area of 16 million square meters or more. The building of national demonstration city of base of innovation and entrepreneurship of small and micro-sized companies will be promoted steadily, the organic integration of “startup” and industries and support to real economy will be supported, five major forms of startup business, i.e., “college student startup economy”, “alumni economy”, “academician economy”, “research institute economy”, “teacher economy”, will be promoted. The new deal of household registration version 2.0 [40] will be launched, not less than 50,000 apartments will be provided for talents introduced, and talents introduced will be fully covered cash subsidy for residence. A number of activities concerning innovation and startup such as 2018 Xi’an International Entrepreneurship Festival, Xi’an International Entrepreneurship Competition and “Xi’an Trip of Entrepreneurship” will be convened. Programs of “settlement of 1 million college students in Xi’an for employment and entrepreneurship” and “Back to Chang’an in Dreams—Return of One Million Alumni” will be continued to be convened. As the saying goes, “Phoenix will come and stay where Chinese parasol trees are grown”, we will work hard to attract more resources of innovation and entrepreneurship to Xi’an with a view to creating the capital of innovation along the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

The reform of priority areas will be launched steadily. The reform of “deregulation, management and service” will be deepened and efforts will be made to streamline formality in business registration, focusing on negative list management for market access and simplified registration and nullification of licenses to achieve “maximum one errand” by enterprises and the public. Pilot points of collective permit authorization in Lianhu District, Hi-tech Zone, Xixian New Area will be established to achieve “one seal for all permitting”. The integration of public resource transaction will be conducted and the center for public resources trade put into operation. The mechanism of delegated management of Xixian New Area will be improved to advance style of work and reform of State-owned enterprises will be carried out with increase of investment and expansion of equity and listing in stock exchange, merge and acquisition, separation and handover to social management to promote the benefits and vitality of State-owned assets and enterprises. The institutional reform of national and local taxation will be promoted and the reform of fiscal fund and special fund management will be deepened. The program of “year of raising business environment” will be carried out and the “Ten Ups Action” set by the provincial authorities [41] will be implemented, the evaluation system of business environment will be established, the policy system of “1+12+18” will be improved, and the efficiency of processing will be heightened, with efforts made in the “last kilometer” of the whole course and streamlining the procedure, providing a good ecological system with best business environment and making Xi’an the “land of happiness” for growth of business, and the “land of fortune” for investors to fulfill the dreams.

(3) To actively get involved in the “Belt and Road Initiative”, focusing on building an international portal and hub of importance.

Efforts will be intensified on developing hub economy, portal economy, circular economy. The building of national comprehensive transport hub will be expedited, with “linkage of three ports” in place of land, air and high speed railway, and the status of Xi’an as a hub heightened continuously and capacity of allocating resources in the country and the world enhanced. The expansion of phase 3 of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport will be launched, newly opening 10 international flights of passengers and 4 of cargo, achieving a handling capacity of 45 million people and 300,000 tons of cargo and the national demonstration zone of airport-centered economy. With the advantage of “crossing shaped” network of high speed railway highlighted, a new city of high speed trains will be built. The building of north passenger station transport comprehensive hub center will be launched, with intercity railway connecting the station to airport in use within the year and providing the regional “transit center”. The building of passage of “2 rings+ 12 spokes” [43] expressways will be expedited, aiming to comprehensively raising the accessibility of Great Xi’an. With strengthening custom clearance cooperation with ports along coastal and border area, efforts will be made to build the comprehensive service system of customs clearance and bring to full display the portal role of opening to West China, distributing to East China, and exerting influence to whole China, aiming to create a “new portal” with diversified opening up. The comprehensive bonded zones will be strengthened in their function, and the Xi’an Airport Bonded Logistics Center will be given support for its being promoted to be a comprehensive bonded zone, the application of “single window” for international trade will be sped up. The business scope of “Chang’an” train of China to Europe liner will be expanded and the frequency thereof intensified up to 1,000 trips within the year. The building of modernized, intelligent logistics system will be actively promoted, focusing on shared distribution and delivery of cities and promoting rapid movements of people, things, capitals, and information, creating a regional “center of collection, distribution and transit”. The work of “double pilot” for national modernized logistics innovation development and construction of supply chain system, promoting the building of three major zones of collection namely Xi’an Port Cold Chain Logistics Warehousing Base, Xinzhu Railway Comprehensive Logistics Center, Airport New City Air Logistics Hub, expediting the execution of major logistics projects such as Hainan Airlines, JD.com, Transfar, Cainiao. The 8th West China Logistics Expo will be conducted. The added value for logistics will increase by 15% or more.

The Pilot Free Trade Zone will be built to a high level. With institution innovation as the core, the building of administrative service system that matches with international trade and investment will be expedited. 127 items of tasks concerning pilot tests will be fully implemented to boost concentration of capital and industries, with the number of enterprises settling in the Zone reaching 10,000 and more. The building of the center of cross-border RMB settlement will be sped up, and the level of financial reform and innovation and facilitation will be heightened. The mechanism of connectivity of cooperation of “Belt and Road” countries will be established and the building of inland free trade port will be explored. The Pilot Free Trade Zone will be made a forerunner in creating an inland highland of reform and opening up, to achieve the transformation of Xi’an in the role of a “follower” to that of a “leader”.

Foreign trade and international economic cooperation will be promoted. The international capacity projects such as core zone of Integrated Park of Euro-Asia Economy, Sino-Russian Silk Road Innovation Park, Sino-European Joint Venture Park will be promoted and the “Belt and Road” Industrial Park will be given support for its establishment. Equal priority will be given to import and export of high quality products, with the import of advanced technology and key components and parts to be maintained and the export of new and high technology and mechanical and electronic products to be increased, a number of service export brands with international competitiveness to be created. Cross-border e-commerce will be promoted. The total value of import and export of the year will reach 280 billion yuan. The new space of “overseas Xi’an” will be developed, fully playing the “leading” role of companies such as Shaanxi Blower Group, China XD Group, Shaanxi Auto Group, Shaanxi Aiju Grain and Oil Industry Group, Longi, Tang West Market and encouraging more local good companies “going global”, with a view to increasing the brand influence in the global competition.

The urban public service will be heightened internationally. The construction of consular region in Xi’an will be expedited, with general consular of Kazakhstan and Commercial Center of Nigeria to be put into use this year. More international sister cities will be developed, the building of sister city block will be planned, and the mutual establishment of demonstration and exhibition platform in sister cities will be promoted. International public service facilities such as international community, schools, hospitals will promoted for building, international chambers of commerce, intermediary bodies will be actively introduced, international logos and identification will be improved, the multilingual public service system will be promoted, the international quality and awareness of local residents enhanced, to make all foreigners in Xi’an feel the convenience, harmony and warmth of the city and love Xi’an from the bottom of hearts.

(4) To consolidate the culture confidence, focusing on building the capital of world culture.

The project of excellent Chinese traditional cultures will be implemented. The protection of historic relics and heritage sites will be intensified such as the city wall of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Chang’an City of Han Dynasty (206BC—AD220), Xianyang Palace of Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), and the rebuilding of historic cultural communities such as Forest of Steles, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Banpo Ruins will be expedited, the building of Du Mausoleum National Heritage Park will be promoted, with a view to protecting the human civilization heritage and national spiritual home. The building of city of museums will be continued, with 5 more museums opened this year. The protection and exhibition of communist revolutionary heritage will be executed to carry on the gene of communist cultures, with the construction of Qixianzhuang demonstration block of communist cultures to be started. The protection of intangible cultural heritage will be strengthened. The project of protecting Chinese time-honored brands will be implemented. The socialist core values will be cultivated and practiced by deeply digging the historic and cultural value of the ancient capital and by applying the modern technological means to advance excellent Chinese traditional cultures. The responsibility of cultures will be stressed by further uniting the spirit of the city, telling Chinese stories well in the special manner of Xi’an and displaying the highlights of China with the cultural force.

The upgrading and transformation of cultural and tourist industries will be promoted. The program of doubling for cultural and tourist industries will be implemented, focusing on “culture+” and “tourism +” to create the large business volume of cultural and tourist industries worth 1 trillion yuan. The building of “corridor of cultural creation” with Qujiang New District as the leader will be expedited, the building of “ten major parks of cultural industry” will be promoted, a number of “cultural aircraft carrier” with strong competitiveness will be cultivated, to ensure an increase of 15% in added value of cultural industry. Centering on “culture +brain +computer”, industries such as cultural creativity, digital publication, cartoon and games, electronic games, manufacturing of cultural equipment will be promoted, the building of projects such as the “dream works” of Silk Road international creativity, cultural creativity town of Mingde Gate, Silk Road cultural and tourist town. The project of “renowned city, renowned personages, masterpieces” will be continued, focusing on the optimizing of featured cultural brands of the city such as Xi’an video and film, songs and dances of Tang Dynasty (618-907), drum and music of Xi’an, Qinqiang Opera, the creation of excellent works of culture, all of which with presentation of the rising of Great Xi’an in a new era in the artistic form will contribute the “Power of Xi’an” in enhancing the influence of Chinese cultures in the world.

Centering on the building of capital of world fashion and tourism, the “tourism internationalization action” will be implemented. The work of creating the national leading zone of reform in tourism and the demonstration city of all-area tourism will be promoted, focusing on the deep integration of tourism with culture, science and technology, convention and exhibition, trade and commerce, sports for development of high quality tourism. The building of the 4 Grade 5A scenic spots namely, city wall· forest of steles, Zhuque·Taiping, Cuihua Mount·Nanwu Stage and Daming Palace will be continued, and a number of cultural and tourist projects such as series of cultural and tourist projects of Overseas Chinese Town, “Long History of China” of Songcheng Group, Phase 2 of Huaxia cultural and tourist complex will be executed. The layout of moonlight economy will be made in the pattern of “one pole, two axis, five plates, multiple points”, focusing on a series of themed activities such as light show of city walls, happy running to build the brand of “night trip of Xi’an”. The serial activity of “Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional” will be staged to diversify the contents of Xi’an tourism. The reputation of “capital of international cuisine” of Xi’an will be fully made use of, focusing on developing food economy and creating the “bite of Xi’an”. The software and hardware of tourism will be improved, with the “action plan of three years” of public toilet revolution, the “smart tourism”, intelligent scenic spots, a number of high star-graded hotels to be implemented, and market order of tourism to be regulated and rectified for raising the quality of tourist services as a whole. The image design of Xi’an city will be planned and the brand marketing of Xi’an in the world intensified. The number of visitors will reach over 200 million persons/times, realizing a total income of tourism exceeding 200 billion yuan.

The international cultural and people-to-people exchanges and cooperation will be intensified. Centering on building the diplomatic center, the platform of international cultural and people-to-people exchanges and cooperation will be built. The bid for convening 2019 “Belt and Road” Summit of International Cooperation will be conducted and the building of Xi’an Silk Road International Convention and Exhibition Center will be expedited. A number of international exchanges programs will be staged such as the 3rd Sino-French Cultural Forum, Sino-German Dialog of Historic and Cultural Cities, Silk Road International Arts Festival and Movie Festival, Global Competition of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Colleges will be supported in raising international education level and promoting international academic exchanges. More local cultural enterprises, teams and talents will be encouraged to “go global”, spreading “the voice of Xi’an” and telling “new stories of the ancient city”.

The building of modern public cultural services will be promoted. The four-tier network of public cultural facilities will be improved and the building of digital mobile platform “Culture Connect” will be executed, to promote the co-building and sharing of cultures. The project “City of Books” will be implemented, focusing on launching a number of public cultural facilities such as the new site of Xi’an Library, a number of community book houses to be newly built, reading cafes of Xi’an, the campaign of “ten thousand books for ten thousand readers· Xi’an in reading”, Silk Road International Books Expo. The building of rural cultural auditorium will be continued, with 37,000 session of charity movies and 1,500 sessions of artistic performance conducted in the year. The preparation of the 14th National Games will be carried out, the building of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center will be expedited, the 2018 Xi’an International Marathon Competition will be staged, mass sports events will be carried out, to raise the health of the local population and display the beauty of sports.

(5) To strive to provide livable environment, focusing on building quality Xi’an.

The geographical layout of the city space will be optimized. Centering on the layout pattern of “three axis, three belts, three corridors, one passageway, multiple centers, multiple communities”, the strategy of “Crossing in North, Control in South, Advancing in West, Developing in East, Priority in Center ” will be implemented, advancing the stage of “city besieged” to that of “river possession” of Great Xi’an. The program of “year of quality enhancement” will be staged and the preparation of master plan for the new round of urban construction will be done, to integrate multiple regulations. The control of central districts will be intensified, following the principle of “only dismantling without construction, more dismantling less construction”, to ease the density of population and buildings. The pilot points of “urban design” and “urban double repair” [47] will be launched systematically, to shape the featured landscape and promote organic updating. Xixian New District will be supported in the building of new axis and new center of Great Xi’an. The cities of Xianyang and Weinan will be actively communicated for alignment and integration, the building of phase 1 of Fuping and Yanliang industrial cooperation park will be launched, to expedite the integration process of Xi’an and Xianyang, Fuping and Yanliang.

The function of city will be continuously improved. The Three-year Action Plan of Improvement in Construction of Quality Xi’an will be executed, the project of “strengthening foundation and expanding capacity” will be continued, with the investment in urban infrastructure to reach 71 billion yuan in the year. The building of existing metro projects will be expedited, with Line No.4 open to traffic this year. The planning of phase 3 metro will be applied for permitting and execution. The operation level of metro will be further enhanced, the network of public transportation will be optimized, with ratio of public utilization to reach over 60%. The building of expressways of Kunming Road, Xiyan Road, Jiangong Road will be expedited, the construction of urban roads of Xitong Class 1 Highway (Xi’an - Gaoling), Jingjiu Road, Jiushi Road, the flyover project of No. 3 West Ring Road—No. 1 Road of Epang will be launched. 25 dead end highways will be connected, and 32 stations and yards for public buses and 15,000 parking booths will be built. Modification works will be expedited in collective reworking of smart electricity power grid and electricity meters of households, network of outdated water and heat supplying pipelines. The second fuel gas supply source will be put into use and phase 3 of liquefied natural gas will be launched. The “three-year action” of planning, construction and utilization underground space will be executed, focusing on 20 projects to be made demonstration projects. 40 km and 90km corridors of main and branch lines of pipeline and cable respectively will be built. The pilot points for sponge city in Hi-tech Zone, Qujiang, Chanba and Changning New Districts will be expedited, with that in Xiaozhai to be substantially completed. The rebuilding in neighborhoods such as railway station, Xingfu Road will be furthered to raise the regional function and urban quality.

The intensity of “four treatments and one addition” will be maintained. Tough measures will be continuously taken to treat the problem of smog, the adjustment of industrial structure and energy structure will be reinforced in accordance with “Ten Measures on Smog Treatment”[48], to achieve the combined and balanced effect of “reduction of coal consumption, control of motor vehicle use, restraint of flying dust, treatment of pollution sources, prohibition of fireworks, addition of green space”. The work of heating by clean energy, modification of low-nitrogen of gas boilers and gas (electricity) for coal consumption in rural areas will be expedited, stressing on the whole course monitoring of enterprises of pollution discharge. The “smart comprehensive command center of environmental protection” will be completed to achieve the simultaneous monitoring online and offline and to increase the effectiveness of grid management. The intensity of connected control and prevention of pollution city clusters of the Central Shaanxi Plain will be increased to secure the victory of battle of blue sky, with number of good air quality days no less than 200 in the year. The “system of river chief” and “system of lake chief” will be implemented, the “water treatment by five methods” will be maintained, the “8+5+2”treatment of river and lake water systems [49] will be deepened, the action of “exterminating bad quality water” will be taken, the building of raising the quality of cross section water in Weihe River up to set requirement, the eight major water conservancy projects will be carried out, with 2,300 mu (153 hectares) of ecological water surface and 5,000 mu (333 hectares) of wetland newly added and the ecological scene “eight waters surrounding Chang’an” reinstated. The legal protection will be carried out on the ecological environment of the Qinling Mountains, the regular supervision of “four rectifications, one specialization, two inspections” will be strengthened, the diversified ecological compensation system will be established, the building of “three conversions” of mountain highways and featured sections will be continued, to defend the national ecological safety barrier and to keep increasing the function of “green lungs of the city”. The “cigarette end revolution” will be advanced to raise the cleanliness level. The “three-year action plan” of public toilet revolution in urban areas will be carried out, with 440 public toilets to be newly built, 666 ones to be rebuilt or upgraded, and over 380 ones to be open to the public. The work of “four revisions and two dismantlings” will be spearheaded with full force, focusing on 16 projects of rebuilding shanty towns, 2 million square meters of outdated residential quarters and 14 old factories to be rebuilt, 193km of overhang cables to be buried underground, 8 million square meters of illegal buildings to be dismantled, and illegal placement of advertisement outdoors and other signs to be removed. The regional compensation system of domestic rubbish treatment will be implemented, 5 projects of hazard-free treatment of domestic rubbish will be expedited, the rubbish treatment plant for kitchen rubbish located in Baxingtan will be completed in the year. The greening project will be continued, focusing on roadside greening along the “five roads”, “three conversions of roadsides of two roads” [52], “Beautiful Xi’an Green Homestead”, with 4 parks and 60 green land squares, 5 million square meters of urban green land, 100,000 square meters of three-dimensional green space, 30,000 mu (2,000 hectares) of forests to be newly provided, with a view to building city of green, city of garden featuring one landscape for one road, flowers for three seasons, green ever in four seasons. Xixian New Area and Chanba Ecological District will be given support for the building of national ecological civilization demonstration zone, to explore the reproducible and promotable pattern of ecological civilization building.

The project of smart Xi’an will be expedited. The big data center for urban operation and the administrative service platform will be completed to achieve opening and sharing of information resources. Intelligent services will be extended to cover transport, medical service, education, communities, the building of public service information facilities intended for local residents will be expedited, mobile Internet services through smart phones such as mobile payment, working with handsets will be promoted to build “the city at finger tips”. The public transport service in major urban districts will be covered by smart phone application in this year. The level of urban management will be raised in a manner like that of “refined needlework”, the action of “Internet + Grid” will be in place to expedite the “Sharp Eye Project”[53], to make the urban management enhanced with smart wings added.

(6) To implement the rural revitalization strategy, focusing on advancing rural modernization.

Efforts will be made to secure the victory of targeted poverty alleviation. Focusing on the goal of “12345” [54], endeavor will be guided to give financial, spiritual and intellectual supports simultaneously to help those really in need. The financial input will be intensified, with special fund for poverty alleviation allocated by the municipal government to be increased by 20% over last year. The project of poverty reduction by “ten, hundred, thousand and more” industries[55] will be executed, measures of employment will be taken to ensure at least one person of normal working competence in each impoverished household to have a steady job and one home returning work park to be built for each county with poverty problems. Rebuilding of dilapidated housing and relocation of people will be completed, government policies concerning education, health, fallback security will be executed to the letter, and the infrastructure and public service will comprehensively reach the standard set. The pairing work for assistance to poverty alleviation projects between Shaanxi and Jiangsu Provinces will be intensified to ensure Zhouzhi County to be out of poverty. 142 poor villages, 12,564 poor families, 40,570 poor people (not including those who are covered by fallback security) will be helped out of poverty, to get the city free of poor population the first in the province, to make poverty stricken villages take on a new look, and to make each person of poor families unworried about food and clothing and inspired with high morale to eliminate poverty with hard work!

Urban modern agriculture will be expedited for development. The reform of agricultural supply side will be furthered, sectors of trees and flowers seedling, rural tourism, leisure healthcare, featured homestay will be developed, to promote the integration of three tiers of industries, cross-border integration and virtuous cycle. The pattern of Lantian “all-area” tourism will be promoted, and pilot demonstration of rural complexes, to make the annual number of agricultural tourists reach 25 million persons/times and the income up to 2.5 billion yuan. E-commerce service providers are to be encouraged to develop business in “countryside and villages”, with a number of such providers with strong collecting effect to be cultivated. The building of Bayuan China Resources Red Hope Town and the featured town of kiwi of Nuanquanwan will be expedited and the green agricultural produces will be promoted to be sold online. The developing pattern of “one area, three belts and seven sections” will be optimized, with 15 more modern agriculture park and 10 more leading industrial enterprises at city level to be built. Green farm produces will be given priority for development, with 40 more products of “three qualities and one brand”[56] and 40 more bases of pollutant-free farm produces to be added. Business entities of new model of agriculture will be promoted, focusing on 100 family farms and 1,500 professional farmers to be cultivated in the year. The food safety responsibility will be fully implemented and the output of food will reach 1.8 million tons and more.

Rectification and treatment of rural environment will be steadily and properly handled. Pollution control and reinstatement of soil will be strengthened and the pollution sources put under strict control to advance the comprehensive treatment of refuse in rural areas. The “three-year action plan” of toilet revolution in rural areas will be implemented, with 50,000 toilets to be rebuilt in the year. The landscaping work of villages and towns will be done, highlighting the characteristics of dwellings of the Central Shaanxi Plain, with 5 beautiful villages and towns, 85 beautiful villages to be built in the year. Rural highways and roads will be placed under good construction, maintenance, management, and operation, to draw popularity and fortune to the rural areas.

The rural reform will be spearheaded. The reform of rural collective ownership will be deepened and the four-tier transaction of rural ownership will be improved. The experience of “three changes” by Dongling Village of Lantian County will be summed up and promoted, to stimulate all factors and resources of rural areas and to diversify the channels for farmers to increase revenue. The reform of State-owned forest farms will be completed. Gaoling District will be supported to obtain the status of pilot point of national rural reform. The rural financial reform will be deepened, with credit rating of farmers introduced and the “last meter of distance” of financial service to be connected, to bring in vitality to “farmers, rural areas and agriculture”.

The “Doubling Program of GDP in Outer Suburbs, Districts and Counties” will be implemented. The geographical advantage of such areas will be taken to raise the level of industrial planning and to actively receive the relocation of industries of urban areas. The economic work with strong characteristics will be done in a manner that differentiated development and specialized industrial parks and farm parks are featured and in the pattern of one main industry for one district (county), one characteristic for one town (street) and one brand for one village. The fiscal incentive policy measure of the city will be innovated by the principle of “more support to more efforts” for the development of districts and counties, to improve the underdeveloped areas in this connection, to promote coordinated development and to realize the prosperity of the people and the growing strength of the local government.

(7) To continue the strategy of development based on projects, focusing on increasing effective investment.

The construction of projects will be expedited. A number of major projects of great importance to the entirety and future development will be reserved, focusing on the priority areas of emerging industries, infrastructure, ecological building, society and people’s livelihood and based on the principle of “market for industries, projects for investment”. The mechanism of special attention given to individual major city-level projects by city leadership will be implemented, the platform of “seeing, comparing and learning from each other” will utilized properly, the all-factor security including installation of water and electricity facilities will be handled appropriately, to ensure the paid investment value of city-level major projects up to 290 billion yuan or more. The event of “year of securing business promotion projects” will be organized, follow-up work for projects with agreement signed will be carried out, the ratios of registration, paid investment and completion and operation of projects will be given practical attention, to provide solid foundation and powerful support to steady growth.

The work of business promotion will be done in close connection with the “five capitals”. A number of big and good projects will be introduced to the city, with attention to be given to the benefit and practical effect of such projects which are mainly owned by enterprises either of Fortune 500 or the top 500 in China. Centering on the “3+1” big industries with 1 trillion yuan capacity and advantageous industrial clusters and based on the leading companies, promotion of business will be diversified which include projects based on industrial chain, capital or type of business following the pattern of one on one or point to point. The strategic cooperation with the State-owned central enterprises will be carried out to boost the two-way integration of these companies and the resources of Xi’an in terms of capital, technology and brand advantages. Events such as the 2nd World Xi’an Entrepreneur Conference and the Global Programmer Festival will be conducted. The model of investment and financing of the government will be innovated, with a number of major PPP projects to be launched and projects worth 200 billion yuan to be promoted. The amount of paid investment value will stay at 298 billion yuan from domestic sources and US$5.8 billion from outside China.

The quality of investment will be practically heightened. The critical role of effective investment will be fully played to optimize the structure of supply, the assessment methods will be improved with the weight of industrial investment increased, to promote the collection of capitals in hard technology, cultural, tourist industry, new economic and business models. The 115 major projects of manufacturing industry will be executed properly, with 30 major projects such as Johnson global supply chain production base (phase 1) to be put into production in the year, the investment in manufacturing sector to be increased by 5% or more, and accounting for 15% or more of fixed assets investment. The potentiality of private investment will be fully released to attract more such investments to be put into the infrastructure, social undertakings and featured advantageous industries of the city, with private investment of 300 billion yuan to be introduced in this year.

(8)To make people’s livelihood the priority in the work of the government, focusing on satisfying the increasingly growing needs of the people.

Efforts will be made in solving the “nine difficulties” in people’s livelihood, with the project “Ten Ones” to be continued, and the “Ten Practical Matters” [57] to be handled, to make the people have the sense of gain, sense of happiness, and sense of safety that are more tangible, more secured and more sustaining.

The level of employment quality and income will be practically heightened. The more proactive employment policy will be implemented, with employment of higher quality and more coverage to be achieved, to fulfill the goals of having 120,000 more people employed, having 650,000 people of rural labor force transferred, and eliminating “zero employment” by household. The employment promotion program for college graduates “3+N” [58] will be implemented, with employment discrimination to be eliminated and harmonious work relations to be built. Various measures will be jointly taken to address the problem of delayed salary payment to migrant workers to ensure the prompt and full payment for their hard work. The channels of residents for income from work and income from property will be diversified to help raise the income level for urban and rural residents.

Education will be given priority in development. Work will be carried out to solve problems such as heavy extracurricular burden of students of primary and secondary schools, “craze for choosing school”, “large size of class”, nursing of infants, early childhood education, to satisfy the needs of the people. 30 standardized primary and secondary schools, kindergartens will be built, 154 ones will be “comprehensively overhauled”, to increase enrolment quota by 40,000 and the number of public beneficial kindergartens accounting for 65% of the total. Relying on the big campus construction, 25 joint ventures of education based on “famed school +” will be established to promote the sharing of excellent education resources. The policy of “promotion of primary schoolchildren to junior high school” of privately-run schools will be reformed, the regulation of “flexible school-leaving” will be improved, and the pilot points for installation of central ventilation system will be increased. The building of provincial level standardization of regular senior high schools will be completed and the pilot reform of college entrance examination will be steadily carried out. Colleges under the jurisdiction of the city will be promoted to conduct integration of education and production, with 8 of which to be supported to apply for the status of “Double First-Class”. Phase 2 of promotion program for special education will be implemented, the development of vocational education, ethnic education, adult education, private education will be coordinated. The Official Opinions of CPC Central Committee and State Council on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of Teachers in a New Era will be implemented, with morality building of teachers to be done, “project of hundred, thousand, and ten thousand”[59] to be carried out, to create the good reputation of Xi’an education based on educator style school heads and high quality teachers and to give hopes to thousands of families of the city.

The building of healthy Xi’an will be continued. The comprehensive reform of public-funded hospitals will be deepened, the practice of classified diagnosis and treatment will be improved, and 13 joint ventures of hospitals with close connection will be established. The pairing aid from urban public-funded hospitals to medical institutions at grassroots will be continued, to advance the high quality medical resources to achieve “Double Sinking, Two Raisings” [60] and to offer best medical service to the doorstep of the people. The building of teams of general medical practitioners will be strengthened, the three-year action plan of a new round of bettering medical service will be launched, and the contracted service of family doctors will be practically carried out. Special caution will be taken to prevent major epidemic diseases. The quality of privately-run hospitals will be raised. The building of the medical inspection center of Great Xi’an region, the municipal people’s hospital and 4 district or county level hospitals such as Huyi hospital [61]will be expedited, the project of national big data center and industrial park of health and medicine will be tried to be introduced to Xi’an. The work of national pilot of comprehensive reform of old-age service will be advance, social forces will be encouraged to participate old-age service, 2,000 poor households with old people will be covered with rebuilding of barrier-free facility intended for old people, 20 convalescent hospitals, 35 home-base old-age care community centers, 184 rural happy old-age care centers,with 6,400 beds for old-age care increased, to bring welfare to old people in the city.

The level of social security and public service will be practically raised. The medical insurance system for urban and rural residents will be integrated, the normal adjustment mechanism for base old-age pension for urban and rural residents will be established, the practice of direct settlement of hospitalization expense of non-local patients will be advanced, the utilization of social security cards will be expedited, to better secure the livelihood of the people covered by medical insurance. The standard of monthly minimum subsistence allowance for rural and urban residents, of people on special allowance and of aid to disabled people will be raised in due time, the social support and aid will be intensified to realize the maximum coverage of people by insurance or aid. The care service system for rural left-behind children and women, old people will be improved. The quantity of apartments of public rental housing and of price-limited housing will be increased, 2,000 households entitled to rental allowance will be added, and the problem of housing certificates will be further processed. The mechanism of integrity and monitoring of property management companies will be established or improved, with the rate of coverage by property management to reach 60% or more. The rebuilding and upgrading of 37 farm produce markets will be completed, and all types of morning market and seasonal markets will be regulated, to make the local people have more sense of gain.

The social governance system featuring co-building, co-governing and sharing will be promoted. The role of communities and social organizations will be strengthened in social governance, with experience of “lawyers in community” by Lianhu District to be promoted, to achieve the positive interaction of government governance, social adjustment, resident self-control. The work of the 10th election of rural village committee will be carried out properly. The building of “honest Xi’an” will be advanced, with the integrity system that are “four in one”, combining government governance, self-discipline of residents, internal control of enterprises and social supervision, to be established. The project of food and drug safety will be implemented, to make the local people have enjoyment without worry. The supervision on quality and technology will be intensified, with special equipment to be put under special safety control. The safety production responsibility regulation will be strictly followed, with classified control and management to be intensified for urban safety risks, special inspection and regulating to be carried out in key areas such as transport, fire, gas, hazardous chemical goods, and key sites such as site of high people density, construction sites, urban villages, high rise buildings, to prevent occurrence of safety accidents with heavy casualty. Following the requirement of “Five Adherences”[62] of the central government, the battle against organized crimes and mafias will be won. The building of system of prevention of crimes will be built, with illegal acts and crimes of violence, terrorism, telephone fraud, illegal fundraising, pyramid schemes to be cracked down, to create a “safe Xi’an”. The traffic command system will be improved, with the campaign of “Car Makes Way for Men” to be continued, illegal passenger carrying by tricycles and motorcycles and operation of sharing bicycles to be regulated. The work of weather forecast, earthquake prevention and disaster loss reduction will be done to raise the capacity of handling emergency and to build the “firewall” for urban safety, to ensure happy life and work of the people, safe operation of the city, and peaceful and well-organized order of the society.

The work of the “7th Five-Year Plan for Law Popularization” will be steadily carried out. The work of giving privileged treatment and compensation to bereaved families of servicemen will be done properly, with the double support campaign to be furthered. The 4th national economic census will be carried out, with work of statistics to be strengthened. Works in fields of ethnic affairs, religious affairs, counseling, , civil air defense, archive, and local chronicles will be done properly as usual.

4. To build a government that satisfies the people comprehensively

In the context of stiff intercity competition, no or slow progress means failure. Following the people-centered guideline, grasping the new characteristics of social principal contradictions, staying true to our mission and working hard, we will strive to build a government that satisfies the people comprehensively.

First is to bring to full display of “leading wild goose effect”. All leading cadres at all levels of the municipal government must be guided by “Four Consciousness” and keep increasing the “Eight Abilities” [63], with “Five Withstanding” to be ensured [64], to fully implement the decisions made by the central and provincial authorities in Xi’an. With the leading and demonstrative role of “key few” to be played, based on new situation, new tasks, new practice, “real ability”, “masterly skill” and “good reputation”, leaders must make themselves good examples to their subordinates and the public, to form the positive atmosphere where the higher ranking cadres convince the lower cadres with their leadership and performance.

Second is to forge the “iron army of Xi’an”. All staff of the municipal government must combat the “Four Malpractices”, transform the style of work, increase the work efficiency, and optimize service quality, by carrying forward the “Westward Relocation Spirit” which calls for “having global view, making selfless contribution, promoting traditions, taking pains”, following the standard and requirements for “iron army of Xi’an”, with works to be done without efforts spared and delay. The performance assessment must lay stress on “real ability and practical outcome” so that cadres who are willing, able to work and dare to take responsibility will be given hopes, opportunities and supports, to inspire all cadres and officials to work hard for fulfilling great goals, to make new accomplishments with down-to-earth work, to present new image in responsibility, and to write new chapters in struggle.

Third is to try to serve as a “waiter of five-star grade”. The role of various platforms such as “12345” citizen hotline, online people’s work department and “all for business” will be played fully, the reform of “maximum one errand” will be promoted, which will raise the level of administrative service and lower the threshold of such service, with data to be utilized fully to save the errands of the people, making enterprises and the public convenient and worry free in dealing with the government. Leaders, officials, and cadres of the government are encouraged to make close contacts and more communications with the business and the public so that the matters of the people can be handled more efficiently and effectively.

Fourth is to steadily advance the building of clean and honest government. With discipline and rules as the guidelines, the spirit and rules of “Eight-point Code” of the CPC Central Committee to be strictly implemented, the government must maintain the high pressure on corruption with the attitude of “zero tolerance”, seriously investigate and handle acts that damage the interests of the people, and work in a clean and honest manner. The municipal government must subject itself to the supervision of local People’s Congress Committee and CPPCC Committee, the audit oversight as well as monitoring of the public and media, and through the TV columns such as “Daily Focus” and “Moments of Questioning”, make itself exposed under the “spotlight” of the society and to build itself into a “sunshine government”. The law-based governance system that are complete in system, scientific in regulation, efficient in operation will be built, to take “no action without legal authorization and mandatory action if so required by law”, and contain power into the “cage” of regulation.

Fellow deputies, there will great shows to be presented by Xi’an, and only with joint force can such shows be played one after another; there will great dreams for us in future, and only with struggle can we make our dreams come true. With goals set and bugles sounded, we are now on the “way to examination” in the new era. We will unite more closely with the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the core and under the leadership of the CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee, gather strength, seize opportunity, work boldly and innovatively, and strive to take lead, to achieve the great development of Great Xi’an in a new era and to work hard for happy new life for the people in the city!

Interpretation of Nouns or Terms in Report of the Work of Xi’an Municipal Government

[1] “Five News” strategic tasks refer to the strategic tasks proposed at the 13th CPC Shaanxi Provincial Congress, i.e., “to create new driving power, to build new highland, to stimulate new vitality, to build new life and to present a new image”.

[2] Focusing on 369 to Revitalize Great Xi’an is the goal for the next five years put forward at the 13th CPC Xi’an Municipal Congress.

“3” is to be closely connected to the three goals: to build a moderately prosperous society, to achieve local GDP of more than 1 trillion yuan and to build Xi’an into a national central city.

“6” is to build a six-part supporting system of “Three Centers, Two Highlands and One Hub” based on the above goals, i.e., economic center of western China, Silk Road center of science and innovation, center of foreign exchanges, Silk Road highland of culture, highland of inland opening up, national comprehensive transport hub.

“9” is to steadily carry out the 9 key tasks in the next five years (striving to advance industrial upgrading to expedite the building of economic center of western China; striving to advance innovation-driven development to expedite the building of Silk Road center of science and innovation; striving to deepen reform and opening up to expedite the building of new highland of inland reform and opening up; striving to highlight features of cultures to expedite the building of Silk Road highland of culture; striving to build transport system to expedite the building of national comprehensive transport hub; striving to advance urbanization to expedite the building of livable Xi’an; striving to optimize the ecological environment to expedite beautiful Xi’an; striving to improve people’s livelihood to expedite the building of quality Xi’an; striving to strengthen democracy and the rule of laws to expedite the building of safe Xi’an), to achieve the significant enhancement of the local economy and society in terms of economic strength, innovation vitality, opening up level, cultural strength, transport hub, city function, ecological environment, people’s livelihood, social governance.

[3] Nine Critical Operations: Report on the Work of Xi’an Municipal Government delivered at the first session of the 16th Xi’an Municipal People’s Congress proposed that in the next five years efforts shall be made in the “Nine Critical Operations”, i.e., to implement operation of co-building Xi’an to build the national central city; to implement operation of industrial upgrading to build economic center of western China; to implement innovation-driven operation to build Silk Road center of science and innovation; to implement operation of opening up to build inland reform highland; to implement operation of culture development to build Silk Road highland of cultures; to implement operation of green mountain and clear water to build beautiful Xi’an; to implement operation of quality enhancement to build livable Xi’an; to implement operation of cooperative governance and sharing to build a city of peace and harmony; and to implement operation of catching up and transcending to build the best city in western China.

[4] “5 Up” enterprises refer to manufacturing enterprises above scale; enterprises of wholesale, retail, catering, hotel above norm; service enterprises above scale; building enterprises within qualification and real estate development enterprises.

[5] One Zone, Three Belts and Seven Sections: “One Zone” means Xi’an modern urban agriculture demonstration zone located at the north side of Qinling Mountains; “Three Belts” refers to the urban agricultural industry belt along Weihe River, the industrial zone agricultural industry belt on the north side of Weihe River, Nanhengxian[A1] urban agricultural industry belt; and “Seven Sections” refers to Bailuyuan urban agriculture section, Zhouzhi kiwi section, Huyi and Chang’an grape section, Lintong pomegranate section, Lintong dairy cow section, Lantian chicken section and Yanliang vegetable section.

[6] “Nine Difficulties” refer to difficulties of smog reduction, traffic jam management, dirtiness treatment, working with government, employment, schooling, health service, housing, and old-age care.

[7] “Ten Ones” projects concerning people’s livelihood: to connect a number of dead end roads; to create a number of community and featured zones of innovation maker space; to build a number of demonstration roads of greening; to build a number of demonstration roads of lightening; to build a number of ecological demonstration river (lake) sections; to build a number of business circles; to build a number of green land square and theme parks; to build a number of demonstration streets of statues; to build a number of planning halls; to rebuild a number of urban villages and shanty towns.

[8] Eight Integrations: integration of urban and rural planning; integration of industrial layout; integration of infrastructure; integration of social governance; integration of public service; integration of employment and entrepreneurship; integration of environmental treatment; integration of policy security.

[9] 4 intercity railways from Xi’an to Hancheng and elsewhere: the 4 railway lines connecting Xi’an to Hancheng, Yanliang to the airport, Xi’an to Famen Temple, the airport to Famen Temple, respectively.

[10] 4 key highways including outer ring road (southern section): Xi’an outer ring road (southern section), eastern third ring road—Lintong highway, S101 Mucha to Bayuan highway and Xi’an-Huyi highway.

[11] Six major industrial clusters worth 100 billion yuan output value: six emerging industrial clusters worth 100 billion yuan output value, namely, new generation of information technology; bio-pharmaceutical; new materials; high-end equipment manufacturing; aerospace engineering; energy-saving and new energy automobile,

[12]Five capitals: i.e., foreign capital, domestic capital, private capital, capital of central government and financing capital.

[13] Four treatments and one addition: i.e., treatment of smog with iron hand; treatment of water with flexibility; treatment of mountains with law; treatment of dirtiness with joint forces; addition of green in three dimensions.

[14] “1+1+9” action plan for smog reduction refers to the Implementation Plan of “Smog Reduction and Protection of Blue Sky” in 2017 + Preliminary Rules for Accountability of Implementing “Smog Reduction and Protection of Blue Sky + 9 special action plans covering reduction of coal consumption, rebuilding of dismantling of fuel boilers, treatment of volatile organic compound, law enforcement of supervision of key pollution sources in connection with gas, regulating of “loose, messy, polluting” enterprises,regulating of pollution by low-speed and cargo diesel motor vehicles, comprehensive utilization of biomass including straw, treatment and prevention of flying dust on construction sites and grid management.

[15] Two types of enterprises refer to premix concrete producing enterprises and premix mortar producing enterprises.

[16] Water treatment by five methods refers to water treatment by engineering, technology, ecological methods, management, and society, respectively.

[17] Construction of 9 rivers (lakes) of ecological demonstration: treatment of beach area of Weihe River at Zhouwu Bridge; treatment of beach area of Weihe River from Gaoling Luyuan Bridge to Xiyu High-speed Bridge; comprehensive enhancement of Bahe River at Lantian County; comprehensive treatment of Bahe River at upper stream of Shiboyuan section; comprehensive treatment of Yuhe River at Changning; comprehensive treatment of Laohe River at Tianqiao; comprehensive treatment of Shichuan River at the juncture of Yanliang and Fuping; construction of test section of Kunming Pool and construction of demonstration project of test section at Meibei Lake.

[18] Four disorders: the phenomena of areas in Qinling Mountains where mining, building, discharge of pollution, excessive deforestation are under no control.

[19] Four revisions and two dismantlings refer to rebuilding of shanty towns (urban villages); rebuilding of outdated and old residential quarters; rebuilding of old factories; rebuilding of hanging cables; dismantling of illegal buildings and dismantling of illegal outdoor advertisement signs.

[20] Roadside greening of the “five streets refers to greening added to sides of urban roads, expressways, high-speed railways, belt freeway and landscape highway.

[21] Campaign “Nine Ones” of promoting employment and entrepreneurship: i.e., to hold a competition of entrepreneurship; to hold a festival of international entrepreneurship; to appraise and elect a number of stars of entrepreneurship; to complete the building of service platform for employment and entrepreneurship; to appraise and elect a number of “Xi’an Star of Craftsmanship”; to conduct a series of activities in college campuses to promote employment and entrepreneurship; to hold a competition of job seeking for college graduates; to hold a series of special employment activities for migrant workers “returning to Xi’an”; and to offer help and aids to unemployed people for employment.

[22] “Three Changes”: i.e., resources changed to be assets; capital changed to be shares; farmers changed to be shareholders.

[23] “Ten Deliveries”: i.e., to deliver love to connect poor relatives; to deliver goods to ensure living; to deliver cleanliness to form good habits; to deliver health to repel diseases; to deliver skills to strengthen abilities; to deliver jobs to promote employment; to deliver production to increase income; to deliver policies to help implementation; to deliver cultures to establish ideals; to deliver confidence to expand ambitions.

[24] “1+N”new style social relief and aid system: “1” refers to the minimum living security system; “N” refers to subsistence system for rural extremely poor people; medical relief system; temporary relief system; education assistance system (assistance to poor college students; assistance to poor secondary school students); system of two subsidies to the disabled (subsidy to the poor disabled; subsidy to nursing of the severely disabled); system of subsidy to nursing of disabled old-aged people and classified insurance, assistance to gradual retirement systems, etc.

[25] Practice of collective decision making on “Three Importances and One Major” items: major matters; appointment and removal from office major officials; arrangement of major projects; spending of large amounts shall be subject to decision based on collective discussion.

[26] Ten Weak Links: according to Decision of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee on Implementing “Five News” Strategic Tasks to Expedite the Strengthening “Ten Weak Links” adopted by the 3rd plenary session of the 13th Xi’an Municipal Congress, efforts shall be made by the city to strengthen ten weak links, namely, industrial economy, private economy, civil and military integration, opening economy, district and county economy, cultural industry, financial industry, capability of innovation, ecological environment, and service of people’s livelihood.

[27] “Eight Specifics” and “Fourteen Adherences”: “Eight Specifics” are the fundamental essence of Xi Jinping New Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, i.e., to be specific about the overarching goal of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics; about the principal contradiction facing Chinese society in the new era; about the integrated plan and the overall strategy for building socialism with Chinese characteristics, with the importance of fostering stronger confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics highlighted; about the overall goal of deepening reform in every field; about the overall goal of comprehensively advancing law-based governance; about the Party's goal of building a strong military in the new era; about major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics which aims to foster a new type of international relations and build a community with a shared future for mankind; about the defining feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics which is the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the greatest strength of the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics which is the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

“Fourteen Adherences” are the fundamental guidelines for adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era, which are: ensuring Party leadership over all work; committing to a people-centered approach; continuing to comprehensively deep reform; adopting a new vision of development; seeing that people run the country; ensuring every dimension of governance is law-based; upholding socialist core values; ensuring and improving living standards through development; ensuring harmony between human and nature; pursuing a holistic approach to national security; upholding the Party absolute leadership over the people’s armed forces; upholding the principle of “One Country, Two Systems” and promoting national reunification; promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind; exercising full and rigorous governance over the Party.

[28] “3+1” major industries with 1 trillion yuan capacity: “3” refers to new and high technology industry based on electronic information; advanced manufacturing industry based on new energy automobile and airplane manufacturing; modern service industry based on hub economy, portal economy, movement economy; “1” refers to culture and tourism industry with 1 trillion yuan capacity.

[29] “Five Coordinations”: it is the requirement made by the Central Urban Work Conference held in December 12, including: to enhance the globality of urban work by coordinating space, scale and industry; to enhance the systematicness of urban work by coordinating planning, building and management; to enhance the continuity of urban development by coordinating reform, science and technology and culture; to enhance the livability of urban development by coordinating production, life and ecology; to enhance the enthusiasm of all parties for promoting urban development by coordinating government, society, and citizens.

[30] “Five capitals and one hub”: According to Decision of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee on Holding High the Great Banner of Xi Jinping New Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to Expedite the Internationalization of Great Xi’an adopted by the 4th Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee, efforts shall be made to create capital of innovation and entrepreneurship of the “Belt and Road Initiative”; global capital of hard technology that leads new economy; capital of world cultures that blend Chinese traditional cultures and modern civilization; capital of world fashion and tourism; capital of international ecological and smart livable cities, and important international hub.

[31] Strategy of “Stride of Three Steps” for Great Xi’an in a new era: refers to that by 2020, the building of a moderately prosperous society will be completed, GDP reaches 1 trillion yuan, the supporting system of “three centers, two highlands and one hub” will be substantially established, the building of beautiful Xi’an will be initially effective, the circle of Great Xi’an cities will be formed; that by 2035, the building of the national central city that represents the national image, leads in the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and has international influence will be completed; and that by 2050, the building of the international metropolis that has historic and culture characteristics and feature Euro-Asian cooperation and exchanges will be completed.

[32] Action plan of “1+6”: refers to a series of policy documents issued by Xi’an Municipal Government, including: Master Plan of Structural Reform of Supply Side+ Action Plan of Cutting Overcapacity in Structural Reform of Supply Side, Several Opinions on Promoting Healthy Development of Real Estate Sector by Destocking Housing Inventory, Action Plan of Deleveraging in Structural Reform of Supply Side, Action Plan of Cutting Cost in Structural Reform of Supply Side (2016-2018), Decision on Implementing the “Five News” Strategic Tasks to Expedite Strengthening “Ten Weak Links”, Opinions on Deepening Structural Reform of Supply Side in Agriculture to Expedite Cultivation of New Driving Power for Agricultural and Rural Development, etc.

[33] Action plan of “10+N”: in order to carry out the Decision of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee on Implementing the “Five News” Strategic Tasks to Expedite Strengthening “Ten Weak Links”, on the basis of the “Ten Weak Links”, Xi’an Municipal Government sorts out other weak links in quality Xi’an and work style of officials that need to be strengthened, and formulated the work plan for implementing the measures.

[34] Deep integration of “Two Conversions”: refers to deep integration of informationization and industrialization, with informationization leading industrialization and industrialization promoting informationization, to follow a path of new type industrialization.

[35] Project of “Three Replacements and Three Famousnesses”: implementation of vacating the cage for new birds; machines change human; e-commerce changes market and cultivation of famous companies, businessmen and products.

[36] The “Eighth Route Army” of hard technology: hard technology is the original technology which is more cored, high-grade, high precision and advanced than high technology; and “Eighth Route Army” refers to 8 major sectors, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, information technology, intelligent manufacturing, aerospace engineering, photoelectricity chips, new materials, and new energy.

[37] Reform experience of “one institute, one agency and one university”: one institute refers to the innovative reform model of “three in one, parent company holding, incentive of shares, operation of capital” by Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research; one agency refers to the innovative development model of “opening for management, professional incubation, launch in due time, ecology of startup” by Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; one college refers to the new type of reform model for ecological circle of production, study and research of “policy, finance, production, study, research + alumni” by Xi’an Jiaotong University.

[38] Two parks and three bases: “two parks” refer to the Military and Civil Integration Industrial Park in Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone and the Military and Civil Integration Equipment Manufacturing Park in Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone; “three bases” refers to Xi’an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-Tech Industrial Base, Xi’an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base and Xi’an Ordinance Industrial and Technological Base.

[39] Layout of growth “5552”: to build more than 500 cluster areas and featured areas of maker space, with floor area of more than 20 million square meters, that are located in the five districts of Hi-tech Zone, Qujiang, Beilin, Chang’an and Yanta, with joint action of colleges, institutes, parks, neighborhoods, factories.

[40] New deal of household registration version 2.0: As of February 2018, Xi’an will optimize and upgrade the policy of settlement by fully implementing the policy of “settlement by two certificates” (graduates of full-time colleges and secondary schools in current and previous years, aged under 45 for undergraduates, aged under 35 for junior college students, can apply for residency in Xi’an with identity card and graduation certificate, with 7 categories of permitting rights delegated, 9 types of formalities shortened, 70% of evidence documents streamlined, 10 promises of optimizing service launched, to greatly enhance the efficiency of household registration application.

[41] “Ten Major Actions” of Shaanxi provincial authorities to optimize business environment: i.e., action of streamlining opening and terminating business; action of streamlining application for permit of construction; action of easy accessibility of water, electricity, gas and heating by enterprises; action of facilitating enterprises to apply for real estate registration; action of reducing difficulty and cost for access to credit loans by enterprises; action of optimizing tax payment by enterprises; action of raising facilitation of cross-border trade and investment; action of reducing operating cost of enterprises; action of supervising business environment of counties; and special action of supervision of business environment enhancement.

[42]Policy system of “1+12+18”: in order to implement Opinions on Creating Environment for Healthy Growth of Entrepreneurs, Carrying Forward Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Strengthening the Role of Entrepreneurs issued by CPC Central Committee and State Council, Xi’an put forward the “1+N” series of measures, i.e., 1 opinion of implementation, 12 series of campaigns, and 18 concrete supporting policies.

[43] Passage of “2 rings+ 12 spokes” expressways: “2 rings” refer to Xi’an Ring Expressway and Xi’an Outer Ring Expressway; and “12 spokes” refer to Xi’an (south) to Maoming, Xi’an (north) to Baotou sections of Baotou-Maoming Expressway, Xi’an (north) to Baotou section of Baotou-Maoming Expressway Multiple Track, Xi’an (southeast) to Shanghai section of Shanghai to Shaanxi Expressway, Xi’an (southeast) to Fuzhou, Xi’an (northwest) to Yinchuan sections of Fuzhou to Yinchuan Expressway, Xi’an (east) to Lianyungang, Xi’an (west) to Khorgas sections of Lianyuangang to Khorgas Expressway, Xi’an (west) to Khorgas section of Liangyungang to Khorgas Expressway Multiple Track, Xi’an (northeast) to Beijing, Xi’an (southwest) to Kunming sections of Beijing to Kunming Expressway, and the airport expressway, 12 expressways in total.

[44] Ten major parks of cultural industry, i.e., Xi’an Qujiang Creativity Valley Industrial Park, West Film Industrial Cluster Community, Xi’an Qujiang Maker Street, Qujiang 369 Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, Huashang Media Group Culture Industrial Park, Daxi Internet Industrial Park, Qujiang landscape style headquarter base, Peking University Science and Technology Park, Xi’an Qujiang Quantum Culture Industrial Park and Xi’an Entrepreneurship City of Culture, Science and Technology.

[45] Moonlight economy in the pattern of “one pole, two axes, five sections and multiple points”: one pole refers to creating the growth pole of nocturnal trip economy by integrating and heightening properties within the City Wall of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644); two axes refer to creating two axes of lightening along east to west and south to north by providing scenes of four major streets in the four directions; five sections refer to making Qujian, Chanba, Hi-tech Zone, Lintong, Xixian Area concentration areas of nocturnal trip economy; and multiple points refer to the main scenic spots, featured blocks, business circles and night markets in the five sections, to form spots of consumption for nocturnal trip economy.

[46] Three axes, three belts, three corridors, one passageway, multiple centers and multiple communities: Three axes refer to the three axes running across Xi’an from south to north. The axis of ancient capital culture heritage is located in the middle, with Zhongnan Mountain of Qinling Mountains to the south, the historical axis of Xi’an in the middle, and the geodetic origin to the north, carrying the history of Great Xi’an. The axis of scientific and technological innovation is located in the west, running across Xixian New Area. The axis of international opening is located in the east, connecting along Bahe River international port area, Chanba ecological zone and Qujiang New District from south to north. Three belts refer to the three ecological belts of Qinling Mountains, Weihe River, Beishan Mountain from east to west. Three corridors refer to the big corridor of scientific innovation led by Hi-tech Zone and based on the region formed by “Hi-tech Zone + aerospace base + Fengdong New City + college town + institutes of research”, to create “growth pole of innovation”; the big corridor of industries led by Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone and based on “Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone + Gaoling community + Lintong community + aerospace base + Fuping and Yanliang section”, to create “growth pole of industries”; the big corridor of cultural industries led by Qujiang New District and based on “Qujiang New District + culture demonstration zone of Louguandao + White Deer Plain + Lintong scenic areas”, to create “growth pole of cultural industries”. One passageway refers to the passageway opening up to the outside world based on international port area + airport new city + Chanba ecological zone. Multiple centers refer to new center of Great Xi’an in the west Xixian New District, core area of Great Xi’an based on downtown area, new center of modern service in the east. Multiple communities refers to the building of “1155” communities, i.e., 10 new cities, including: east new city, Hi-tech science and technology city, new energy auto city, software new city, Fengxi Silk Road innovation new city, Weibei industrial city, Chang’an college city, high speed train new city, Hongqing new city, Fuping and Yanliang air city; 10 communities, including: textile city creativity community, military and civil integration innovation valley community, Lintong tourism and vacation community, Sanxue street community, Qixianzhuang community, airport-centered industrial park community, Xingfu forest belt community, Lesser Wild Goose Pagoda community; 50 featured towns; and 50 various complexes.

[47] Double urban repair: refers to reinstatement of ecology and rebuilding of city, of which, reinstatement of ecology means the recovery of natural environment and landforms that have been damaged to improve the quality of ecological environment, guided by the philosophy of recycling; and rebuilding of city means to discover and protect the history and culture of the city, to dismantle illegal buildings, to restore urban facilities, space, landscape, to raise the characteristics and vitality of the city, guided by the philosophy of updating and weaving.

[48] Ten Measures on Smog Treatment: smog treatment by target, by grid, by law, by transformation, by technology, by increasing greening, by joint actions, and the government shall act as the green manager, enterprises the green producer, and citizens the green consumers.

[49] “8+5+2”treatment of river and lake water systems: “8” refers to comprehensive treatment of 8 rivers, including Weihe River, Jinghe River, Bahe River, Chanhe River, Yuhe River, Haohe River, Fenghe River and Laohe River; “5” refers to comprehensive treatment of 5 river systems, including Gongshi River, Hehei River, Shichuan River, Taiping River and Xingfu beach line; and “2” refers to reinstatement of ecological environment in Meibei Lake and Kunming Pool (Doumen Reservoir).

[50] Eight major water conservancy projects: comprehensive treatment of Xi’an section of Weihe River, underground water sources in Laohe-Weihe River Delta, reinstatement of water system in Laohe River and Meibei Lake, concentration treatment of sludge of Xi’an Sewage Treatment Plant, comprehensive treatment of Xingfu River, small and medium sized rivers, drinking water in rural areas, farmland water conservancy.

[51] Four rectifications, one specialization and two inspections: “four rectifications” refers to rectification of mountain roads, waterway, mines, illegal pattern spot; “one specialization” refers to special supervision on ecological environment in Qinling Mountains; and “two inspections” refer to site inspection to check people and work on ecological environment in Qinling Mountains carried out in June and December each year by the joint supervision with the city supervisory committee.

[52] Three conversions of roadsides of two roads: cleaning, greening and beautifying of two sides of highways and railways.

[53] Sharp Eye Project refers to application system network of video supervision for public security, which will fully play the role of video image information in combating terrorism, maintaining stability, fighting crimes, preventing crime, society governance, smart transport, public service, ecological protection, and in the comprehensive treatment of social public order and “safe Xi’an” campaign, based on the full coverage of video supervision and monitoring in key public areas, key industries, key areas as well as the integration of various social resources of video images of the network.

[54] Goals of “12345”: “1” refers to “one standard”, i.e., net income of household must be more than the standard for poverty alleviation; “2” refers to “two no-worries”, i.e., do not worry about food (including safe drinking water), do not worry about clothing; “3” refers to “three guarantees”, i.e., guarantee of compulsory education, basic medical care, housing safety; “4” refers to “four rates and one degree”, i.e., accurate identifying rate, accurate withdrawing rate, accurate aiding rate, rate of relocation for poverty alleviation, degree of satisfaction of the people concerned; “5” refers to the demonstration or sample of “five beatifuls”, i.e., the building of beautiful rural village, beautiful economy, beautiful Party building, beautiful home and beautiful rural custom.

[55] Project of poverty reduction by “ten, hundred, thousand and more” industries refers to giving assistance to ten leading industries in poverty reduction, cultivating over 100 new economic entities and modern agricultural industrial parks, developing over 1,000 demonstration households with increased income, promoting over 10,000 households of poverty with industrial demand to remove poverty and increase income.

[56] Three qualities and one brand: i.e., hazard-free farm produce, green product, organic food and farm produce with geographical indication.

[57] “Ten Practical Matters”: in 2018, CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee and Xi’an Municipal Government will implement measures in the following ten areas to facilitate the life of local people, which are to raise the medical care level to facilitate medical service to people; to widen the employment channel to increase people’s income and quality of people’s life; to strengthen safety monitoring of food and drugs to ensure the safety of food and drug consumption; to advance fair education to solve the prominent problems such as “craze for school choice”, “large size of class” and “reducing extracurricular burden of secondary and primary students; to improve basic old-age insurance regulations to optimize the old-age service system; to prevent and control of pollution to create beautiful natural environment; to continuously advance the work of targeted poverty alleviation to raise the level of poor people’s life; to fight and rectify continuously the “four malpractices” to improve the work style of cadres; to implement the housing regulations with equal right of leasing and purchase to give residence to people; and to create positive business environment to offer convenience to people for doing work with the government.

[58] Employment promotion program for college graduates “3+N”: “3” refers to the real-name management of college graduates with follow-up service to offer one-time free job recommendation, one-time job guidance, one-time career evaluation to graduates who wish to be employed; “N” refers to various forms of assistance by various public employment service agencies to college students, such as “one on one” assistance, organized internship, training, etc., to help them get employed.

[59] Project of hundred, thousand, and ten thousand refers to strengthening the intensity of job training of renowned teachers and principals of secondary and primary schools, kindergartens in the city, which aims to cultivate 100 principals of educator type, 1,000 core teachers, and to complete the training for 20,000 persons/times of teachers and principals.

[60] “Double Sinking and Two Raisings” of medical resources: refers to the urban medical resources and personnel of high quality to be transferred to grassroots, to raise the capability of medical and health bodies at grassroots and the satisfaction of the people.

[61] 4 district or county level hospitals: refers to Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Gaoling District, People’s Hospital and Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Huyi District and Lantian County Hospital.

[62] Five Adherences: i.e., adherence to CPC leadership to fully display political advantages; adherence to people’s status to unite closely with the people; adherence to comprehensive governance to have joint management; adherence to law-based punishment to have earlier strike on crimes; and adherence to equal treatment to current and permanent problems to solve problems at the source.

[63] Eight Abilities: according to the report of the 19th CPC National Congress, the abilities of governance shall be strengthened from the eight aspects, including: ability of learning, ability of political leadership, ability of reform and innovation, ability of scientific development, ability of law-based ruling, ability of people’s work, ability of implementation, and ability of risk control.

[64] Five Withstandings: at the opening ceremony of the workshop of studying the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping came up with the five points of requirement on withstanding belief, withstanding politics, withstanding responsibility, withstanding ability and withstanding work style, which are not only intended for the members of CPC central committee and the leading cadres at provincial or ministerial level, but also for all comrades of CPC and cadres at all levels.