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Economic development zones
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2023-03-22

Xi'an High-Tech Industries Development Zone

Contact: Foreign Investment Promotion Bureau:

Address: A1810/F, City Gate, 1 Jinye Road, Xi'an, China

Tel: 029-29 88333973

Fax: 029 88333965

E-mail: zhangql@xdz.gov.cn


Brief Introduction 

The Xi'an High-tech Industries Development Zone (XHTZ), established in March 1991, was one of first batch of national level high-tech zones approved by the State Council.

In 2006, the Ministry of Science and Technology designated the zone – located in Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province -- for development as one of the country's six world-class national science parks.

In August 2015, the State Council officially approved it to be built as a national innovation demonstration zone.

In April 2017, the China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) was officially unveiled. The largest area in the Shaanxi FTZ and featuring innovations in customs clearance modes, the XHTZ function area of Shaanxi FTZ launched construction.

The XHTZ has achieved a series of major leaps forward. Its main economic indicators have maintained rapid annual growth of over 30 percent for a long time.

In 2022, the XHTZ generated a GDP of 310.43 billion yuan ($45.14 billion)and a total import and export volumes of 281.77 billion yuan.

At present, there are more than 191,000 registered enterprises in the XHTZ. It has formed three core industries, including the electronic information industry with a focus on semiconductors and software, advanced manufacturing for new energy vehicles, among other things.

Xixian New Area

Tel: 029-33186803/33186804/33186805

Brief Introduction

Located on the core border zone between Xi'an and Xianyang in Northwest China's Shaanxi province, Xixian New Area, with a population of 980,000, covers all seven counties and 23 villages, towns and sub-districts of the two cities. It has a total area of 882 square km of which 272 square km are designated for urban construction.

It is comprised of five new cities: Airport New City, Fengdong New City, Qinhan New City, Fengxi New City and Jinghe New City. With the Weihe River, Fenghe River and Jinghe River flowing through it, Xixian New Area boasts a significant historical and cultural heritage, with over 350 relics dating back at least 1,000 years.

In accordance with the principle of resource integration, dislocation layout and cluster development, Xixian New Area will make the most of industrial resources in Xi'an and Xianyang, focusing on independent innovation and building an innovation-driven industrial system.

In 2022, Investment in fixed assets in Xixian New Area reached 218.5 billion yuan, accounting for 30 percent of the city's total. 

The total output value of industries above designated size increased by 20.4 percent. was 35.83 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.8 percent.

Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone

Contact: Administrative Committee

Tel: 029-86529999


Brief Introduction 

The Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone, first established in 1993, was approved as a national-level development zone by the State Council in 2000.

It enjoys unique traffic conditions and is the only area in Xi'an that has the advantages of an airport, river frontages, high-speed interchanges and metro lines.

In 2018, it was ranked 17th among national economic development zones in the country.

It is Shaanxi province's first advanced manufacturing base with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan.

With the in-depth implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and the acceleration of the process of building a national central city in Xi'an, the zone will strive to build a first-class development zone with international competitiveness and to create a more favorable business environment for enterprises.

Xi'an International Trade and Logistic Park

Contact: Administrative Committee

Address: No 6 Gangwu Boulevard, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

Tel: 029-83332055


Brief Introduction

Located in the delta region between the Bahe River and the Weihe River in northeast Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, the Xi'an International Trade and Logistic Park occupies 120 square kilometers and is divided into eight functional areas, including a container operation zone, comprehensive free trade zone, domestic trade zone, comprehensive service zone, residential area, emergency logistics park, industrial transfer zone and urban-rural development area.

The park has set up an efficient transportation system featuring rivers, air transport, railways and highways reinforced by the logistics center of the Xi'an Railway Container Freight Station, the Xi'an Comprehensive Free Trade Zone and the Xi'an Highway Port. It seeks to become the largest international inland port in China and the most important logistics hub in the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River, as well as a modern city driven by the service industry. It also plans to develop into an influential international inland port in China for domestic and international markets, improving the investment environment and setting up a solid platform for transfer of industrial output from China's eastern coastal area to the world.

Xi'an Fengjing Industrial Park

Contact: Administrative Committee

Address: No 11 Third Feng Road, Xi'an Fengjing Industrial Park

Tel: 029-84982255/84982266/84981699

Fax: 029-84980087

Brief Introduction

The Xi'an Fengjing Industrial Park, inaugurated in May 2000, was approved as an economic zone by the Provincial Government in March 2001. It has a planned area of 26 square kilometers, consisting of four main functional areas for industry, commerce, science and education, as well as logistics. The Park is home to over 152 projects by Xidian High Voltage, Lijun Pharmaceutical, Kechuang Group, and Jinye Group, with a total investment of 17 billion yuan, as well as a further 79 projects in production.

The park enjoys outstanding location and transport advantages and is a key area of the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Circle. It has well-established road systems on flat terrain, and is located 18 kilometers from the National High-Tech Zone - Xi'an High-Tech Industries Development Zone in the east, and 8 kilometers from the Guanzhong South Ring Road – Huanshan Tourist Road in the south. It is connected with the Sub-center of International Metropolis – Hu Yi District of Xi'an -- in the west, and sits 3.5 kilometers away from the Fourth New Economic Zone, Xixian New Area, newly approved by the central government, in the north. The park has direct access to a sound transport system of roads, railways, and airlines, including the Xihu Class 1 Road running east to west, the Beijing – Kunming (Xihan) Express (10-minute drive to the Xi'an downtown, and a 40-minute drive to Xianyang International Airport), No. 7 Road of Huyi District (a 5-minute drive to Xi'an Huanshan Tourism Road, and a 30-minute drive to the city of Xianyang), and Lanzhou-Lianyungang Railway Xian-Yuxia Line going south to north. What’s more, the park is located in beautiful surroundings with cultural relics such as Caotang Temple and Chongyang Palace, national forest parks such as the Zhuque National Forest Park and the Taiping National Forest Park, and entertainment centers such as the Yajian International golf club. It is supported by good infrastructure and services.

Xi'an Jinghe Industrial Park

Location: Gaoling County, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

Brief Introduction 

The Xi'an Jinghe Industrial Park is located on both shores of the Jinghe River in Gaoling County, Xi'an. It covers a planning area of 31 square kilometers and has a population of 280,000. A center of economic development of Gaoling County, the Jinghe Industrial Park has accumulated infrastructure investment of one billion yuan and achieved “seven supplies and one leveling” in the southern area. In the northern area Phase I occupies 21 square kilometers with fundamentally completed supporting infrastructure. In the park, a high-standard hardened road extends 48 km, a drainage pipe network runs for 56 km; three 35KV transformer stations and one 110KV transformer station have been built with a power grid covering 138km. Infrastructure facilities have been put into service, including roads, drainage, power, natural gas, running water, telecom services, a broadband network, mobile phones, closed circuit TV, greening, a plaza and a refuse dump. Tertiary industries have begun to take shape, including telecom, postal service, banks, hospital, school, mobile communication, industry and commerce, tax administration, environmental protection and markets. Comprehensive service functions of the park are being constantly improved.

Xi'an Chanhe Economic and Technological Development Zone

Location: Chanba district, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

Brief Introduction

The Xi'an Chanhe Economic and Technological Development Zone was approved by the municipal government in 1992. The first phase of the zone is located in the Shilipu Area in Baqiao District of Xi'an Municipality, covering 3.86 square kilometers. It consists of three parts, an industrial zone, a central commercial street, and a southern tourist zone. A prestigious location advantage is enjoyed by the zone, which is only 5 kilometers from the Bell Tower, 3.5 kilometers from the Railway Station, 35 kilometers from the Xianyang International Airport, and 15 kilometers from the site of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Lintong. Three national highways, multiple main roads, and over 30 bus lines have made the transport convenient and easy. The Xi'an-Tongguan Highway also starts from here. Additionally, the world-famous Banpo Museum is just across the Chan’he River.

The zone is currently home to more than 50 domestic- and foreign-funded companies, including Xi'an Auqin Furnace Charge Co., Ltd., the largest ferroalloy producer in northwest China, and Xi'an Qinzhu Security Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd., a leading coal mining security equipment producer. Total investment is close to 6 billion yuan. Tourist projects including the Xi'an Banpo Lake Resort and garden-style residential projects such as Hua Qing Yuan, Jinyu Qingqing Garden, and Qinshui New City, as well as the first nano-technology park in China funded dominantly with foreign funds, Xi'an Nano-Technology Industrial Park, have been inaugurated in the Park. They constitute new growth points in the Baqiao District.


Baqiao Scientific Technology Industrial Park

Location: Baqiao district, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

Brief Introduction

Established in September 2002, the Baqiao Scientific Technology Industrial Park is a provincial-level development zone approved by provincial and municipal governments. It is an industry-oriented park covering an area of 223.6 hectares. In consideration of its geographic adjacency to Hongqing Mountain, White Deer Plain, and Lantian of Baqiao-Gaoling districts, it has been incorporated into overall urban planning as part of Bahe New District. Hence it enjoys municipal-level administration authority. With proper adjustments made to land use planning, the district has utilized biological advantages, implemented comprehensive management over mountains, water system, plains and forests, and improved city infrastructures in order to construct a feature township industry for tourist purposes and build a green ecological corridor in Bahe.

Xi'an Guodu Education Technology Industry Development Zone

Location: Chang'an district, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

Brief Introduction

The Xi'an Guodu Education Technology Industry Development Zone is located southwest of the ancient city of Xi'an. It connects with the Qinling Mountains in the south, and borders the Xi'an High-Tech Industries Development Zone in the north. Enjoying a plain terrain, the zone is endowed with a sound transportation system, including the Xiwan Highway, the Xihu Highway, the Xihan Highway, and the Xi'an Ring Expressway. In addition, two of the eight rivers near Chang’an, the Yuhe and Haohe rivers, flow through the district. Within the zone, ancient relics such as the Buddhist temple of Xiangji, the terrace site for making sacrifices to Cangjie who created Chinese writing characters, and the Tomb of King Mu of the Zhou Dynasty, add to its historic appeal. With a planned area of 28 square kilometers, it is the only provincial development zone featuring market transformation of educational research outcomes, high-tech industry, and cultural industry development.

Currently, there are 140 enterprises in the zone, including Pepsi Cola, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, Japan Furukawa Electrical Corporation; and International Rectifier, one of the US’ top 100 IT enterprises. In harmonious development of economic and social cause, Xi'an Guodu Education Technology Industrial Development Zone is active in implementation of construction projects and has introduced more than 230 projects with investment totaling RMB 26 billion.

Xi'an Weiyang Industrial Park

Location: Weiyang district, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

Brief Introduction 

Xi'an Weiyang Industrial Park, planned and approved by the Xi'an Municipal People’s Government, has a strong presence in the petroleum, chemical and mechanical manufacturing industries. The industrial park is located to the northwest of Xi'an City, 15km from the downtown area, and is divided by the Weihe River and the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. A special road running northward and leading directly to the airport runs through Liucunbao industrial park and meets a bypass expressway and the 3rd Ring Road. The park consists of commercial trading, residential, financial, education and social service areas; the western area is the production area of the industrial park. It covers a planning area of 4.73 square kilometers, suitable for one-piece development and comprehensive utilization.

The park has introduced more than 20 enterprises, such as Sinopec Xi'an Petrochemical Branch that attracted total investment of RMB1.3 billion, Yanlian Group Yanxi Fine Chemical Factory with total investment of RMB120 million, Construction Engineering Group of Changqing Petroleum Exploration Bureau with an investment of RMB140 million, Xi'an Huanghe Excavator Factory of Huanghe Engineering Group with an investment of RMB160 million as well as Xi'an New Northwest Shuanghe Pharmaceutical, Shaanxi Thinking Printing company, Qilianshan New Building Materials company, Xi'an Branch of Tianjin Dagang Heli Chemical Plant, Xi'an Branch of Wangjiaping Truck Combined Transport Corporation, Shaanxi Qing’an Welfare Packaging Material factory, Qing’an Metallurgy and Foundry Works, Qing’an Machinery Plant, Shaanxi Jiali Coating Co., Ltd., Xi'an Libang Pharmaceuticals Group, and XJTU Weixin Pharmaceuticals. Total output value of the enterprises amounts to nearly RMB5 billion and investment in infrastructure is RMB150 million, creating an industrial pattern based on petroleum chemical, pharmaceuticals, mechanical manufacturing and processing and paper making.

Xi'an Lantian Industrial Park

Address: No 1 Baiyang Road, Lantian district, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

Tel: 029-82703613

Fax: 029-82735658

Email: ltgyy@sohu.com

Brief Introduction

Lantian Industrial Park, inaugurated in July 1997, was approved as a provincial-level development zone by the NDRC and the Shaan’xi Provincial Government, with its name changed to “Shaanxi Lantian Industrial Zone" from "Xi'an Lantian Industrial Zone". After a decade of development, it has become a dynamic center of modern industries with radiance over all of Lantian District. The Park, as a provincial development zone in the Guanzhong Industrial Belt, is 22 kilometers from Xi'an's downtown and directly connected with the city via the Xi'an-Lantian Highway, giving it unparalleled location advantages. Covering an area of 10 square kilometers, the park is a comprehensive zone featuring high-tech industries, bio-pharmaceuticals, new building materials, mechanical processing, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, and commercial and residential buildings, as well as cultural and entertainment functions. There are over 70 companies in the zone. It is well-planned in terms of functions, infrastructure such as water, power, and gas supply, communication networks, road greening, and public facilities. 

Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-Tech Industrial Base

Contact: Administrative Committee

Address: No 88 Lantian Road, Yanliang district, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

Tel: 029-86855308

Fax: 029-86855308

E-mail: caib@caibxa.com

Brife Introduction

Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-Tech Industrial Base was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in August 2002, and started construction in March 2005 as the first national-level aviation high-tech industrial base.

In June 2010, the State Council approved the upgrade of the base to the National Shaanxi Aviation Economic and Technological Development Zone, the only one featuring aviation in China.

At present, the base has established an aviation industry cluster integrating aircraft design, manufacturing, flight test identification, education and training, tourism experience, exchanges and exhibitions.

More than 85 percent of companies registered in the base are private or foreign-funded companies.

In 2012, it ranked seventh in a comprehensive evaluation of 22 national-level development zones in western China, and topped the rankings in terms of technological innovation.

While continuously improving its industrial environment, it has also strengthened its urban environmental support functions, focusing on the integration of the appearance of the urban environment and the industrial platform.

By 2025, it will strive to build itself into a global aviation product procurement and supply center, aviation talent training center and aviation technical service center, providing strong support for the development of Xi'an into an international metropolis.

Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base

Contact: Administrative Committee

Address: No 369 Mid Hangtian Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

Tel: 029-85688765

Brief Introduction

The Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base was inaugurated in November 2006, targeting aviation industry clusters and national strategic emerging industries.

The total planned area of the industrial base is 86.65 square kilometers, of which the planned area of the first phase is 23.04 sq km and the expansion area is 63.61 sq km.

Driven by national strategic needs and regional economic development, it will develop four major industries covering aerospace and civil-military integration, satellites and applications, new energy and new-generation information technology.

In addition, it will promote the integration of industrialization and informationization, military and civilian products, as well as industrialization and urbanization, to build a world-class aerospace industrial base with distinctive characteristics.

At present, it has established three major business incubators, serving as platforms for the base to cultivate technology-driven small and medium-sized enterprises development and technology innovation systems.