SBI sets up headquarters in Xi'an
    Updated: 2020-06-18

Shaanxi SBI Yingce Equity Investment Management Co recently completed its business registration in the Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation High-tech Industrial Base.

With a registered capital of 300 million yuan ($42.34 million), the company will serve as the group's headquarters for Northwest China and a platform for investments in its subsidiaries in the region.

SBI Group and the aviation industrial base will cooperate in fields such as advanced manufacturing, electronic information, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things.

Through the launch of a science and technology innovation fund, the establishment of an incubation platform and the construction of an industrial landing zone, the group will create a national demonstration park integrating technology incubation and technology landing industrialization in Xi'an.

Established in 1999, SBI Group is a pioneer in the field of internet financial services in Japan. Its business scope covers a wide range of fields such as securities, banking, insurance and asset management.