Exhibition featuring Tang Dynasty
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2020-01-21

Pleasant Habitation in Chang'an - An Exhibition of Chang'an People's Life in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) opened at Xi'an Museum on Jan 20, serving as an important part of the "Enjoy Chinese New Year in Xi'an" program.


The opening ceremony of Pleasant Habitation in Chang'an – An Exhibition of Chang'an People's Lives in the Tang Dynasty. [Photo by Huoyan/chinadaily.com.cn]

The exhibition is supported and promoted by the department of publicity of the Xi'an municipal Party committee and the Xi'an culture and tourism bureau.

Pleasant Habitation in Chang'an is composed of different themes covering the lifestyle of ancient Chang'an, including city fabric, clothing, food and delicacies, commuting and travel, as well as events and entertainment.

Opening on the occasion of Spring Festival, the exhibition presents the customs of Chinese New Year in the Tang dynasty, which is expected to bolster people’s interests in Chinese history and culture.

The exhibition is especially intriguing as it relates to last year's most popular TV series of last year, The Longest Day in Chang'an, which also originated from the culture relics and maps of Xi'an Museum.

In the newly-built digital exhibition hall of the Xi'an Museum, which features a giant map of ancient Chang'an, visitors can take part in online lantern games that are also related to scenes of the popular series. A lantern will appear on the hall’s large screen, combining with the special effects of digital lantern installations in the showroom.


Children have a strong interest in robots. [Photo by Huoyan/chinadaily.com.cn]

Visitors can experience the festival atmosphere of the "Blinking Tree, Combined with Silver Flower," as described in the Chinese poem. Releasing lanterns are a traditional New Year's custom to create a grand climax to the entire New Year's celebration, which was especially popular in the Tang Dynasty.

Through the application of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the exhibition creates an immersive experience of the Tang Dynasty lifestyle. In addition, the design of the lantern resembles the cultural relics in the museum, thus visitors will be impressed with the story of the culture relics.

During the exhibition, visitors may be greeted by a mysterious guest, the smart robot Tang Xiaote, which carries a 5G module. The robot, which was designed by top international team, features functions that allow it to interact with people under a variety of scenarios. It can help with audio tours, souvenir selling, and precise marketing.

The robot has applied technologies like speech recognition, facial recognition, and facial expression analysis. With the 5G network, deep learning can be better applied, thus the robot is not only smarter but able to considerably enhance the experience of visitors.


An elementary school student interacts with a robot. [Photo by Huoyan/chinadaily.com.cn]

The exhibition site also uses the technology of 3D modeling to restore the digital features of the culture relics and to develop an online exhibition. There are also 3D animations that create a vivid view of the cultural relics.

With the application of these new technologies, the exhibition provides an opportunity for audiences to "touch," "wipe," and "hear" these cultural relics.

People can scan the QR code through the large screen or mobile phone and watch the exhibition online even if they are not in the museum. With the rise of Chinese domestic brands, or the so-called "guochao," the inclusion of cultural relics in people's daily lives has become a new trend.

In tandem with this exhibition, Xi'an Museum has also cooperated with new consumer brands and created a variety of creative products. Through these various initiatives, people can put the cultural relics into their mobile phones, backpacks, coffee cups, and "take them home."