XHTZ launches construction of town for overseas returnees
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2020-05-12

The Xi'an Western Returned Scholars Association recently signed a cooperative agreement with Xi'an High-tech Industries Development Zone (XHTZ), making it the first town for overseas returnees in West China.

Connected to the country’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Xi'an town for overseas returnees will serve the transformation and upgrading of local and regional economies by welcoming and cultivating internationalized technology companies.

The plans aim to build an industrial town in Xi'an which integrates the introduction of skilled workers with technological innovation, achievement transformation, product research and development, financial services, innovation services and international cultural exchanges.

According to the overall plan, the town for overseas returnees is divided into three parts: a core area, an offshore area and an expansion area, and each part will be constructed in stages.

The planned size of the core area is about 1,000 mu (66.67 hectares), with a total investment of about 10 billion yuan ($1.41 billion).

Relying on the various resources of the association, the town will effectively bring together outstanding overseas returnees, international students and local elites, and strive to build a number of professional scientific research institutions, said Xiao Bing, vice-president and secretary-general of Xi'an Western Returned Scholars Association.

Yuan Xuefeng, project manager of the investment cooperation committee of XHTZ, said: "The town will also attract more international high-end talents and enterprises and further accelerate the growth of the information technology industry, contributing to the high-quality development of XHTZ."