Brief introduction to Ziggurat     Updated: 2019-11-29

Founded in July 2016, Ziggurat is a technology enterprise focusing on providing solutions and technical services with blockchain application for finance, government, and logistics. It is a governing member of the Trust Blockchain Initiative of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology, as well as a formal member of Hyperledger.

At present, Ziggurat's team is located in Beijing, Xi'an, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Hainan Free Trade Zone, Singapore, and other places.

After three years of development, Ziggurat has completed three rounds of financing and established an excellent team of nearly 100 people, in which the core members have studied at prestigious educational institutions around the world like Tsinghua University, Peking University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Columbia University, as well as have abundant working experiences at well-known enterprises like IBM, Alibaba, Ping An Securities, and Bank of China.

The Ziggurat team has contributed many industry achievements and application cases in distributed ledgers, data security and privacy protection, distributed identity, as well as several other fields.

It has implemented many solutions in supply chain finance, regulatory technology, smart cities, food traceability, digital copyright, and other fields. At present, the team has applied for more than 190 patents and software copyrights.

Excellent case 1: Tianshui Chain Apple

Qin'an county, Tianshui, Gansu province is a high-quality fruit production base verified by the Ministry of Agriculture, with a long history of apple planting. Most of the local farmers plant apples as their main source of income. However, due to the remote location and farmers' lack of use of modern internet distribution channels, their apples have suffered from a lack of sales, reducing the income of orchard workers to meager levels. This affected the healthy development of local agriculture.

In order to help orchard worker create higher benefits, the Tianshui forestry bureau utilized Ziggurat advanced blockchain technologies to enable the distribution of the apples produced at the fruit production base to other places, as well as created the high value added apple brand- Tianshui Chain Apple.

Tianshui Chain Apple has realized transparency of the whole agricultural process from production to sales, with the information of each link being recorded on the blockchain. Consumers just need to swipe their phones and check the “life history” of the apple.

In addition, in the process of apple growth, photosynthesis is used to put the traceable source code on apples. This helps solve the pain point of traditional traceability, effectively improve the trust of all parties, as well as let farmers and consumers benefit together.

Excellent case 2: Ziggurat copyright

With the rapid development of internet technology, traditional copyright products have been upgraded to modern digitization from the production end to the communication channel, the presentation end and the consumer side.

The Ziggurat copyright blockchain storage platform is based on the electronic data storage technology of blockchain. It stores the registration time and digital fingerprint information of original works on the self-developed Ziggurat alliance chain (Z-ledger).

Meanwhile, through Oracle service, it ensures the authenticity and reliability of the information on the chain, registering the digital works online, providing the blockchain copyright registration certificate, and clarifying the copyright ownership of original works to solve copyright problems.

In addition, Ziggurat has established an automatic and smart group-scale copyright database, which can retrieve and query the copyright ownership of digital works efficiently and quickly.