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Xi'an to offer streamlined, efficient government services
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2020-09-25

The city of Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, recently issued guidelines and measures designed to further boost the efficiency of its administrative services.

This was designed to deepen reforms in decentralization powers, streamline administration and optimize government services, as well as to improve the city's business environment.

The measures -- with a particular focus on five aspects -- aim to bring more convenience to businesses and the public under 20 new measures.

Under the guidelines, Xi'an will standardize its government services and implement a management system for administrative approval lists. It will introduce a new list system for market access and push forward the decentralization of power, to make the investment environment more open, fair and convenient.

To innovate its modes of service, the city plans to integrate its administrative procedures. This will simplify red tape, enabling businesses and individuals to gain approval for one application -- related to a company's production or a person's livelihood -- at only one visit.

A system of informed consent will also be promoted to improve public experience and satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Xi'an will intensify reforms of its construction project approval system. It will launch a parallel approval service and informed consent system, streamline the approvals procedure, create a "15-minute administrative services circle", optimize the services of administrative centers while giving equal treatment to enterprises and individuals.

In terms of Internet Plus government services, the city plans to set up an online approval system, enhance information sharing among various government departments, promote electronic documents – all in order to ensure that citizens make fewer visits to government departments.

Xi'an will also stress the need for supervision of administrative services. It will move to promote and popularize its evaluations system through administrative service centers, self-service machines, websites and hotlines.

It intends to invite the public to help supervise government services, offer suggestions and advice, thereby increasing the efficiency of its municipal services.