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Shaanxi to boost high-quality development of foreign trade
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2022-04-13

Northwest China's Shaanxi province recently rolled out implementation opinions on accelerating the development of new forms and models of foreign trade to cultivate new drivers of foreign trade innovation and development and promote the high-quality development of foreign trade.

By 2025, the province will strive to cultivate about 10 national outstanding overseas warehouse enterprises. Every city in the province should cultivate and identify at least one provincial comprehensive foreign trade service enterprise, with the number of such enterprises in the province reaching at least 30.

The average annual growth rate of cross-border e-commerce transactions in the province should remain at more than 30 percent, and the number of related enterprises should exceed 2,000 by 2025.

To achieve the aforementioned goals, Shaanxi will promote the application of digital intelligence technology, accelerate the construction of comprehensive pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce, expand cross-border e-commerce logistics channels, and optimize the network layout of overseas warehouses.

The province will also help the provincial capital Xi'an apply for the pilot project of the national market procurement trade model.

Cities in the province will be encouraged to build new foreign trade incubators and innovation centers to support small, medium and micro-sized enterprises in exploring international markets.

In addition, new business models supporting service enterprises in terms of marketing, operation management, finance and insurance, logistics and warehousing, information technology, and mainstream platforms will be introduced.

Moreover, Shaanxi will encourage qualified enterprises with new business models and foreign trade models to reduce financing costs by listing, issuing bonds, obtaining bank financing through credit insurance, and intellectual property pledge loans.