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Policies outline goals for near future
China Daily     Updated: 2021-04-01

The Xi'an High-Tech Industries Development Zone recently formulated several policies for promoting its development into a scientific and technological innovation demonstration area and a world-class high-tech zone over the next three years. It will annually earmark more than 100 million yuan ($15.29 million) for listed scientific and technical companies, and reward at least 10 such businesses and use organizations to help advanced technical companies go public.

A further 100 million yuan will be earmarked annually for supporting companies to increase research input.

The zone plans to choose 1,000 small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises and support them with specific funds worth 100 million yuan annually. It will offer them quality services in aspects including land use and financing.

It will earmark 100 million yuan annually to foster more than 1,000 high-tech companies and reward those evaluated as national-level high-tech companies for the first time.

An additional 100 million yuan will be used to encourage and support individuals and teams to help companies develop key technologies each year. The zone will choose excellent projects that have been approved and give them awards.

It will establish specific funds worth more than 100 million yuan for technological research, development and commercialization each year and give subsidies to some new-type R&D organizations while supporting the construction of large and long-term scientific facilities.

The funds will also be used to reward individuals who make great contributions to commercialization of technical fruits and support the industrialization of national-level scientific research projects.

The zone will earmark 100 million yuan annually for the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship platforms. It will support construction of professional and feature incubators and encourage the establishment of international innovation platforms.

It will create competing brands for scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship while supporting the commercialization of winning projects.

A further 100 million yuan will be used each year to set up specific funds for professionals related to advanced technologies.

The zone will also earmark 100 million yuan annually for venture capital investment funds and encourage such investment organizations to hold stock rights of startups based in the zone long-term. It will set up five funds of angel investment each year that focus on key industries.