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Transport infrastructure
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2019-01-31


Xi'an has 10 normal-speed railways (Lanzhou-Lianyungang, Baotou-Zhangqiao, etc.) and three high-speed railways (zhengzhou-Xi'an, Xi'an-Baoji, and Datong-Xi'an). Total mileage amounts to 460 kilometers. The railways extend to eight surrounding provinces. They are vital passageways in and out of northwest and southwest China, and play an important role in connecting the national traffic network.

The city's north train station serves as a large-scale high-speed railway hub, with 13.83 million passenger departures and 14.23 million passenger arrivals in 2016. There were 156,800 passengers departing from the station on April 29, 2018, claiming the highest number in a single day since its launch. The Xinzhu Railway Comprehensive Logistics Center is a state-level logistics base, which expects to satisfy 7 million tons of freight volume in 2025 and 9.3 million tons of freight volume in 2035. A state-level comprehensive logistics hub featuring transportation logistics and trade service will be formed. A SREB-oriented, fast cargo transfer station will be materialized.

By the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan", the total size of the city's railway network is expected to be 753 kilometers, with 346 kilometers covered by high-speed railways.

high-speed railway network in 2020.png


Xi'an is located in the connecting part of central and western China and is on the only way from

the northwest to the Central, North and East China. In regards to the regional economy distribution, Xi'an is the largest key city in West China in the economic belt along Lanzhou-Lianyungang and Lanzhou-Urumqi Railways - sections in China of the New Eurasian Land Bridge; the bridgehead for China to implement the strategy of western development, which plays an important role in linking the eastern and western regions strategically; and the largest node-city in the arterial highway network. Nine national expressways intersect in Xi'an, and with Xi'an as the center, the high-order radiative arterial highway system has been formed, connecting the Shaanxi province and the surrounding provinces and cities. There are six major lines of the national expressways passing through Xi'an. In addition, the Ring Expressway, new highway to the airport, the 2nd Ring Road and the 3rd Ring Road have been open to traffic completely. And the highways connecting the city center and the districts/counties are within its jurisdiction.


Air Traffic

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport is a major airport of domestic flight courses and international

airliners, and one of the six regional hub airports which are planned to be constructed by Civil Aviation Administration of China. It is also one of the top ten airports in China.

Currently there are three terminals and two runways. 337 routes linking 198 cities home and abroad, including 57 international (regional) routes, have been opened, covering 46 cities in 21 countries. An international route network covering the Silk Road, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Australia has been built. Passenger throughput for 2017 was 41.86 million, two millions of which are international passengers. The delivery of cargo and mail was 260,000 tons.


As for Xi'an Metro, Lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been put into operation, with total mileage of 126.55 km. The construction of Line 1 phase II and Lines 5 are accelerating. Line 6 and Line 9 have begun construction.