Xi'an lauded for improving its business environment
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2022-07-15

Northwest China's Shaanxi province recently released the second batch of best practice measures to optimize the business environments this year in the cities and districts of the region.

Of those, eight reform and innovation measures undertaken by Xi'an, capital of the province, have been applied elsewhere and promoted throughout the province as the best practice.

The measures are related to a taxation grid management mechanism, electronic bidding, the reform of the approval system and improvements to the financial services system.


The Xi'an municipal taxation service now uses cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to provide taxpayers with a full taxation service [Photo/Xi'an Daily]

The Xi'an municipal taxation service has investigated and introduced a pilot taxation grid integration mechanism in the city's Lianhu district – as a result rolling out the province's first taxation service grid integration platform.

Relying on the platform, the Xi'an municipal taxation service has introduced self-service taxation stations in the city which can also be used for social security, medical insurance, data collection and registration collection.

In recent years, Xi'an has focused on the key links and bottlenecks in public resource trading, accelerated the digital transformation of trading platforms, and promoted the application of a new model for electronic bidding.

As a result, institutional costs have been reduced and service efficiency has been improved in an all-round way, creating a more equitable and just public resources trading environment.


The Xi'an Public Resources Trading Center allows enterprises to participate in transactions without meeting on-site. [Photo/Xi'an Daily]

As of June this year, the city had conducted 48 remote bid valuations in different venues and organized 1,460 bid openings without physically meeting, greatly reducing the need for its personnel to travel and saving a lot of costs and time for enterprises.

Meanwhile, taking the opportunity to create a national inclusive finance demonstration zone, Xi'an has established a favorable financial service system for small, micro and medium-sized enterprises.


Xi'an organizes a special financing matchmaking activity for the commerce and trade sector on July 1. [Photo/Xi'an Daily]

By establishing the prime loan services center, Xi'an has also provided one-stop financial services for small, micro and medium-sized enterprises that take out loans for the first time. Moreover, it has helped businesses to customize various financing solutions such as supply chain financing, trade financing and intellectual property financing.

As of June, the city had this year provided such services to more than 2,742 enterprises, with a total of 534 million yuan ($79.27 million) issued in loans.