Xi'an promotes Chinese New Year celebrations in Chongqing
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2020-01-15

The theme promotion meeting of the "Enjoy Chinese New Year in Xi'an" program was held in Southwest China's Chongqing on Jan 13, with more than 200 representatives from the cultural tourism industry in attendance.


The theme promotion meeting of the "Enjoy Chinese New Year in Xi'an" program is held in Chongqing on Jan 13. [Photo/xiancn.com]

In recent years, Chongqing and Xi'an have been actively promoting and improving their city image through new media platforms, driving the growth of their cultural and tourism industries.

At the promotion meeting, Qujiang New Area, Chanba Ecological District, Xixian New Area, Lantian county, and Huaqing Palace scenic spot made wonderful recommendations for the cultural tourism resources and special events available during the Chinese New Year holiday of 2020.

The event also invited inheritors of Xi'an intangible cultural heritages like Guanzhong Qinqiang opera facial masks to showcase Xi'an specific folk culture and the city's rich intangible cultural heritages.

"I'm very interested in Qinqiang Opera. After the opening of the Xi’an-Chengdu High-speed Railway, it is much easier to go to Xi'an. In the future, I will go to Xi'an with my family and friends to experience the cultural charm of the ancient city," said an attending representative.

In the future, the Xi'an culture and tourism bureau will also organize similar promotion meetings in other places like Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Qingdao to invite tourists from all over the country to visit Xi'an.