Shaanxi's first dedicated internet channel starts     Updated: 2020-07-31

The first dedicated channel for international internet data in Northwest China's Shaanxi province recently went into use in the Xi'an High-tech Industries Development Zone (XHTZ), in Xi'an, capital of the province.

At this point, XHTZ has a 200 Gbps bandwidth direct access to connect with the international network.

This will greatly improve the internet access performance of companies in the zone and making international exchanges and commerce more efficient and easier.

The dedicated channel is for the construction of export-oriented industrial parks, which can effectively solve the problems of network delays and congestion when accessing the internet by traditional dedicated broadband lines.

The new channel will improve international communications services capabilities for outward-oriented enterprises and promote the rapid development of the international finance, import trade, cross-border e-commerce and the equipment manufacturing industries.

Chen Dongsheng, an IT engineer at mobile marketing company YeahMobi in the XHTZ, said the channel enables enterprises to enjoy more stable internet services.

It also reduces the cost for companies to organize international internet exchanges and develop commerce.